Small moments that make you happy.............

  • I have three that come to mind quickly, but I'm sure there are many more.

    The first is during Eagle Two when Spike is preparing to remove the collar bomb. Catherine Graham is concerned about Spike not wearing protective gear and our favorite bomb expert is so sweet and reassuring.

    Second, during Follow the Leader when Greg and Spike take down the first kid with the bomb. Spike worries about Greg and his arm and Greg quickly reassures him. Then once he's ready to diffuse the bomb, Spike looks up to see Greg still there and tells him he needs to clear out. The look the two men exchange says so much without any words needed.

    Another favorite is during Good Cop when Ed comes to give Jules the hoodie and phone. You can tell it's hard for him to let her go when he steps toward her and seems to stop himself from saying anything. I particularly like it because when see plenty of evidence of Greg and Jules' special relationship, but there's a lot between Ed and Jules as well.

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  • I just became aware of the show last month, and already I've been right through all five seasons. My favorite episode is easily "Run, Jamie, Run," and my favorite moment: Jules talking him down. Second favorite moment: Spike correcting Parker" "That thing he just Twittered about," "Tweeted"..."I'll try for some geo-tech," "And I'll try the electric telephone..."

  • I like that episode too! One of the things that struck me about Spike in that episode is that in the beginning, he kind of gets a kick out of Jamie. Certainly, not the illegal aspects, but the twitter, the live casting and other bold moves he makes. However, as the story unfolds and especially as Jules is talking him down, Spike realizes how much pain all that masks.

    The byplay between Greg and Spike is great in so many episodes. Have to love them!