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  • Should I send another request as I still have not received a reply to the previous one I sent in June/July?

  • I wanted to say a huge thank you for the photos which arrived today. It was a lovely surprise to find the envelope waiting for me when I got home. I really appreciate the personalised letter - it shows a real respect for the fans.

  • Heather, if it's been that long I'd send another one.

  • Thanks Kate, I will.

  • i wrote a letter about 2 weeks ago and i just wonder if you got it :)

  • I received my cast photo and individual photo yesterday, I would just like to say thankyou. xx

  • I received mine today! I am so happy. Judging from my own posts, I would say it takes 3-4 months.

  • Perfect timing! I received mine today and my birthday was saturday ^^ LOvely and much appreciated birthday surprise ^^ Just wanted to say a huge thank you


  • I'm a happy camper!! I just got mine a few minutes ago! The cast photo and the one of Spike :) Thank you so so much. It's totally made my day! I've had a rough couple of weeks lately, so this has brought a huge smile on my face. Keep the peace y'all! Flashpoint takes care of their own. Your fans love you. xx

  • I finally got mine in today!! Unfortunately it was folded in half :S

  • I have only just found out you could send anything and now i think its too late! I really hope im not to late, I love flashpoint!

  • Georgia, it's not too late. They are still responding to fan mail.

  • Is it too late to send a request for individual photos?

  • It's not too late.

  • It's been 12 months since I sent my request and I still have not received a reply. Should I send another request or is it now too late?

  • I would send another request. It's not too late.

  • "Anything you address to a specific cast member will be forwarded on to them otherwise it will be answered by the show."

    If I wanted to send a letter to both Hugh and Sergio would I put them in one envelope or in separate envelopes?

    Also, is it alright to send certain people certain things. Like a drawing of them or are letters only allowed?

    I actually live in America, so I'm not so sure how I should do the stamps, etc.

    Another question (sorry for having so many!), if I address a letter to Hugh, for example, and ask for a personal autograph is that allowed? Or can you only get autographs from the studio in a whole-cast photo?

    Thank you so very much! :D

  • If you want to send letters to two cast members you should send separate envelopes. I would recommend going into the post office counter to get the correct stamp for mailing to Canada. Yes you can send them things but remember that it is not like mailing something to a friend, your letter is going to go through a few people before the actor sees it and they are busy so they might not get it right away. Yes you can ask Hugh for an individual autograph.

    Hope that answers your questions.

  • Thanks!

    Kate, I wish I could like, give you an award as the most helpful person ever. Seriously!


  • That is soooo awesome!!!

    I wish I could meet them <3

    I wonder if they're ever going to have any more events or something...

  • I don't know that they will but it would be nice if they eventually did a reunion event after time has gone by. They did a big event in Toronto for the finale.

  • It really stinks living in America, sometimes :(

  • Trinity, America isn't ALL bad....Kate lives here, lol!

  • Is there still time to send in letters? I have them all written out, have for a while, just haven't actually gotten around to mailing them...

  • Yes you can still send in letters.

  • Thank you!

  • Can fan mail be sent from the US?

  • Fan mail can be sent from anywhere. There are fans all over the world.

  • Thank you

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