How did you discover Flashpoint?

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  • I always look at new shows and 3 years ago i started watching flashpoint and it remains my favorite show. I don't understand why they are not showing more episodes. it has great writing and awesome actors.

  • Donna, CTV has ordered a 4th season, which just went into production. They're not showing any more episodes right now because the show is on hiatus.

    We're told we're getting new episodes in the Summer. Thanks to that cliffhanger they gave us in 'Fault Lines', Summer can't come fast enough.

  • I went pubbing with friends in Scotland's beautiful capital Edinburgh. It was a rainy and windy night. And Flashpoint's first in line happened to air on that channel.

  • I discovered Flashpoint while researching Amy Jo Johnson online. Then I found she was on the show so I started watching it when around the time they ended season one and the beginning of season 2. It's an awesome cop show!!!! I can't wait for it to come back in the summer!!!!

  • I saw the ads around town and recognized Enrico Colontoni from 'Just shoot me.' But it wasn't until I was on the plane home from Japan that I started to watch the shows. It was an Air Canada flight, so they had all the CTV shows on :)

  • I discovered Flashpoint while flipping channels, the first episode i saw was Between Heartbeats, and i haven't missed a episode since... :)

  • I was looking into the CTV website for something on either Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy at the time Flashpoint was only a few Episodes into Season 1. I saw a Promo banner with the cast. And I thought, hey? What's this? Police Drama? Action? Amy Jo Johnson? Looks cool. Might have to download this. I've never looked back.

  • My family and I watch mostly police shows, so Flashpoint didn't seem like too far a jump for us when I was the previews. I don't think I saw the first few episodes of season one, I think I started at "Haunting the Barn" and I was instantly in love. Real emotion, who knew that could come across on television, let alone a police show. My parents actually ended up hating Flashpoint but I love it so much (obviously). It's so different than every other show on television. I think I was watching an interview with Hugh Dillion once and they asked him about the difference between Flashpoint and other shows and something he said resonated very true with me. In American police shows there are "...bodies dropping everywhere," in Flashpoint it shows hope and emotion and a more realistic way of seeing the world. I love it and finding it was a really great coincidence.

  • That is so interesting that your parents ended up 'hating' Flashpoint, Robyn.

    Any reason given?

  • @Karla, I think it's just the fact that Flashpoint in general is just so different than all the other American police shows. I think that they were expecting more a "Law & Order" or "NCIS" sort of thing. They were waiting for the bomb to go off or for someone to die that way a "real investigation" could be launched. I just don't think that they understood the deep emotional basis of the story. It's grown on my mom since then and my dad doesn't hate the episodes that are very tactically based but he can't stand the negotiation based episodes. I don't know, I think that they just have no attention span or understanding of deeply emotional story lines. They're more a 'looking for the bad guy' kind of thing. I guess Flashpoint is just more, my cup of tea, then.

  • Well I saw the promos and though it looked good but I didn't want to add a new show to my list. A internet friend of mine (who lives in Toronto) kept raving about the show on her website. She loves Hugh and Enrico and everybody, best show ever, put pictures of the cast in her profile...etc. I did not cave in. One day I was flipping channels and came across Flashpoint watched a bit but I had missed the beginning of the story and not knowing the premise of the show and the main characters it was hard to follow. Was not convinced. Then another boring day flipping channels again, I found Flashpoint in French. The episode had just begun so I watched it. I enjoyed it! However hearing Enrico negociate in French was a little bothersome and I thought to myself I must watch this in English. It's good in French and it's obviously going to be much better in English. On that Friday I believe I saw that Flashpoint was airing on CTV and I watched it and I was hooked. Caught up on the last part of season two thanks to CBS and continued onto season 3 and never looked back. And then I came here.

    I still have a couple of episodes of season two to catch up on. Oh and when I told my my friend that I love Flashpoint too her reply was: "I told you so". LOL

  • Okay, well, I usually never pay attention to commercials but CTV's ad for flashpoint caught my eye because of the song that accompanied it: Viva la Vida by coldplay which at the time was my all time fave song. (still love it ♥ :D) Saw the pilot and was sucked in immediately. Watched every episode after up to season one and then kind of forgot about it (sorry! D:) Flipping through channels I found it again, they were showing the episode after Lou died, "Never Let You Down". I was so confused. SO CONFUSED. It didn't really occur to me that the episodes were online so I went through the rest of season two and some of season three lost. Then *light bulb appears over head* and I made a bee line to the computer, LOL. Have watched every episode at the very least twice and I cannot wait for teh season four premier, that was a mighty cruel cliff hanger, I couldn't fall asleep. When they announce the date of when it's going to start again, there will be a party at my place:)

    My love for this show has even rubbed off on my mum...a bit. She's still scared of people getting shot and seeing blood, LOL;)

    LOVELOVELOVE this show!

  • I went to visit my parents one weekend and my dad was just starting to watch the latest episode. Since I had just gotten home, I sat down on the couch and started watching it with him. When Amy Jo Johnson first appeared on the screen, I yelled "Hey! That's the pink power ranger!" My dad jumped a foot and my mom goes "That's it! I knew she was on a show you kids used to watch growing up!" Of course then I had to explain what the heck I was talking about to my dad. After that I was hooked. Come to find out that I had actually seen part of a Flashpoint episode before the weekend I had gone home. I had caught the episode in the middle since I was just flipping through channels and didn't like it. To this day it's not one of my favorites but I'm glad I didn't realize what show it was at the time or I never would have sat down with my dad and given it another chance.

  • I've always been a fan of police drama shows. I love the action, but I've always liked seeing the human side of police and rescue and the emotional toll it takes on them. I caught it last summer in the US and was thrilled to have a serial to watch in the summer. I started with "One Wrong Move" so I was hooked on the emotional drama right away. I forgot about it for a while and heard a radio promo for it this past May and immediately made sure my DVR was recording.

  • It was a summer FILL-IN, and I liked it right away, cause I like these kind of shows!

  • Netflix. We were looking for something good to watch, and it sounded good. So we watched an episode, and after that we just kept on watching. I love the writing!

  • Wll i got into flashpoint... ok this is a long one... anyway here i go

    it was in late Decemer early January and we were at the cottage and we were flipping through the channels and we happened apon the flashpoint that was just coming on on CTV and we decided to watch it and truely i wasn't that into flashpoint at that point so i watched it and my brother said hey that show is being filmed in Toronto and I said no way it can't be and i saw the CN tower and i was like you are totally right but i still was not too into flashpint so i watched a little bit on and off for the next few weeks and it wasn't until after superbowl sunday and I was watching Fault Lines that i really truely got hooked because it made me want to see more flashpoint so i bought the DVD's and watched it on and i have been hooked ever since Febuary and can not wait for season four to start this friday

  • A long story! :)

    The Director of a performance group's son was a guest star (Calum Worthy: Perfect Storm. I actually had the oppurtunity to work with him once!) One day at practice they told everyone that it was going to be on. Sure enough my mom and I watched it, and I loved the episode! But sure enough I forgot about it, till last summer. I'm also a huge rookie blue fan, and I remembered another police show that was filmed in Toronto... So I caught myself up on the CTV Website in about two or three days maybe? It was a lot of watching! :) But sure enough here I am today, and I am so excited for the season to start friday! :)

  • my son Rory asked me if i wanted to watch the show i said no watch to many as it is then i sat down and low and behold i'am still watching this great show and loving it

  • I was at JB Hi Fi looking at DVD's. I saw Flashpoint and the cover intrigued me, I impulsively brought it, went home watched the whole season that day, went back the next day & brought season 2 & 3. Watched them for the next 2 days straight.

    I immediately fell in love with the show.

  • I've always liked police/action shows, and started watching the first episode that CBS aired---and was immediately hooked! I always enjoyed EC in anything I've seen him in, and was more familiar with HD from the music end of things. But the show had/has so much heart, and it isn't cookie cutter. It was funny, I recognized Toronto pretty quickly, and that pretty much sealed the deal---I know Canadian tv gets a bad rap in the States, but as a confirmed tv addict, I can say that Canadian tv shows can definitely hold their own! I still miss E.N.G.

  • like the rest of you, I've always been a big cop show fan. watching Scorpio the other night tho clicked back into my mind what got me to watch in the first place. in the ads CBS was airing for it, two scenes stood out - near the end, when Ed is in the bathroom and Greg comes in and says "Do the math and add up all the 'I'm fine's" (hmmm, sounds interesting) and the scene where Ed gets into the elevator all geared up and asks for the 10th floor very politely, like this is something he does every day, while the rest of the people already on the elevator are like holy crap what's going on? OK, WTF? I GOTTA see what's going on here! haven't looked back.

  • I'm the opposite to most of you. Nearly all the TV we watch has some twist, or cultness about it. Everything had an edge of fantasy about it. The most normal show we used to watch was 24 - but even that was slightly OTT with Jack doing things no other human could do ;)

    One of my friends asked if I was watching Flashpoint, I said I'd never heard of it, and he gave me a quick run down. I was glancing through the TV.Com entry and spotted a certain actresses name. Now I've been a fan of hers for years, so of course we had to start watching at Scorpio.

    I was biased in my opinion. I loved it. The wife wasn't overly struck on it, and a few weeks later we had so much other things to watch that took priority, FP kept getting pushed back and back.

    Then a while later, the friend who had introduced me to it, asked if i had seen the latest episode (One Wrong Move). I said we were SOO far behind that it'll take ages to catch up.

    He told me to ignore that, but I just HAD to watch that episode.

    So we did, and we were both :O at it.

    Since then it's been up high on the watch priority, and we haven't missed an episode.

    The wife still isn't overly taken by it, but she watches it. She accepts I just sit and drool for 45 minutes a week.

  • At the beginning of the summer, I walked in as my parents were watching a show about "abducted kids". (It was the episode The Fortress.) For weeks I thought Flashpoint was about saving kids from being abducted. How wrong I was. I sat down with my parents and watched Acceptable Risk later that month. I got hooked, and started watching episodes on Netflix out of order. Until just last week, I had only seen all the episodes up to Acceptable Risk (except for Aisle 13, because Netflix doesn't have it for some reason.) I found Flashpoint on YouTube, and have now seen every episode except for A Day In The Life. I'm glad that my parents had a mild interest, because now I'm an obsessed Flashpoint fan!

  • beginning of gr 7 my bff tried to convince me to watch flashpoint and i would keep saying no and then she would call me stubborn.... then just before we went on x-mas break in grade 8 my friend showed me an ep in the computer lab.... and i then watched all the episodes in order on x-mas break.... and i am now hooked and obsess over flashpoint every day :)

  • My mom's boss (who works for the fire department, my mom's a volunteer there!) said my parents should check out this cool cop show that was filmed in Toronto, where both my parents grew up so they would recognize stuff. So they've been watching it from the beginning. And one night I decided to watch it with them, and it was really awesome because no one died and the bad guys weren't really bad guys! (this was Buisness as Usual!) But I wasn't hooked yet! Then one night me and my sister were just watching TV and Collateral Damage came one and since we were bored and knew our parents watched the show, we ended up watching the whole thing! But that still wasn't when I got hooked! I wasn't a too big a fan of cop shows because they just freaked me out! But then we got Netflix and my parents were all excited because Flashpoint was on it! So we watched He Knows His Brother, and FINALLY I got hooked :) My friend came over and she liked cop shows so I was like, well we could watch the first couple episodes of Flashpoint, so we did! And then like two nights after that me and my family watched I'd Do Anything and Fault Lines. After I found out Sam and Jules were in a relationship I found out which episode it was, and started from there, skipping episodes 5-9, but I eventually went back and watched those!! I finished every single episode of Flashpoint between a couple days after the premire of Fault Lines in the US until it came back for Personal Effects :) And now I can't go a day without watching an episode :)

  • I'm actually a big Amy Jo fan, when I was younger I watched her on Power Rangers, then Felicity while I was high school, then saw her made for TV movies like The Perfect Body. Two weeks ago I read that she's been on this show called "Flashpoint" since 2008.. and I couldn't believe I was missing out.

    After watching the pilot episode, I was hooked. In 10 days, I watched every single episode that has aired since the beginning.

  • I was looking through Netflix instant looking for something new and interesting to watch and i had actually skipped over Flashpoint a few times and went to watch something else. When i looked into it more I saw that Amy Jo Johnson was on it (and ever since Power rangers i have loved her) So i thought I would give it a try and from the second i started watching it I was hooked and obsessed. When I watched the last episode on netflix i bought the others from Itunes...

  • As for me it happend by chance (Flashpoint was not well advertised in my country), i was doing zap, i watched a few fragments of Flaspoint and I could stop watching!

  • People are going to say I'm a Power Rangers Fan after they read this. I'm not. I was fooling around on IMDB and remembered that series and clicked immediately on AJJ's IMDB profile. Never heard of any of the other TV series or shows she did after PR but the name Flashpoint stood right up. So one thing led to another and I found myself hooked to the show.

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