Where do the Flashpoint-Fans come from?

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  • New Jersey

  • Deep River, Ontario Canada, about 2 hours from Ottawa, 7 hours from Toronto.

  • Maryland checking in. :D All I have to say is #1 I'm bummed this is the last season for Flashpoint. #2 I've only seen the boarder of Canada. One day I guess... and most importantly THANK YOU ION for keeping this show on the air in the USA. :D

  • I was born and still live in Chicago Il


  • Cape Coral, FL USA here. I love this show it is my #1 favorite and can' believe this is the last season.

  • I am from Lithuania :)

  • Cambridge, Ontario (Canada) about an hour west of Toronto :D

  • France . An insomnia made me discover the show, in the middle of the night. Now we have a full flaspoint evening each week (yay ^^) for now ...

  • I'm from Portugal :)

  • Someone else from Portugal woooo :)

  • US - Phoenix, Arizona...and we are finally under 100 here :)

    Canada looks so pretty in the show and all the pics everyone posts...wish I could visit sometime!

  • Nájde sa tu ešte nejaký fanúšik Flashpointu zo Slovenska?

  • Singapore watching it in the UK.

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