Favorite Quotes

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  • So, folks what are your favorite quotes?

    Who said em?

    What episode?

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  • Mine is from Follow the Leader by Wordy:

    "Dangerous with a rifle, deadly with geometry"

    Love it!!

  • He Knows His Brother: Spike and Lou.

    "Woods. My people don't like 'em."

    "Your people? From Woodbridge??"

    "No, the Romans. That time we fought the Huns in the woods? Didn't go so well."

    And Exit Wounds: Sam -- "C'mon. Everyone needs to feel needed. Gives you something to shoot for."

    I have a ton more but I don't know if you want me to list them all. ;D

  • What's your favorites, Angelo? :)

  • "Some people are helpless and need to be protected."

    Sam, Acceptable Risk

    "You went all coffee shop on his ass."

    Jules, First in Line

    "No one dies today."

    Ed, Never Kissed A Girl

  • You'll see why I'm asking very shortly...

  • "Three teenage girls, four teenage girls, three girls and a boy, could be seven orangutans."

    Spike, Attention Shoppers

    There are more but this was the first to pop into my head :o)

  • "He's a geek with combat skills, that's why the ladies love him".

    Ed, Coming to You Live.

  • Greg Parker: Babycakes, how are you?

    Spike Scarlatti: Frickin' shag carpet. Been picking it out of her treads all


    Ed Lane: Price of love, Spike.

    Spike Scarlatti: Yeah she didn't even make me breakfast.

    Spike Scarlatti: So Sam, how many Al-Queda guys you take out?

    Sam Braddock: What you mean like to dinner?

    Lou Young: You gotta be wasted to take seven tasers like that, right?

    Spike Scarlatti: I could take seven.

    Wordy Wordsworth: Seven what?

    Spike Scarlatti: I could take seven tasers.


  • Toth: Now some word Association...

    Jules: Stream of consciousness.

    Toth: That's right!

    Jules: That's left.

    Toth: You started without me.

    Jules: Try to keep up.

  • From First in Line.

    Ed: Look, there's something I need you to do. Alright, see these stairs here, where we came in, right? I need you to do reverse entry, across this hallway to these doors here. I need you to go through, now be careful because that is a big road. I want you to cross. I want you to make an entry into this Timmy's. I'll have a double double. Jules?

    Jules: Cream, no sugar.

    Ed: Spike?

    Spike: Nah, I'm good.

    Sam: You serious?

    GOLDEN. Epic. Dunno how many times I watched that episode just to see Ed go coffee shop on Sam's ass.

  • LOL @ Elisa, I love that one :D

    Clean Hands:

    Greg: We all have something we're afraid of...planes..." *looks at Ed* "...cats..."

    Ed: "It was one time, it was a mean cat."

    Spike: "I was there, it was mean,"

    later: Greg: "..Sorry about that cat thing."

    Ed: "We'll talk about it later." *Greg laughs*

    And then of course my all time favorite -- from Who's George --It's a little long, so I won't type it all, but I know it by heart, I've watched it so much. It ends with:

    Sam: "I'm not giving you cocaine, jack***." lol. Priceless. Never gets old.

  • I don't know the whole quote but it's in one episode with Donna. Spike's telling a story and greatly exaggerating and Ed and Wordy keep correcting him. At one point, he's telling about the knife the bad guy had, exaggerating of course, and Ed goes:

    Ed: Donna, it was this big *holds fingers 15 cm apart*

    Spike: What do you mean, this big? That's not even a letter opener! You never say 'this big' to a guy..."

    Love that scene. There was also another one from Acceptable Risk. I can't remember it exactly, so if you want to use it, you'd probably need to look it up.

    Spike: We all have our parts to play. We're not just a bunch of guys, we're a unit.

  • @Marissa was the first one the one where Spike is like "It was like this." *holds hands like 2 feet apart.*

    Donna: "Wow, a sword?"

    Spike: "Well, no like.." *holds hands a little closer together*

    Donna: "Okay, a machetti." (not sure how to spell that)?

    I think you have the rest pretty much word for word.

    Angelo, if you're looking for a Jules quote-- "Screwing up and being human, my biggest fear." and "I've never seen someone who's so ready to die, put up such an awesome fight to stay alive." are my 2 favorites of hers.

  • Thanks @Hope! I can never remember what episode they are from but I love some of the quotes. I love those Jules ones too.

  • welcome :) Sorry though that I can't remember which episode the Spike/Donna quote is from...maybe Clean Hands or Remote Control? Somewhere around there I'd guess :)

    Which reminds me-- "Screwing up and being human..." Jules, Planets Aligned

    and "I've never seen someone who's so ready to..." Jules, Attention Shoppers.

    Oops, forgot to put the episodes last time :)

  • There are just way too many to count.

    I loved: "I'm not giving you cocaine Jackass." (Sam)

    "Blonde Brunette or Redhead?" - Jules

    "One of Each." - Sam

    "Didn't know you had the stamina." - Jules.

    "Yo Dude, You've awoken my soul!" - Spike.

    "Wordy this is the SRU you can't be watching Lady in Waiting." - Greg

    "it's a good movie it's historical." - Wordy

    "Wow." - Ed

    "I've got four women in my house, all right? Anything that helps me get closer to Shelley and my girls? I'm there. If this is what they're watching I wanna know about it. We've got no secrets" - Wordy

    "I think you need to shoot something." - Greg

    "Well after you, cisco, you're the one that recognized the quote." - Wordy

    "Oh snap." - Spike

    I don't remember what episode it was, but Ed makes a crack about 'getting his purse'.

    The cats and Romans quotes are priceless. Price-less. Two of my other favourites.

  • I just think that the best quote that sums up Spike is a 'geek with combat skills - that's why the ladies love him'. I smile everytime I hear that.

  • @Natasha it was Asking for Flowers.

  • Note a direct quote from the show but certainly the theme of the show...


  • On a less-funny note, my favourite quote from my favourite Team One constable (Wordy) would be from 'Clean Hands':

    Donna: Wordy, in what universe is it fair that we protect *that* and you take a bullet for it?

    Wordy: If you've got an answer, I'd love to hear it. My wife Shelley's gonna ask me that in three hours.

    Donna: When you think of your daughters now, what do you want to do to him?

    Wordy: I guess, uh... When I go home tonight and I hold my baby girl, it's got to be with clean hands.

  • @Hope: "I've never seen someone who's so ready to die, put up such an awesome fight to stay alive." (Attention Shoppers) is my heart's favorite for Jules. I have to go in a different direction to suit the theme of her installment but, yeah, love that scene so much.

  • @Hope ...re: Angelo..and this comes from a man who lived without his cell phone for 4 days...he KNOWS about 'fighting'..:)

  • LOL. I see you read my blog. :)

  • lol :)

    I feel bad for Greg that he's not getting much attention on this discussion, so although you already made a Greg picture--

    "Let's Keep the Peace." --classic.

    "Someday you might want to do the math on all the 'I'm fines'." --Scorpio.

    Greg: I'm not asking for theory. Can we do it?

    Spike: Yes *covers microphone with hand and whispers to Lou* Theoreticaly. (The Fortress.)

    And I managed to add a Spike quote. Hmm. But I can't think of that many Greg quotes off the top of my head...

  • Oh, Greg has so many I came across while 'researching' (watching the series from top to bottom). There's a funny exchange in Backwards Day:

    Greg: Everybody needs a day off.

    Ed: Thanks Oprah.

    (later, Greg orders Ed into the van and Ed huffs at the thought)

    Greg: Oprah's rules.

  • Also, I've got everyone locked down except Spike. And I've finished the S1 DVDs. So, keep the Scarlatti dialogue comin', iffin ya please?

  • Spike: "Make it bomb. I never get a bomb. At least an explosive entry. I'd settle for that." --Scorpio.

    "Samtastic!" --First in Line.

    And if I remember right, in Remote Control, while Spike is in the basement of the bank, he says something really funny, but I can't remember what :p Oh well, hope this helps.

  • Also, in Asking For Flowers--

    Greg: "We can braid eachother's hair..." (to Ed)

    Spike: "That's tricky business."

    My personal favorite is "Woods, my people don't like 'em."

  • I know I'm late to this game, but I have to add another funny line from Attention Shoppers.

    Ed, answering Jules phone, "Hello, Jules phone, who's this. Todd, oh Scott, Scotty, oh just Scott sorry, it's Edward, her personal assistant, well I'll ask her, you want to go out with him tonight?"

    There is more to this, but that part, coming from Ed was too hilarious.

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