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  • If I may third that, The Truth in the Lie is amazing! I'm loving the development that's happening!

  • Oh and my name is Penny Maywood. No stories yet, but I'm loving the reading.

  • Thank you guys - you have no idea how happy I am to hear that. Truth in the Lie has been a real labour of love so I'm incredibly happy that people enjoy it. I saw your reviews, Joy - they made me smile. I'm working on another chapter but writings slow with midterms

  • I'm on chapter 32 right now. What hard work you've put into this.

  • It's good to give encouragement, especially when it is merited. Labours-of-love rarely get the attention they deserve!

  • @Natasha, I am really enjoying Truth in the Lie. I read on my smartphone, tho, so reviewing is tough. I get really annoyed at fat-fingering stuff on it and prefer the actual keyboard but the fanfiction site is blocked here at work. bleah. and most of the time, between trying to get the house sorted out (I've been in that house 4 years now and STILL haven't got everything unpacked and cleaned up! BAD me! LOL), 2 huskies, 3 cats and 1 horse, when I'm at home I just don't have the time to get on my computer, so...

    that said, I'm currently working on a fic myself, my first Flashpoint one tho not my first fic. it's Spike-centric, no slash, no romance, the usual team post-Fault Lines sorta (his dad has passed but there won't be mention of Wordy's Parkinsons). I don't post until it is complete, tho, in case I want/need to go back and change something, but when I do it'll be at the rate of about a chapter a day. ****INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG HERE****

    should anyone be interested in reading any of my other stuff, my name on fanfiction is canada3dayer. I've written mostly for Due South but also have a few NCIS and Commish ones too. also some stories in progress for those shows that may someday actually get finished...

  • You're canada3dayer? Nice to meetcha! I'll read your story when it comes out! (I'm horns-and-halo, **insert poorly-written plug for story**)

  • ha-ho! I'm enjoying Reunion, now when are you gonna update it???? HMMMMM?????

  • Hope you guys like my stories also :D

  • Thank you Marilea. I totally do the same thing - read on my phone. I tried to review once in transit, let go of the passenger hand rail and almost took out a woman with a stroller. Balance is not my forte. I am glad you are enjoying my story though! Always a pleasure to hear.

    Sounds good - I'll be reading!

  • @ Natasha - I do the same thing! I talk with another author through Twitter and when it doesn't work on my phone I get physically upset and start to swear. It's a good way to get your own seat. My phone doesn't let me review though.

  • Well, I guess that I'm lucky. I don't even have the option of reviewing from my phone. And Andorian, you know that I'm loving your stories!! @Marilea I'm hopefully updating tonight!

  • Don't apologize for plugging your own work or tooting your own horn, people. That's what this thread is *for*, after all. How else are people gonna know it's *you*, and that you'd appreciate feedback for your efforts?

    (I mean, I guess you could beg at, but begging for reviews over there is sometimes frowned upon).

  • Oops. I *always* beg for reviews. I guess I'll just move my focus point here. **begs for reviews on story Reunion**

  • LOL...

    Well, I should qualify that.

    There's a difference between begging and asking for feedback politely.

    I'm referring more to the insecure kind of begging that goes something like this: "Plz read and review. I'll update if I get x number of reviews."

    That kind. I mean, really... if people don't review, they don't review. Don't guilt people into reviewing or hold them hostage to it by making it one of the terms for updating your story. Write and update because you like writing and updating, not because you're fishing for a compliment.

  • well said, Karla. there's a ton of folks, I'm sure, like me that for some reason CAN'T review, at least maybe not immediately. doesn't mean they aren't reading and enjoying. and Andorian (I can tell from your ID that you're also a Trekker (or Trekkie, whichever you prefer; after all, didn't most of us get our fandom start in Trek fandom? I sure did), I'm lovin all over your stuff!

  • @marliea I sent you a PM (check other) thx.

  • Ohhh... I see. Haha well I only apologize for *not* updating, I don't guilt people.

  • @andorian, I'm canada3dayer on fanfic...

  • sorry jsut further to my PM have I ever heard from you? sorry have you ever reviwed? I don't recognize the name...

  • yes, I've reviewed Swarm, 2 Guys & A Girl, 500 Minutes... I thought I'd reviewed more but I guess not. I've read and enjoyed ALL of them, tho.

  • I love Lifeline and think you guys are doing a fabulous job on it. It made me cry. I've tried my hand at a couple of stories. Here's the links.

    My very first:

    One that is I've stalled a bit on (the chapters don't leave you hanging, but I'm trying to work on a lighter Wordy/Spike convo.:

    And the one I'm actively in progress on:

  • Thanks Kathy! we are thoroughly enjoying it! we really don't want it to end though! - Sorry that it made you cry! That was our intent BAHAHAHAHAHAHA :P Hope you enjoy Chapter 5 as much as we enjoyed writing it!

    I will have a look :)

  • An excerpt from the fan fic story entitled, "Remembrances of Lewis"

    Love Will Find a Way

    He didn't know how he made it through that evening. He remembered being cradled in Greg's arms as he wept on the concreted ground. He vaguely recalled being bodily lifted by Sam and Wordy to HQ and led to the shower. He remembered weeping on the tiled floor inside the cubicle, thinking he wanted to drown. Greg stayed around, waiting for him to be all cried out. He remembered the pain; excruciating and seemingly bottomless, unending.

    Veterans Ed Lane and Kevin Wordsworth didn't have time to grieve. Not yet, not now. The Boss was preoccupied looking after one of their own so everything else fell on their battle-wearied shoulders. There were things to do, people to see, things to organise. They would have to wait until some days to process their own sorrow. Right now, the Team came first.

    Commander Holleran was called out of a meeting. He had lost count of the number of people he had lost in his 10 years on the job. But each death still hit him like the first. He called his press liaison, "Make sure his name's not broadcast until his family has been told." Only then did he braced himself to make the call.

    Jules went up to the roof. Where else would she go but the place that bore the most memories she held of Lou. Sam followed. When he found her, she was crumpled in a heap. He knelt beside her and lifted her up to his chest like a rag doll, "I can't breathe, I can't breathe" she said over and over. He rocked her gently, until he too was crying.

    There wasn't anything to say, nothing that could ease the pain. Instead he turned her around, "Jules, look at me. Look at me." He placed her hands on his chest, his eyes held hers, "Now inhale, exhale," he said. They breathe in and out together til calm descended upon them.

    Two uniformed Officers were sent to the Young's residence to deliver the news to Lou's parents. They were still there providing support and comfort when Commander Holleran rang to offer his condolence.

    Spike was all cried out when he left the shower. He dressed by automaton, next thing he knew Greg was behind him, "Ready?" He nodded numbly, unable to speak. "I'm taking you home." He nodded again. Neither spoke another word. What was there to say? When they reached his home, Spike turned to Greg and said, "I'm so sorry." Then he wept, as a child weeps.

    He heard Greg say, "Spike, you have nothing to be sorry about." The Boss reached over to touch his shoulder, the gesture prompted a fresh wave of uncontrollable sobbing. They sat in the car until he was again all cried out again. He dried his tears with the sleeve of his shirt, smiled sadly at his Boss and climbed out.

    His mother was preparing a meal in the kitchen when he walked in. He didn't need to speak, she knew something really bad happened, she just didn't how bad it was. The television news said a police officer died, she didn't know it was Lewis Young until Greg Parker came asking for Spike two days later. She was stunned by the news, her first thought was, "Oh... mio Dio, Mikey."

    It was worse for her husband for it brought home the reality of death; compounded by irrational fear for his son now that the one who had his back was gone. He despaired and mourned in his own way. His fears heightened, he begged for him to quit policing. "Today your friend dies. Tomorrow, my son dies." In his ever worsening mental and physical state, it was the only logical outcome: the one who had your back was gone, now it's your turn.

    He, perhaps unwittingly, mourned his son so he didn't have to do it later when the inevitable happens. It was the point where the fracture became a break. So Spike mourned not one but two people he loved.

    Bridget learned of it a few days later, "I'm so sorry," she said.

    "Thanks," he said.

    She sensed a distance; an emotional distance. A distance so far it couldn't be bridged; so deep one couldn't tunnel under it; so high it couldn't be scaled. It didn't take a genius to know why. Ocho Rios was their holiday, their memories to create but by some god-forsaken design there she was… in the way of two brothers. The last thing she said to him was, "Mike, take care." And again he said, "Thanks."

    She could only hope that time would bring healing to both of them.

    Cheryl came home as soon as she heard. It took several days, Somaliland not being the most convenient place on earth to be stranded in an emergency. She arrived home just in time to make it to Lou's funeral service.

    Bro Joseph opened the Community Centre for the wake. Lou wouldn't have it any other way. His religion was people. His chapel was this centre. His life's work was here.

    On the appointed day, the people gathered to honour the man and to say farewell to a friend. His parents and sister sat together, a picture of solidarity and strength. Team One and everyone at SRU not on duty came to say goodbye, dressed in their uniforms. Mrs Scarlatti came supported by close family friends. Bridget came to pay her respect but kept her distance, it was the least she could do.

    Several people delivered eulogies which were funny and sad and moving. But the people who stole their hearts were the little ones he taught to dance. They performed a couple of choreographies he taught them as a tribute for the time he gave.

    The service ended with a hundred sweet voices singing "Love Will Find a Way." There wasn't a dry eye as they joined the choir of little people singing what was a fitting tribute to their Hero and a Gentleman.

    In a perfect world

    One we've never known

    We would never need to face the world alone

    They can have the world

    We'll create our own

    I may not be brave or strong or smart

    But somewhere in my secret heart

    I know

    Love will find a way

    Anywhere I go

    I'm home

    If you are there beside me

    Like dark turning into day

    Somehow we'll come through

    Now that I've found you

    Love will find a way

    I was so afraid

    Now I realize

    Love is never wrong

    And so it never dies

    There's a perfect world

    Shining in your eyes

    And if only they could feel it too

    The happiness I feel with you

    They'd know

    Love will find a way

    Anywhere we go

    We're home

    If we are there together

    Like dark turning into day

    Somehow we'll come through

    Now that I've found you

    Love will find a way

    I know love will find a way[/i]

    Lou's photographs flashed on the big screen, looking very much alive.

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