How did you discover Flashpoint?

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  • I thought it might be interesting to hear how people first discovered the show. A few months ago, I was over at a relative's place and while channel surfing, I came across a fast-paced action-based show that held my attention despite having tuned in after the episode had already begun! Unfortunately, I had to leave after watching only about 20-25 minutes of the show.

    It wasn't until I looked up the TV guide later that night when I realized that the show was Flashpoint and the episode I had watched earlier was "Haunting the Barn". Ever since then, I've gone on to watch every episode from the beginning (some even multiple times) and it quickly became one of my favorite shows! =D

    As an added bonus, on my way home from class one day, I saw Flashpoint being filmed! I would elaborate on exactly what I saw but I don't want to upset anyone who enjoys not knowing location details. Since I live in Toronto, it's always fun to watch an episode and be able to shout 'Hey, I know where that is!'

    Awesome show!

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  • Pretty much discovered Flashpoint when CTV was first promoting it. Back then, I was awfully skeptical. I seriously doubted anything on Canadian TV could be good. Going in with that doubtful attitude unfortunately clouded my judgment, and I was ripping the poor episode apart as I watched. (No lie.)

    Fortunately, I gave it a second chance. I think Wordy did it for me. With a rockin' nickname like 'Wordy' (why, yes, I do happen to think that nickname rocks), and a kick-a$$ episode like 'Asking For Flowers' where we see what an awesome guy Wordy is, I realised I'd been brutally unfair to Flashpoint.

    Other episodes like 'Hauting the Barn' from Season One just cemented it for me, and I'm glad I gave it a second chance after my initial highly jaded assessment.

    To echo your sentiment, Lena: 'Awesome show!'

  • Discovered Flashpoint when CBS was running the ads for it, I thought, "Very interesting, can't wait until it's on, maybe I'll catch it . . ."

    Flashforward to when I was in Vancouver for vacation, I was having a really bad time trying to get over the jet lag and then the show comes on.

    I got hooked! But unfortunately, I was going on a cruise and apparently CBS and CTV are both not available in the middle of the ocean (but somehow TNT is? o_O) so I was stuck for 2 weeks with no Flashpoint (kind of reminiscent of this year).

    I caught up on the episodes when I got back and I've been hooked ever since!

  • I saw the a few previews for Flashpoint on CBS when it first started airing (not sure if it had already premiered or not when I saw the previews). And I thought it looked like it might be interesting.

    My family watches all (most really) of the cop shows (CSI, CSI:NY, NCIS, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds and a few others) so we thought we might try watching Flashpoint and my dad set it to record. At the time I usually had something to do on Fridays, or just played on the computer so I never really saw any episodes.

    One time I just got bored or something (maybe the Internet went out idk) and came into the living room while my dad was watching Flashpoint.

    The episode was Never Kissed A Girl, and I thought it was pretty cool. Although I wasn't really sure what exactly what was going on since I came in twenty minutes into the show. Afterwords it showed the preview for Planets Aligned and mentioned a girl being kidnapped for eight years. I thought that sounded like a really cool premise and wanted to know what was going to happen so I asked my dad to record it (I didn't realize it was the same show we had just watched).

    So of course the next week came and we watched Planets Aligned. I LOVED it!! I'd seen all kinds of shows with kidnappings and such, but never really got into them, but this episode of Flashpoint just had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't believe that someone would have been kidnapped for eight years and then in one day she was back with her family.

    It really made me try to think of how I would have acted in her position. I'd never really had a show make me think like that before so I decided that Flashpoint was definitely a keeper (I still didn't actually realize that this was the same show as the week before and that this was the show I had seen previews for)

    Then a few weeks went by and I couldn't find Flashpoint on TV anywhere so I sort of gave up thinking it must have been canceled.

    When January came and I saw my dad watching Eagle Two I realized it was the same show and begged him to start it over for me. So we watched that episode and again it had me thinking about how it would feel to be in the characters' position and what I would have done. It wasn't until Backwards Day aired that I really started getting into it. (I fell 'in love' with the character of Sam during his negotiating with Sarah in the ep.) After that I didn't really like Haunting The Barn the first time it aired (I have NO idea why, seeing as I love the episode now). I think a repeat of Who's George aired next (or maybe it was before) and then I saw the preview for Between Heartbeats and it showed Jules shot and Sam crying I HAD to watch it. (As I already mentioned I had fallen in love with Sam's character and I'm the type that loves to see my favorite characters express their emotions esp. sad ones). So it was then that I realized I had probably missed a bunch of episodes (I figured even whole seasons) so I had to look it up and see if I could buy a DVD set to catch up. That's when I discovered this was the same show as Never Kissed A Girl and I had seen the previews for it. Also when I found the CTV forums and my obsession started. So there you have it.

    And when I actually saw Between Heartbeats that just fueled the fire. I'm pretty sure I watched it at least twice that night and then at least four times that Saturday, and again on Sunday a few times. Sometimes I watched just the part with Jules getting shot and then the ending at the hospital. Obsession much? I think Between Heartbeats is one of the episodes I've watched the most times, and I'm not even a Jam fan. Also recently after that I purchased season 1 (well the first nine episodes, 'iTunes season 1') and ended up buying a used iPod touch just so I could watch them (didn't realize I could have just watched them on my computer), I also wrote down the episode order so I could make sure to watch it correctly (iTunes has/had the order completely messed up).

    There you go, that's my story. Since then I haven't missed an episode, and I've seen them all at least three or four times. With the exception of Just A Man (only seen that twice).

  • When Flashpoint aired first in The Netherlands (I think about 2 years ago), I watched Scorpio. I liked it, but I already was so busy on Tuesday nights I had not really the time to follow it. Two weeks later I watched part of The Element Of Surprise (missed the first part) and liked it as well, but still … busy Tuesday (and it still is BTW)!

    I think it was December last year when some online friends of mine started a discussion about Flashpoint. A TV channel here was re-airing the old episodes and they all liked it so much. Because of that I decided to give it a second chance (all my other shows were on a winter break so I needed to watch something else). I caught up from the beginning. Just like Karla, Asking For Flowers was the one that got me really hooked. I really like Wordy (he’s my favorite character) and the whole story was so beautifully written. I then had to watch all the other episodes. And now I’m addicted, LOL.

  • This is a great topic. :)

    I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but I do love cop shows. I saw the original ads way back and thought it looked like a good premise. Caught the first episode and thought it was pretty darn good, watched the first few but then kind of lost track of it. I have a crazy busy schedule most of the time so I just missed it a lot.

    After a while I kept catching bit and pieces of the shows and when I got my PVR that was one of the first things that went into it to be recorded. I also got the Season 1 Blu-Ray and found that watching the episodes sequentially made the show even better. Now I'm caught up on all the episodes and am hooked...

    I also hooked a friend of mine who's staying with me, they're also dying for new episodes.

  • Seen the commerical, thought "well this might be a good show". I was addicted after the first time I saw it. I did however miss a few of the eps in the first season. But I will get the DVR soon. And the rest is history.

  • I was with my family one time and my oldest cousin, my aunt and my grandmother were talking about this show 'Flashpoint' that was on. I asked my other cousin what it was and she said that it was her sister and mom's new obsession. So when it came on we watched it, and I really liked it.

    So I went home and would lock myself in the computer room and I watched it from the very beginning. Then I bought the first two seasons on iTunes and I would invite my friends over and we'd watch it. Now two of my friends and I are majorly addicted, but my cousins don't watch it religiously anymore. :P

  • it was a dark and stormy night.

    Actually it was July 11th on CTV

    and I was like 'Wtf' is this? And I watched it and I feel in love with it.

    Been watching since the series started and haven't stopped. Buhaha!

  • I actually first saw it last year but didn't pay it much attention...but this season i sat down and really watched i'm addicted!

  • Saw a commercial on CBS for it (I love shows about SWAT teams and special ops people) and I watched the first episode, and havn't missed one since

  • When I found out the producers of the show placed my artist: Johnny BLK's song "Save My Life" in the episode "Severed Ties", my wife and I started watching the show. We immediately fell in love with it! So it was really wonderful for us to be watching last nights episode and hear the song in the end montage.

  • I happened to run into it as I was flipping channels one night. It was Attention Shoppers. Then I stayed on.

  • I was also flipping channels and found flashpoint or spesialstyrken as they call it here in Norway. My first episode actually where One wrong move wich was a little bit spoilerish. It was really funny when i searched for the show and nothing really came up, then i found out it's originale name was flashpoint. I have seen all the episodes several times and I really love this show ♥

  • My ex-boyfriend introduced me to it lol!

  • well at first my twin sister was watching the episode "Scorpio" n she told me what a great show it is to watch so i thought to give it a try n i watched the rerun n i loved spike from the first episode i was like ( hey that's guy is cute what is his name again??) ever since that i watch it online n i cant wait 4 another Friday for anew 1 >>> this might be late but i just saw this discussion n i loved it :D

  • I stumbled across Scorpio when it was first broadcast. Didn't think much of it at the time, probably because I started watching in the middle of the show. Then this last summer I caught an episode ( I cannot remember which one) and I got hooked. This time though I think the reason I got hooked is because for the last several months I've felt like I was in a hostage situation. NOT FUN. Watching Flashpoint has helped me deal with the situation without loosing my cool. Thank you to Greg, Ed and the rest of the cast and crew! WONDERFUL show.

  • Yeah, Flashpoint really hits home when you have something in your own life to relate it to. That's when you realize how emotionally realistic this show is, and what a good example the team sets for coping.

  • This will be a bit OT. Now I can't stop watching (obviously!). Two weeks ago, Whatever it takes just gave me the shivers. Also, the show keeps evolving in interesting ways.

    One thing I wish though is for the scheduling to be more regular and this waiting for when and how and if ever, to stop. It deserves to be treated with some respect at this point.

  • My housemate is, er, fond of steaming tv and movies. It got to the point where I couldn't ever watch anything because ouregavideo bandwidth was ALWAYS used up. So I looked at what I could watch legally on ctv and global and CBC. Because there's no limits on that. Turns out the American shows on those channels usually only have 1-3 episodes up but canadians shows had whole seasons.

    I watched Scorpio. Like it. First in Line kept me interested. But Wordy in asking for flowers was the kicker for me. That's when I knew I was hooked. I proceeded to hook two of my besties so I dint have to watch it alone.

  • I loved Veronica Mars. Her dad was the best character. He was a great dad. He was a believable character. Just loved him.

    Then one day CBS showed a new show and I said, "Hey! I have to check it out. There's Veronica's dad!" I saw one, loved it, but then got lost in real life stuff.

    Flash forward to this year and I caught an episode I don't know the name of...where one of the team members (brain freeze) was stepping on a bomb. Oh my. I was riveted and never expected that they couldn't get him off alive. Oh my. I began to watch, ready to leave despite my love for Rico and Dillon (sorry to use your first names like we are friends) because I was already watching all the other cop shows and I was getting drained.

    This one offered hope. A world where people negotiated and tried to understand someone else's pain. I have bought the first two seasons and love it. I also loved CBS's Jericho, so I'm hoping this show continues to grab people. I've stopped watching the other shows, but go crazy to make sure I'm on the coach every Friday at 10. :)

  • *** on the couch, that is. :)

  • Jericho! Man I loved that show. Guess I wasn't the only one who shouted "Dale!" at the tv when element of surprise came on. Or "Jakes cheating slimebag brother playing another cheating slimebag? No! Really?" in Asking For Flowers.

    Yeah. Keith Mars was rocking. He was definately a significant pull favor for me too.

  • I remember reading about it and being skeptical, not about its quality, but about if the American audience could relate to the "great white north". I didn't give the show a long lifespan, even with my support. I remember watching Scorpio and thinking " That was good...but we'll see how American ratings work out." The next episode was even better and I quickly decided I really liked Wordy and Spike from that episode on.

    I'm very happy to see that the show's 'survived' 3 seasons of American and Canadian broadcast. I wish that CBS didn't mess up episode orders like it did but what can we do. Now if CBS would cancel CSI (I loved that show and now it's time to give it a TV moive and wrap it up imo) and give Flashpoint its slot!

  • Angie: Introducing Fishburne into CSI was a mistake. It has gone off the rails since then. If it's any consolation it's canadian CTV that produces the show and it's obviously doing well even when CBS can't decide when or even if they'll air it. CTV has ordered another season. When it'll air in Canada is anyone's guess (and even more so with USA).

  • Fishburne can't be blamed for the horrible writing that went into the introduction of his character (early flip flopping on whether he's a super rookie or just a rookie) and what happened after they decided they wanted to make Langston a genius. While Fishburne isn't nearly as charismatic as Billy Petersen (Grissom), the show could have lasted one or two seasons with better ratings than what it has now if the writing didn't repeatedly shoot itself in the foot. It's kind of sad to see a good show go down like this.

    Anyway, back on to FP. While CBS has no control over whether CTV chooses to bring the show back or not, I think they've had a say about when the episode airs or not. I think their crazy mixing of the new episodes and the 'Season 2" episodes with Leah shows so. That said, i do agree with you in the sense that there's only so much CBS can do- and that's a relief.

  • I first started watching Flashpoint because it was the only thing on Friday nights at 9. I had remembered seeing the previews for it and not being very interested so I don't think I watched the first couple eps. After I finally watched an episode I was hooked. Even more so when I realized it was Toronto. (That took me a sadly long time to realize, I actually had to have it pointed out. I live just outside of Windsor accross the border from Detroit and get my TV through the air so I'm used to seeing American cities and shows.) Once I did realize it was Canadian I started noticing all the Canadian things like the flags on the policemen's lapels. It was just so cool seeing a Canadian show that was better than many of the other American cop shows my family watches. I laugh at many of them now because they seem so unrealistic. Like, they would shoot someone and have absolutely no reaction to it. Anyway, Flashpoint is an amazing show that would have such better ratings in the US if they actually advirtised it. Hopefully the writers keep it fresh and avoid all the show killers that would cause it to be cancelled.

  • I found it just a few weeks ago on Netflix. It was a recommended show for me based on other shows I like. I didn't want to wait for it to come up in my list, so I watched an episode online, and was instantly hooked. I couldn't figure out how I had missed this awesome show for so long until last night, when I was eager to watch it on tv for the first time. I must have given up on there being anything worth watching way before 10 pm every other Friday night. This show seriously needs to be promoted more.

  • I follow new shows and this is my favorite. i am very disappointed there are so few episodes. It is very refreshing to find a canadian tv show with such integrity and great writing and acting. I hope we see more Flashpoint episodes soon.

  • Wow. Okay guys...*takes a deep breath*

    So, one Friday night last summer (June 11, I think) my mom and I were watching TV, and it was 10, and Medium was just ending...then, 'Oh, what's this show?' lol. You know how they show a clip from the end, then go back to earlier in the day? They really made a good call on that. We were hooked from the first line. So, we watched it (Never Let You Down), and the next week, we saw it again (The Farm). That's when I silently decided not to miss a single ep. :D Then, a few weeks later, they showed Behind the Blue Line and Just A Man, back-to-back. I missed both. Yeah, my cat broke his leg. GREAT timing, right? ;) (I never got to watch it online, so I'm still waiting to see those :\ ) i was pretty much hooked the first episode I ever saw :) It turns out my dad had watched it from the beginning. But he never told me about it! (I'm a *little* mad) I saw You Think You Know Someone on my aunt's HUGE tv with surround sound (over 50 inches) :D :D

    The episode that made it my all time favorite, in just a matter of weeks, though, was Follow the Leader. Amazing. That was also the episode I realized how Samtastic Sam really is :) As i'm screaming at the tv for him to get back.

    Then, sadly, the season ended really soon after :( I found FPTO a few weeks the DVDs for caught up...and although I found FP later than alot of other big fans, I'm just as crazy about it :D ♥

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