Flashpoint Rpg

  • I'm thinking about making a flashpoint rpg site and just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in joining one

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  • Hi again Ashley. I don't know a whole lot about RPGs but I think it would be a really interesting idea.

  • I don't have much experience with RPGs, either, but I might be interested.

  • If you know how to write then it should come easy, especially if you're good at writing stories, the difference is you're just writing for your character. Alot of people said they were interested so I'm working on the site now it should be up soon and when it is I'll post the link for it

  • Like writing stories...sounds great to me! Thanks for the link and for setting things up. I'll check it out. :)

  • no problem, theres a chatbox on the side to talk to other members just fyi

  • Ed, Spike, Wordy, Sgt Parker are the only main characters thats left to play

  • Just to let you know: Winnie's full name is Winnie Camden.

  • oh ok thx, was wondering that. you know wordy's wife name and his kids?

  • We know Wordy's wife's name is Shelley (short for 'Michelle' maybe? We're not sure yet...) We know one daughter, the 2 and 1/2-year old is Ally or Allie (short for Allison, perhaps).

    There have also been three other dispatchers: Kira Marlowe, Peter Henderson, and Sidney (not sure of his last name).

  • ok thanks

  • We also know the name of Wordy's middle daughter, Lilly. It was said somewhere at some point, don't ask me where but it's established...I think...

  • Hi guys!,

    Myself and Annie have started up an FP RPG Site based before the end of S5 - if anyone is interested in joining up please do let me know :)

    The site will open officially in January.

    Most of the main characters are available and you are also free to create your own character :)