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  • This discussion is for any author on to post their stories up new chapters, for fans to read and enjoy. Also please put a short description on the discussion topic so that fans can choose which stories they don't want to read about, for example if it a slash fic, or a story about suicide ect. Also post what characters are involved in your story. You can also post if you have updated your stories as well.

    I will start

    My first Fanfiction Warnings: contains suicide Characters: Ed. One shot

    My second story. It is a humor story about Ed and Spike. One shot

    My third story Multichapter story. Ed and Wordy. Ed feels guilty for killing someone on the job (No suicide in this story) and his life spirals out of control

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  • PERFECT Hope... :) I'm pretty sure there are others who would like their stories read too and will post here as well...

    No more scrolling on the main wall to find them....AWESOME!!

    Support each other in your creativity!

  • @hope you know my personal thoughts on the suicide one (even if not my beloved Ed) but have read the other two and liked them...waiting on chapter 2 of your new one.

    @mary hope you also drop by our stories and read and please review, that would be most appreciated.


  • Post them here..and I will have a boo when I have time....thanks..:)

  • I've read most of the Flashpoint stories on and I just wanted to say that you guys are the best! :) Fan Fiction helps me get through the empty gaps between new episodes!! THANK YOU!!!

  • @Andorian yes I know thats why I put the warning up and the next chapter will be coming soon of Spirals

    @Mary Thanks

    @Amanda thats good, do you review them though?

  • Yea, I review them when I can!! :)

  • Hope I took a few minutes to read "Cards"..thought it was cute..still smirking :)

  • @Mary thank you for reading and glad you liked the story

    @Amanda thats good

  • hey hope - i laughed at 'cards' - poor ed, can't be the best at everything! ;}

  • @Jaye no you cannot be good at everything LOL

  • Chapter 5 of my Greg/Spike centric story up now (non slash!)

    Chapter 5 of Hatred up now. Will Monty's frame up job on Greg work? or Backfire? Please read and find out and please review. Thanks in advance everyone!

  • Happy to see you finally posted..will make some time tomorrow to have a look..

  • @mary - you mean in here? lol well it's not much discussion as on the main page in here as suspected but i'll try once more after this and see but thanks in advance for your time.

  • @Hope "Cards" was hilarious. Oddly, I can actually see Ed not being able to play that card game correctly... but I'm sure he's killer at Chess!

  • Are there only two of you who do fan fiction? Andorian and Hope?

    I was hoping to see everybody posting here so we could see all the Flashpoint fan fics..

    I don't get on the pc very often and those main wall postings just get lost..

    I usually read and comment on the actual stories..thought this discussion was just for posting the stories.. :)

  • @susan do you read my stories and review? if so then I do reply personallly. If you have me on author alert on then you'll get all my updates. I don't find many come to this thread so I didn't post my latest update here, sorry. I wish more discussed but I don't write JAM and that's what pepole like to talk about it seems lol oh well...I'm an Ed girl ;)

    But thanks for the feedback.

  • I have to wait until tomorrow until I can post my first chapter, but once I do I'll put the link on here.

  • @Susan...copy that...I thought there were a lot more ppl writing fics..and I could come here to find them..:( when I had time to read them..

    @Lydia...please post your link here when you are ready..:) and encourage other fanfic writers to share here as well.

  • Susan, I'm pretty sure there is another fanfiction thread someone made a while back, and there were lots of discussion going on in that thread. So maybe you could find it and see who else are writing :) I remember there's quite a few.

  • *appears* Ooooh Flashpoint Fanfiction- I believe I belong on this thread....

    or well, back to the old one- whateverrrrr =D hello!

  • Yeah - I was confused by the multithread. I write too.

    I'm Tinkerpanda. I specialize in torturing Sam and Wordy's wife. Seperately of course. That would be awkward.


    yahooooooo, I love your work :D

  • *likes* Okay I'm almost done editing my story! Posting shall commence soon!

  • Yep, that'd be me. Thanks Camille! That's so sweet of you to say.

  • Welp... now that you're within forum distance- go write something :D yaaaay!


    and no problemo, you're a freaking amazing writer!

  • Natasha - I'm really enjoying "The Truth in the Lie" and I'll review it once I read the whole thing. It is so good.

  • "The Truth in the Lie" is definitely on the 'rec' list! For a character we truly didn't see much of in the series, Natasha's been doing a super job filling in the blanks for us.

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