• I was surfing the net today, looking at the DVD released from other countries, just browsing the cover photos, when I went into's UK site to see what they had. When I opened up the page for season 1, I noticed they had some videos along side some cover photos. One is the complete first episode, which I was surprised to see I could watch quite a bit of without interruption. I don't think the US site allows that without paying for the rest.

    But the most interesting thing, and I think it is an error (and perhaps might wind up being removed as a result) is a promo they're using for season 1 which happens to be a highlight video of the original pilot. Not the one with Amy Jo Johnson, but the one with Ona Grauer. It's pretty cool to see, but I suspect is probably a mistake.

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  • Really weird. The whole episode is there. And it is another "Jules".

  • Well, the full episode is with Amy Jo. The sample is with another woman.

    Really cool to see indeed.

  • The original pilot had Ona Grauer, who played the nanny in "The Fortress" and the character was very different from the Jules we know.

  • Cool! I never knew that.

  • Woah! That's so weird! I mean, it's so cool, but it's also really weird to see the same scenes we know with a whole different Jules! (Did Ed and The Other Jules kiss at the 1:57 mark?! D: It's like the original script! I figured all that had changed by the time they filmed it)

  • I would love to see the original pilot as a special feature. I'd also loved to know if they completely reshot the pilot for the final version or redid a bunch of scenes. I can imagine getting the permit to shoot in the square (sorry, I forget the location) a second time would be costly. I can see peripheral scenes around there being reshot, even the scene of Ona's character on the opposite roof could have been redone without refilming the entire episode. :)

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  • They reshot Amy Jo's scenes later on, if I remember right. :)

    The original script (or so it says -- but it's awfully long to be a fake) is online somewhere. I could post the link, but I don't know if I should or not. (don't want to get in trouble)

    Edit: Also, I just noticed that Holleran is a different actor!!

  • @Hope I was trying to find out who kiss who in that scene. Is not the first Jules, but I am not sure if it is Ed. Maybe is Sam and another woman.

    I'd love to see the original pilot. I love to watch those kind of things. I watched the Big Bang Theory original pilot and it is so interesting.

  • Nice program. :) Thanks, Claudia. :)

  • Okay, sorry to bug with another question. Does anyone know who the man is on the left? I believe this photo is from the original, pre-Amy Jo pilot (with Ona Grauer), and he doesn't look like Mark Taylor.

  • You're right, that doesn't look like Mark Taylor but I don't know who it is.

  • Thanks, Kate. :)

  • He is the guy who becomes sergeant in the pilot. We can see him better at the bar, when Sam arrives and the Commander announces that Sam is part of the team now.

    Jules says something about the team not having a free spot and the Commander says this guy has been promoted.

  • The guy on the right is Rollie who was promoted at the retirement party. The guy on the left is the one we don't recognize.

  • Oh, sorry. My old problem with left and right in photos :D

    I don't know who is he :(