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  • For all you writers, I'm getting notifications of a new chapter, but the new chapters aren't accessible, either through the email notification or the website....just an FYI (Angelina, chap. 21 and 22 are part of this...)

  • Yep, big hoopla all up in Seems to happen every few months through a glitch. It's usually resolved within a day or two. Patience, a book or favorite pastime seems to be the only remedy.

  • Finally, found a cure!

    Chapters 21, 22, 23 and 24 all uploaded. Tissue alert!

    Happy Easter everyone!

  • Off to read!

  • Still can't access the newest chapter of JustWorld Fallacy....

  • Sorry Mary, I'm afraid it's so massive it broke the universe.

    Scratch that. It works now.

  • Leave it to a Flashpoint ff writer to destroy the universe, even if only momentarily.

  • Tachyons saved it. Or the refresh button on the browsers of the world. Which, we'll never know.

  • "A Pleasant Surprise" completed -

    Chapter 25, Moppet Bridget Scarlatti

    Chapter 26, One Fine Day

    Chapter 27, Wordy's Wisdom

    Chapter 28, the final chapter "No Regrets"

    Thanks to all who read it and left reviews and even to those who didn't. Thanks to all who recommended it to family and friends.

    I am planning to write a sequel... it's just to good to leave with "No Regrets."

    Happy Easter to you all!

  • The trilogy is complete -

    It's was fun writing it. I'm a MacGyver kinda writer. I love mystery, suspense and bits of everything thrown in. If you were a MacGyver fan, you'll like this one.

    You guys rock.

    Oh, "A Pleasant Surprise" just needs 67 hits to make 6,000. Then I'm off to open a bottle of champagne.

    You guys really rock!

  • Where do i find the flashpoint fanfic?

  • Thank you to all who read fan fiction and support the efforts of fans who put in the time to write.

    The latest fan fiction "Treasures" has had over 730 hits since the first chapter was uploaded a week ago. You guys rock. Although the summary mentioned Spike, this story is actually an ensemble piece. It carries a very sensitive subject matter and probably not for everyone. Here is the link:

    I also want to thank those who continue to read "A Pleasant Surprise". It has now garnered over 6,400 hits so I am bowled over by your reception to this story. Maybe the sweet ending on Chapter 28 has a lot to do with it. Maybe.

    I'd be the first to admit that I would NEVER win the Pulitzer Prize or the Booker Award for literature. I'm not a grammarian and I'm a bad proof reader, too. I'm from a Non-English speaking background (being Filipino by birth), so to those who persevere in reading my work thank you for ignoring the grammatical and syntax mistakes and the bad edit. :)

    Thank you again and may more creative fans put their stories in, now that Flashpoint would be concluding soon, fan fiction would be the only way to keep the flame burning. Let's keep it burning BRIGHT.

    Love to all.

  • Angelina - you write with lots of heart and I have enjoyed your stories! I notice your aussie "slang" more often than bad grammar (thank goodness for google LOL).

  • My latest Ed/Wordy angsty one shot. It was posted the day of the fateful news and the title seems kinda fitting now haha (no I didn't write it that day) its angsty but I do hope you like it and please review. Thanks

  • Thanks Joanne, what a joy to get a feedback from you. The Aussie vernacular and slang has become ingrained in me. LOL. I appreciate your nice comment.

  • "Treasures" has resonated with the readers. It surprised me because it has a difficult subject matter. I have to issue a warning that this is a spoiler for season 4's "A Day in the Life". If you haven't seen the episode and don't it spolied for you, please don't go any further.

    Here is Chapter 6, entitled "Mosaic."

    Dedicate to all of us who are going through pain, may you know that there are people who are standing with you... always.


    Billy drove in silence, Raf sat next to her in the passenger seat struggling to breathe. Every now and again, in a set rhythm, he expelled de-oxygenated air from his lungs and leaned his head forward on the dashboard. Billy made a decision to detour to a favourite look-out spot, she decided now wasn't the time to be heading home. She would sit this out with him however long it took.

    When she stopped the car, they were facing a view of Toronto's twinkling lights. The moon and the stars were out hanging like diamonds on a black background. There was no one about. It was the dead of the night. Raf got out of the car, and walked towards the edge of the look-out. She wasn't sure what to do, may be this was a mistake after all. Maybe she should have driven him home not taken him to the edge of the world. Raf stood on the edge of the look-out for what felt like the longest time, but Billy decided to trust him. He would do what he needed to do and then he would move on. They would move on even if it was a rocky road ahead.

    She joined Raf when he squatted down on the rocks. He sensed her coming. He turned around and motioned for her to join him. She sat down behind him, wrapped her arms around his waist, her cheek rested on his back. The warmth made the evening cold bearable; and hearing the beats of his heart reassured her that he was going to be ok.

    His baritone voice hit the still air, "It's not always like this you know. Most of the time, it doesn't even matter, I live my life without thinking about it. But the thing about it is that I could never tell what would trigger it. It could be a bottle of Vaseline on the shelf. It could be the smell of damp. It could be a tune. And, I could never tell how it would hit me." Billy nodded. Raf felt the bobbing up and down of her head on his back.

    "The thing about abuse is you can't bury it like the dead. It's not a dead pet, or a dead loved one or a dead friend. It stays in your heart... so for as long as it keeps beating... you have to keep living with it." They were quiet for a long time. She could only contemplate in her mind what that must be like although she has lived with a measure of pain in her life, with childhood memories of bullying, she still couldn't even begin to know what it was like to live in Raf's place. Oh, she knew about triggers and how it would just come and hit you in the solar plexus when you least expected it. And, how you just had to be constantly aware and be asking yourself, Where did that thought come from?

    They both felt the cold bite into their bones, that's when they figured they've been out there for a long time. "Let's go." Raf made a move to get up, they headed back to the car. Billy grabbed a blanket from the boot; they climbed into the back seat and snuggle-cuddled to keep warm.

    "You know what keeps me going? Being reunited with my Dad." Raf struggled to continue but he didn't need to. Billy knew the full story and has met Mr. Rousseau Sr. Father and son looked alike though Raf was a couple of inches taller. The older man was well spoken, and funny and witty. If Billy's opinion mattered in the least, the senior wouldn't be in prison, instead she would have a statue of him put on permanent display in a public square. He deserved a medal for offing the world of a scumbag. He didn't belong in prison. His love for Raf compelled him to do the unthinkable, in a moment of unbridled rage and blind fury. Father and son knew better though, no one should be able to get away with taking the law unto their own hands. They could only now look forward to the day when freedom would come to all of them.

    Billy turned to face Raf, "One beautiful woman once told me that when you break a vase, you can't pick up the pieces and glue them back together and recreate it. It just doesn't work that way. But you can pick up the broken pieces and make a beautiful mosaic out of it. You can create something truly beautiful with the broken pieces and it doesn't matter how many pieces there were."

    Billy paused momentarily, willing Raf to absorb it, "That's what we need to create."

    "We need to bring our broken pieces together and create something beautiful. A mosaic of life that people can admire. Together, we can make something they can look at and find inspiration from; that would give other's hope that they, too, can make something beautiful out of their brokenness."

    Raf kissed her hands and flooded it with tears. It's not over yet. They still had a mosaic to create together, one sparkling broken piece at a time.

  • In celebration of "The Wolf" 's first 1,000 hits... the first chapter of a new story called "Hope" will be uploaded today. It was going to be titled "Big Brother" but I decided that was lame.

    Dedicated to you-know-who you are I hope you like it.

    I always dedicate my story to one specific reader... don't ask why, I just do... maybe because I'm one of those people who can write for a reader of one.

    Take care all.

  • Okay sorry to those that keep asking me to put story links in here I just keep forgetting to update in here.

    Just updated my Ed/Wordy story "Eye for an Eye" - chapter 12

    My AU story "Desperate Measures" - chapter 10

    My last OS is the story dedicated to my friend Ashely with terminal cancer - "Friends with Benefits"

    And a few M-rated goodies (check my fanfic page for those) Thanks and enjoy! :)

    And just wanted to add a great shout out to my fellow fanfic authors for keeping this fandom so active despite the sad news about our fave show ending (sigh-gosh still gets me). Its great to see!

  • "A Pleasant Surprise" has had close to 7,000 hits. No doubt Sergio's latest photo of Spike and Win has something to do with fans' interest and also because it is airing in the UK and Europe. A lot of new UK based fans reading fan fic.

    I notice though that a number of new readers stop at chapter 20. Maybe this will help. If you scroll or drag down the bar in the chapter list, chapter 21 and onward will show up in the selection.

    The new story "Hope" is very popular, too. reaching 800 hits in just over 10 days.

    My personal favorite "Hell Hath no Fury," has been the one most read in full, meaning, readers tend to read every chapter and not skip. It's intense and fun.

    Thank you all. I will NEVER stop thanking you, guys. You rock my world.

  • I love, love, love JAM stories and I was wondering if anyone knows of some stories that show the rest of the teams point of view of their relationship? How they figured it out and what they think of it? I know Ed hates it and Greg is ok with it but what about Spike, Wordy, and Raf? Maybe even Lou and Donna?

  • I am grateful to a reader called "Misty." Thanks for the review, you asked a question at the end of "Hell Hath No Fury" saying you were confused whether Spike was still working with SRU Team One or if he has moved to CSIS.

    Misty, I am unable to reply to you directly since you're an anonymous reviewer, so I hope I can reach out to you this way.

    In answer to your question, Spike is with SRU Team One. But as per my fan fiction stories, he is also an intelligence consultant with CSIS. This means he gets asked to do something when needed. Please read "Sealed, Never to be Opened" a one-shot story. This will give you clarity.

    Are you familiar with the defunct series "Numb3rs"? It is similar to Professor Eppes. His day job was at Cal Sci but on the side, he was a consultant with the FBI.

    Another example is the current Canadian show "The Listener". Toby Logan, the main character works as a paramedic but doubles as a consultant with IIB.

    I hope this makes sense.


  • @angelina - hope that works and she gets your reply :)

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