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  • FPTO is no longer able to respond to fan mail

    Please address all Flashpoint Fan Mail as follows:


    2482 Yonge Street

    PO Box 45009 Mid Yonge PO

    Toronto, ON M4P 2H0

    If you want to send something specifically for one of our actors, please include their name below "Flashpoint". We pass these along to agents. Otherwise, all general requests will be handled by us in the office. We should be able to send you a nice cast photo and if you like a specific character, let us know, as we might also be able to include individual photos.

    For those of you who previously wrote to a different address, we have your requests but have been waiting for the new photos. Hope to get these all out in the next couple of weeks--we have quite a backlog. Thanks for your patience.

    Sharon and Chantelle

    PS: We love reading Fan Mail!

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  • Last Thursday I sent each of the main cast members a special "going away gift" to the old address. There were six individually addressed packages coming from California. Hopefully they will get to where they should...

  • I sent mine about a couple months ago and i'm so excited to get the cast picture!!! :D I can't wait :D Thank you for being so kind to the fans :)

  • Parvej, I really enjoyed your letter. Nice words but also very creative. Finally you should expect something back from us soon.

  • to send the cast memebers a letter do.i put there characters name or can you send me there realy name thank can wait till 2mrw for Flashpoint in the USA

  • I was wondering....if I wanted all of the cast member's pictures... (because i LOVE Flashpoint to death!!) would you be willing to give me one of each?? Or can it only be a select few I have to choose from? thxs :)

  • Send or not send, that is the question ... Wrote my letter with my so poor english ^^

  • Thank you! :) I can't wait to get it :D

  • Cant wait to send mine! Would love individual posters/pictures!

  • iI got one back a couple weeks ago and it was from cle and I sent a bracelet with it and he sent me a pic of him wearing it. It made me so happy! These cast members arnt like some who wouldn’t have worn it they would have just thrown it out. These cast members are the best ever and I have so much respect for everyone at flashpoint.

  • I got mine yesterday :)

  • So if I sent my request back in June/July I should keep patient?

  • I think so Heather...

    I'll send mine today, if i've enough time, I hope it'll arrive sooner.

  • Dummy question : is it still time to send our mails or is it too late ?

  • There is still time

  • I sent a card out just recently in care of FP, for a specific cast member. Hoping for a response, from the cast member, sometime soon, we'll see...keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Can fans from South Africa send mail? Can I request a group photo? Thanks :)

  • Daniella, yes you can send fan mail from South Africa. They send a group photo and if you request an individual cast member they'll send one of them too.

  • Great! Thanks Kate :) is it still ok to send considering the show is almost finished?

  • Great! Thanks Kate :) is it still ok to send considering the show is almost finished?

  • Yep, they are still answering fan mail.

  • Perfect! Xx

  • Just read the comments, definitely going to send fan mail, even though the show has finished. Thanks for posting the fan mail address. :)

  • Hi guys, I was thinking of sending some fan mail. I was going to wait for the last episode so I could write the most complete thank you note possible. I'm from Portugal so it will probably take a bit longer to get there. You will still answer fan mail after the show ends (so sad )right?

  • i wrote a letter 5 weeks ago asking for a signed picture of DAVID PAETKAU and the cast i just wondered how long it will take to come back x

  • Daw,. it can take a while. They respond to fan mail when they have time so it's hard to give a timeframe for how long it will take.

  • Thanks for that kate ,i will just have to be a bit more patience :)

  • So, if I want to send something in general to show my appreciation of the show AND my appreciation for a specific actor, will you guys forward my letter to the specific agent or should I write two letters? :p

  • Just making sure, if we send fan mail after the final episode will it still get to whoever it's supposed to get to? I have a feeling that the finale is going to drain me emotionally and I want to write after that but I just want to be sure that once things are officially done someone will still be getting the mail.

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