Locations Flashpoint filmed for people traveling to Toronto

  • This thread is meant as a place to post suggestions for places Flashpoint fans visiting Toronto to find locations where thir favorite episodes were filmed.

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  • I look forward to checking this thread regulary as I am going to start planning my trip to Canada soon and I plan to spend 3 weeks there and making my last week my Toronto week in which I visit FP City (Well I hope a week is enough lol)

  • This forum is a great idea! This will help someday *when* I get to see it for real!

    Which makes it crazy that I'm trying to contribute, but Between Heartbeats was at Nathan Phillips Square, right? Using Google Earth (gotta love it) I spotted the clock tower, the roof Petar was on first (across Queen Street?), the roof where he set up the decoy (to the left of the first one, by the clock tower...And right next to that building - maybe the same building? - is the roof where Sam and Ed were in Who's George; there's these horizontal pipes on the roof that look the same, the clock tower is in view, and the bank is right nearby.) And was Scorpio at Commerce Court?

  • The map has been updated to Season 1 Disc 2 (Canadian version).

  • I found the place where Ed was shot while walking to the grocery store the week I moved to TO.

    Bathurst & Fort York Ave.

  • Mississauga Civic Centre

    300 City Centre Dr Mississauga

    3x03 - Follow the Leader

    Green Acres Motel

    1303 Lakeshore Rd E Mississauga

    5x02 - No Kind of Life

  • Episode 417 "Priority of Life", the anthrax laboratory episode. Does anyone know where that was filmed?

  • 2x02 - The Fortress

    The "fortress" is located on Doulton Place in Mississauga, just off of Mississauga Rd. I'm sure you'll recognize it.

  • 2x12 - Just a Man

    The prison is actually the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant at Queen and Victoria Park.

  • last summer I went to TO but I only saw the city hall, CN tower and Younge street. I couldn't believe I was in the same place team 1 shot one of their dramatic episodes. I was standing in front of city hall trying to figure out where was the sniper shooting from and all.... ahaha. it has been a great vacation!!

  • Flashpoint is still alive in other countries too. I am from Germany, and still watching the series on DVD, now for the fourth time. I hope to visit Toronto next year, and then I will look at serveral Locations from the series. Thanks a lot for your kind work with the map !