US Paced SPOILER discussion 504 "Eyes In"

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  • Starting this a bit early so that I can share the new pic on ION's website. :)

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  • Here's the CTV promo! :)

    I recognize the "big guns" from Ted's photos! :)

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  • It didn't show up.

  • Thanks! :)

  • ION switched back to their generic header on their Flashpoint page. Hope to see a new one for Sons of the Father later this week on the main page (I hope). :)

  • I can't wait to find out the reaction of US fans to this eppy. I'm thrilled.

  • Oh Spike!!! It's all gear!!

  • Winnie, you crazy girl!

  • Love this episode. :) Will post more thoughts tomorrow, but will leave you with this one...

    Did anyone else think the truck driver sounded like he said, "Anhydrous Pneumonia"? LOL!

  • I don't think she's crazy. Just plum LOCO!!! She's lost her mind. Poor Spike!!!!!!

  • You'd have to be crazy to refuse Spike. I can kind of understand though that it would be hard for her, doing what she does for the team, to listen to Spike being in danger all the time. But he would be worth it!

  • I agree. Like the old saying.. Rather to love and lost than never to have loved at all! Maybe Leah will play matchmaker and turn Winnie's head around. Never is a long time & aren't rules supposed to be broken? Love will always find a way.

  • She did call him the perfect guy. Maybe there's hope yet.

  • As Sarge once said "I have faith"

  • Winnie had better change her mind soon though, if she's going to do it. It's not like we have a lot of time left.

  • Tattiawna Jones tweeted she was also "mad" at Winnie for turning Spike down. But you all will be glad to know that it's not over yet... :)

  • Great episode, yeah I was disappointed with Winnie too, but in the end, it may work out! Loved the fact that we to see more Spike.

  • Spike needs some joy....but glad that Winnie recognized he was the perfect guy.

  • I think there's hope there. Did you catch that OMG look that Spike gave Leah as he was leaving. Plus he was smiling. So to me that means he's going to keep trying. :)

    I thought this was a great Spike episode. I was pleased to see him negotiate. It was a touching and amusing scene.

    And he still wears the commemorative bracelet. :D Love that.

    Loved the road block scene from when they put it together to Spike taking it down. That was great.

    And I loved how they used the SUV's cameras. That was well done. I'm surprised they never used them before. :)

    "Trojan Truck" scene with the team inside was great. Parker's "Kill Points" speech was terrific and very effective. :) "Beach balls". :D

    Minor criticisms: 1) I found the chief bad guy to be a bit 2-dimensional. Everyone else was fine. 2) I felt the scene where Eric is confronting Stuart was a bit too long and didn't have the suspense that would have made it more intense.

    Those are my only criticisms, and they're minor. :)

  • I forgot the mention the blink exchange between Spike and Winnie.

    Winnie: "...After all, the perfect guy just came along."

    Spike reacts and blinks (as if to ask, "Really?")

    Winnie smiles and blinks (as if to say, "Yeah.")

    Love it. :)

  • Great episode last night!!!!!

  • I supposed I can say this here now in as much as this is the last season and the producers have no need to avert their eyes anymore. Those who are dying for Spinnie and wouldn't wait for more, ease your pain with fan fic.

    I'd like to give a shout out to riveroad who has started a multi-chapter fan fic, entitled "Nothing on my Tongue." It's funny, charming, gorgeous work. I think she's in the same league as RGS38, How clever of You, Ace Bullet, AIP, Pyrrho, SharonS and Mermers. I consider them gifted. Please don't get me wrong, they're not all the good ones. There are many others but I haven't had the chance to read much lately.

    Sami Marie's "I've Got You" is dramatic, angsty and sweet as. I highly recommended this, too.

    I'm in the process of completing one based on 5.4 called "The Love Offensive". It's my usual giddy love story cum action/thrill/mystery/suspense.

    So there - take your pick. Funny and cute or dramatic and angsty or giddy and thrilling. Or all the above.

    Take care, peeps.

  • Monica, I take my hat off to you... I re-watched this episode again and I noticed the blink, blink. That's only because you mentioned it FIRST.

    Clever girl.

  • Thanks. :D

  • I rewatched again and noticed the double blink, too. thanks

  • Just watched it again with the family- LOVED ITTT!!!!!!

    Spike and Winnie are SO CUTE!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    And I LOVEDDD Leah's part in all of this!! In the last episode it was like 'yay! Leah's back!' and in this one it was more like 'OMG LEAH I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!'

    Really liked the relationship with Stuart and Rebecca, and definitely knew the dreaded truth would come out that he was spying on her :(

    Trojan Horse has to go on my all-time favorite tactical operations EVER list!!

    And don't even get me started on Greg's negotiation!! He had me TOTALLY convinced there is actual 'Kill Spots'!! I actually laughed out loud (a little bit like a maniac, but whatever) when Ed asked him about it! :D

    Did anyone else think for a second that Ed wasn't going to be able to shoot the truck? D: I feel so unloyal to Ed even thinking that! D:

  • I never thought that Ed wouldn't shoot the truck. After all, he wasn't shooting a person. :)

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