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  • I Start writing Today!!! Omg, i'm so excited!!

  • There are no words to say how happy I was when I received the autographs. There were tears of joy. This truly is one of the best shows I have ever watched, and as a TV/Film/Radio major, I have seen a lot of shows. It is sad to have such an amazing show end, but I would rather have the show end, than to have never have had it at all. Thank you for putting together such a touching show that has brought my family together. Thank you for everything and Keep the Peace!

  • Personnaly, i wish i waited to send my mail, because, after seeing "Keep the peace" part one, i would have included a huge thank you everyone who worked on this amazing show, which made us fell sad, happy, angry, and sometimes at the same time.

  • I still haven't received my team photo which I requested June/July. Should I keep waiting or send another request?

  • Keep waiting, I think they have a lot of mail to go through.

  • I have many health issues one main one is uncontrolled Epilepsy I am on 3 different meds at the moment to try to get it under control. At the last appearance I had a mini seizure where I slumped in the chair. I was with my walker in the first row and had my cousin with me and we had agreed to him not saying anything unless I had a major grand mall seizure.I had planned on going to the after party but was in no shape to as had more seizures. I would like a picture of the cast of flashpoint I went the night they had the T.I.F.F thing going on but dont have anyone to get out and mail anything for me. Is there any way I can get the cast to mail me a picture I can send the money for it via paypal if its needed. I plan on following each person with the different things that they do and am hoping that there will still be re-runs on t.v.

  • omg can you still write them ???????

  • Dunno

    Maybe you can try ...

  • Yup you can still write them.

  • Its been nearly 3 months since i sent my letter to them , i really hope i hear something soon x

  • Kate if I give my address in private can I get them to send me a picture I would love to have one signed by the team :) :) . I have been lucky if I can get out of the house once a week and have nurses coming back in now and my legs gotten worse they just had a wound nurse come in so my legs got compression bandages on it and they think because I had 2 operations on my legs when I was a teenager due to hyper elastisity they had to cut the bone in leg move that over with the muscle then staple them all back together :(:(:(



  • Don't worry Dawn ... somme of the girls here had an answer in November or December, and they sent their letter during the summer :)

  • Dawn, it's a slow response as it's just Sharon handling fan mail when she has time and she's been pretty busy lately.

    Lisa, I'm not sure. As far as I know you have to mail them to get the signed pictures.

  • Thanks Kate I will ask either my P.S.W. or my nurse if they will mail something for me :) :) If I give them the money for stamp etc. :)

  • Hi, I have two questions. First - do I need to add into the envelope with letter another envelope and international return (it's small blue paper instead of stamp -

    )? BTW, I'm from the Czech republic. And second - what is max number of photos send back to me? Because I want Autogramms from all of the actors (I can't help myself, they are just really really good and I can't choose just one or two of them.) Thanks for answer, Luc

  • All you need to do is send a letter, no need for the extra envelope or return. I'm not sure if there's a limit, I didn't specify and I got all the main cast except Leah and Winnie.

  • Ok, thanks... I know, that into Germany, for actors from Cobra 11, you need extra envelope and return, so I asked... And do you know how long it can take? I mean, get the response...

  • They isn't really a timeframe for how long it takes but it can be a long wait.

  • So, I have to be patient =) Thanks for help =)

  • Sent a Christmas card from Ireland for the cast, crew and writers, and I'm patiently waiting for a reply/photo(s)... since mid-Dec., I've been watching season 4 and now season 5 over and over again... the more I watch, the more respect and admiration I have for Flashpoint as a show. I can imagine the massive pile of fan mail that has to be answered and that alone shows the respect the show has to us, the fans. Keep the peace. And hurry up, Mr. Postman! :D

  • its been 4 months since i wrote a letter for a signed picture of David Paetkau & the team but no avail yet ,how much longer will i have to wait .

  • Dawn, at this point fan mail is being handled by Sharon herself when she has time to get to it so it can take a while.

  • Ok so Kate! Can i write one to a certain cast member and then one to the cast as a whole? I love them all but i have one imparticular that i love in and out of FP! :) Thanks

  • I want to ask - do you need to send some your own photos to sign or they will send you theirs?

  • Katelyn, anything you address to a specific cast member will be forwarded on to them otherwise it will be answered by the show.

    Lucka, they will send theirs.

  • Thank you so much Kate!!

  • Thanks so much for the reply, guys! :D

    really made my day to find the package in my mailbox.

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