You Know You're A Flashpoint Addict When...

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  • A post on the wall gave me this idea for a list of things we do/say/think thanks to Flashpoint.

    You know you're a Flashpoint addict when someone tells you something and you have the urge/actually do answer with "Copy that."

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  • You know you're a Flashpoint addict when your friends start replying to your snarky comments with "shouldn't you be watching Flashpoint now?"

  • You pull up to a black/silver Ford Flex and expect to see Ed Lane in the front seat :D

  • Friends ask you to go out, and you reply "Flashpoint's on..."

    They stopped asking on Fridays...

  • You know you're a Flashpoint addict when you start negotiating people. I've used the "Connect, Respect, Protect" idea and the "I hear you" multiple times at work!

  • When the Flashpoint theme music is on your voicemail---at work...

  • someone yells 'hey boss' and you turn around expecting to see Greg Parker there.

  • you count the time between episodes....

  • oh dang! lol okay will delete!

  • there better!

  • You know you're a flashpoint addict when your phones wallpaper is flashpoint... and ringtone is the intro song

  • You know you're a Flashpoint addict when you know how many minutes til the next episode, starting as soon as one episode ends

  • - When you start calling a pet/young child/significant other 'Babycakes' without realizing it.

    - When you're watching a rerun of another tv show and you can't remember what happens next because you keep thinking of a Flashpoint episode that is similar.

    - You see a mass of electical wires and automatically think of Spike.

  • You know you're an addict when you get frusted that the stories/characters you write about aren't real! :D

  • When you see something interesting and think "That'd be a cool idea for a fanfic!"

  • When someone is talking about something completely unrelated to Flashpoint yet you start to giggle because you've found some way to associate it:

    " can find that in Aisle 13..."

    "...this person was First in Line..."

    "...Attention Shoppers make sure to see our clearance rack for..."

    " Forest, Run!" (Okay, maybe pushing it for Jamie but it still working in my mind.)

    " ...just any other day, Business as Usual,"

    Yes, I've heard all of these and every time I've made a fool of myself laughing or smiling so much people thought something was wrong.

  • When your neighbours get a new puppy named Sam and you get the urge to call it Samtastic the first time you meet it. Then you compare it to Sam Braddock to see if the name fits.

  • You are an addict when your family asks why you're not watching an episode on any given night. You're also an addict when you've corrupted said family (age 6 and 3) and drawn them into the Flashpoint Family. You are also an addict when all you have to do is type F and this page comes up in Facebook :-)

  • @Joy - or when you type in 'T' and this page comes up.

    You know you're an addict when your friends have started calling it 'your show' and know the names of every team member even though they've never seen it.

  • @robyn that was hilarious... but really true!

    you end up in a cast cuz you forget your not on team one!!

  • you type any letter in flashpoint team one in facebook and this page pops up ;)

  • @kate... i'm not the only one??!!

    when about 100% of the time, your notifications are from this page... and you recognize the names.

  • when people on this page decide to change their profile pics to team members and that's all you see when you check your notifications

  • When your parents/family members know better than to ask why you've parked yourself on the couch at 10 minutes to 8 Friday night.

    When the people you talk to most online just so happen to be from this site.

    When you plot ways to get yourself to Toronto while the Team is still shooting episodes.

  • your Dad accuses you of having nothing but Flashpoint in your Netflix Queue

  • When people don't even bother asking what you're watching on the computer.

  • When you plan to watch a new episode the first time for the shock value, then again for the rest of the stuff you missed and then again just because you have to round out your weekend the right way.

  • your friends stop texting you when you say you're watching flashpoint .... they know you won't respond anyway.

  • When you talk about Flashpoint to non watchers and you wind up talking up the site like you're selling Amway.

  • When as soon as the episode finishs, you race for the computer so you can go over the episode in minute detail with other addicted fans. God help anyone who stands in your way.

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