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  • “A shattered, emotionally disturbed man (AJ Buckley, CSI: NY) boards a city ferry with a shotgun and a suspicious package. Fearing the worst, Team One speeds to the scene, and discovers the delusional man is in fact a gifted pianist, and the package is a baby.”

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  • I have a real spoiler that actually gives the outcome but not sure I should post it?


  • I need spoilers!

  • Speculation is okay but if you know something real you probably shouldn't post it, those of us who know spoilers directly from the show are sworn to secrecy. I am wondering how you know...

  • Not the whole thing, but just a little hint would not hurt ;)

  • oh kate don't worry...this piece I found online from ION...if I know anything further about the finale's it won't be posted - promise :)

    This is their writeup of the eppy....but from what CTV, Hugh and a few others have hinted at we knew this was going to be ed's big breakdown eppy.


    When a brilliant but disturbed musician threatens the life of a neighbor's infant, Team One is forced to make the ultimate call and Ed, struggling with taking another life, nears his breaking point.


  • oh noooo! PTSD!!!!

  • Fun fact: AJ Buckley and David Paetkau appeared together as two of the Blue Ribbons in the late 90's teen horror flick Disturbing Behavior. The star of that film, James Marsden, later played a young traveler in the indie film Interstate 60 who laid a "mindf--k" on a sex-obsessed hitchhiker named Laura, played by...wait for it...Amy Jo Johnson. Odd coincidence, wouldn't you say?

  • @Joe..I must've missed THAT one..

    @Kate... Right... 'Fit for Duty' was the 'writing on the wall' the day we visited the set.. :)

  • Well that was some information I could have gone a whole ten years without knowing ._.

  • @Sarge, you should have got to the studio earlier that day so I wouldn't have been left to wait in the writer's room... no chance of being spoiler free after that wall of spoilers...

  • They left you in the writer's room? It's like asking the wolf to take care of the sheep :D

    Thx God you are a good wolf :D

  • Mary and Angelo were supposed to get there before me as a surprise but I got there first and the writer's room is far from the door so they could sneak in without me seeing them. Victoria and Chantelle stayed with us but there were notes on all the episodes on the wall, impossible not to get spoiled.

  • Lol

    Good job! :D

  • Oh yes. I wait for so long for this episode with AJ Buckley :) I love him.

  • Bases on the episode title "Fit for Duty" I think that this is the episode where Sam and Jules finally tell the team that Jules is pregnant.

  • Does anyone know what the piano music playing at the end of the episode was ? So beautiful ... I tried Shazaming it but came up with zilch.

  • I wish it could've been me on that roof with Ed ...

  • What happened?? Details please!!

  • Humm... I "thought" this was the thread FOR Spoilers!

    I wanna KNOW what all went on during Ep #11 - ALL of it and not just the name of the guest star (though he is a real cutie over on CSI New York!

    Come on somebody - give it up!

  • Awww come on! Somebody from Canada, have a heart and do a write up of tonight's show!

    P L E A S E !

  • Yes please an episode recap......

  • I'm sorry guys... my proven experience is this: We either wait a few days till someone gets around to it or we wait for the U.S. to see it. They'll do a write up that's for sure.

    "Patience is a virtue." I keep telling myself this - over and over. So I keep telling Papa God to give me patience NOW!

    *waves hello*

    Your co-long-suffering fan...

  • Honestly, I don't know how Andorian can survive this episode .... She was asking for more insight, but this might be too much for her heartED soul....

  • We can't comment because we haven't seen the eppy. I do appreciate that Flashpoint shows in Canada at such late hour. I believe it's at 10pm. It ends at 11pm. Then everyone has to go to work the next day. In a few days someone will give us a spoiler and then we can join in the discussion.

  • Angelina, I'm one for spoilers, but this episode, you don't want it to be spoiled for you.

    It's not what happens (we all expect a few things to happen along the way, leading to the closure) but how it's shown. You may want to wait and enjoy how it unfolds holding your breath. Plus I'm no good at writing in English, someone will do it properly sooner or later.

  • Thank you so much for the advice, its much appreciated. :)

  • :( I'd still like somebody to "spoil me with a storyline" !

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