Where do the Flashpoint-Fans come from?

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  • I´m a very curious human being and I gladly would know, from where the Flashpoint fans comes? I think, there are many different nationalities here... ;-)

    You don´t have to say it, if you don´t like.

    I don´t know also whether that is desired here or or whether it interests someone??

    But I, for one have no problem with it and I would be pleased about each answer.

    Ok, I start.....I´m from Germany, I live now near Stuttgart/Baden-Wuerttemberg and I was born in Saxonia/East Germany near the polish border.

    PS: If I am to delete the topic, that is not a problem! ;-)

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  • Originally from Trinidad, but I'm more Canuck than Trini, as I've lived here for many more years than there.

  • Kansas in the US :)

  • Kentucky in USA

  • When I have some time, I don't mind sharing some of the demo stats that Facebook captures for this page. I can't say that this mirrors the audience, but it is interesting. I was really fascinated to see the number of countries represented.

  • I'm convinced I'm the loudest Indonesian Flashpoint fan here, LOL :)

  • I'm from The Netherlands :-) Nice to see so many different countries here!

  • CANADIAN!!!!! Not that I have anything against other countries but I'm proud that Falshpoint is Canadian too

  • I'm also from The Netherlands! :-)

  • Sweden and I am in Sweden when I type this. Sadly only the first season was aired here. Have to be creative as heck to be able to follow it. Have spent a lot of time in Toronto and feel it is my home so watching Flashpoint makes me feel I'm there.

  • South Dakota in the USA

  • Wow. The only thing I know about South Dakota is that the capital is Pierre. I have Sesame Street to thank for that.

  • Nice. Thank you Sesam Street. Yeah, not many people know about us it's sad. People still think we have no running water and are a bunch of Rednecks. Which we're not. South Dakota is a great place to live.

  • That's okay, Erika. People still think we live in igloos, go to school by dogsled in Canada, and that it's snowing all the time. Well, the latter one was true this morning, but I swear my lawn is still green, and there are still leaves on the trees!!

  • I'm from Scotland ^_^

  • I was born and raised in Dover, New Jersey, but live in Texas now. Yea I know went from green to brown lawns. I want to go back to Jersey really bad.

  • I am a Londoner, UK

  • I'm from France, near Paris

  • Proud to be Canadian

  • Largo, Florida. Largo is on the gulf coast of central Florida.

  • Wow Flashpoint fans from all of the world, KSA and yes Middle East LOVE flashpoint

  • I'm a Marylander! :)

  • Born Jamaican (mongrel-y background) but longtime Toronto resident (though it IS a Canadian city, I've seen so little else of this vast country that calling myself a Canadian comes with an asterisk).

  • OK--found some time on this beautiful Sunday morning. According to our Facebook Insights, here are where our FPTO Fans are from:














    Hong Kong




    Czech Republic


  • Indonesia, The Philippines and Hong Kong are representing Asia! :) Awesomeness. Thanks for posting the statistic.

  • I'm from BC.


  • I'm from Toronto, Ontario

  • burbank california here ;}

  • I am from BC as well.

  • I agree, WOW. It's amazing to see how the internet truly does cover the world. I never expected so many other countries to be 'involved'.

    We all share so much.

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