Add Me Board - Levels 1-50

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  • Add me board for anyone around levels 1-50 looking for neighbours of the same level.

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  • always looking for neighbors

  • 2x+ daily player...empty box arond the clock... add me please level 25 ...really need some low level friends who has just started and wold appreciate some higher level friends also. This is my second account as I am bored w/the missions and just want to make a pioneer town w/the missions that I know will keep my farm clean and organized. Thanks in advance

  • Hi i am a new daily player on level 20 be great to have niebours to help and me Thank You

  • # Looking for new neighbours and friends who play daily and post often. I have been playing since day one! :) I return all requests, clicks, etc. and help as much as I can. :D My level is "unknown", and I would like neighbours from any level. Can't wait to hear from you!

  • please add me i need neighbours

  • hi. please add me. thanks!

  • need new neighbors please add me thanks

  • Add me please:)

  • Please could you add me,just had to start a new account and need players,love the game on most of the day.xx

  • Please add me need assistance in finishing older missions thanks!

  • Returning after a long hiatus. Need reliable neighbors.

  • looking for people who need things at this level & will help after your 50 clicks...thanks

  • Just cleared my friends and neighbors list of 300 non players. I am looking to make new friends and neighbors. Please feel free to add me. I am level 139 but will help anyone on any level. Thanks. Play daily, respond to direct requests, and do wall crawls as much as possible with work.

  • Just newly opened this FB account. I am at level 16 on Frontierville and would like neighbours around this level who play regularly. Thank yo.

  • add me please!!

  • always looking for more active neighbors, I have tons of older missions. So help me help you; lets help each other finish up some pages of missions :) LOL. Pls add me

  • Just starting this game really need a few friends... Will help as much as I can just as soon as I figure the game out...

  • I started all over again and really could use some neighbors so feel free to add me

  • Started all over... Level 12, daily player and looking for daily players as well :)

  • Need Frontierville/Pioneer Trail friends; level 26.

  • Still looking for neighbors. I play daily. I am under level 30 so I need lots of low level friends.

  • Need PT neighbors that play daily, send gift, and wall post. Level 34. I play daily and answer request.

  • Had to start all over again! I was on a very high level. I'm an addict, if you are a player that plays at least once a day please add me :)

  • Got tired of only helping my mom who plays, so I decided to play for real for myself. ADD ME!!! I need neighbors :)

  • Add me please - brand new player

  • I just started Pioneer Trail last night

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