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  • And I'm planning on updating 10108 soon, I just haven't gotten a chance due to college programs.

  • Emily, I read and enjoyed your fic ('Unhearing') about the deaf girl with the abusive, criminal father. I also now have a mortal fear of 'The Dubliners', and I think you're doing a great job crossing FP with CM. I don't watch the latter show, but the plot is nevertheless engaging.

    I've also read Tinkerpanda's pre-series story, 'The Truth in the Lie', which centers around Wordy and Shelley. I can really imagine this is what Shelley's life with her former abusive spouse might have been like, and how Wordy re-entered the picture and helped get her out of it.

    FallenStar has a short one where Jules and Leah have a chat about their battle scars in 'Comparing Scars'.

    Those are ones that come to my mind right away. I should wade through some more.

  • Definitely, "The Truth in the Lie" is one of those fictions that are the diamond out of the dust.

    Dubliners *shudders* no more comment on THAT book.

  • Oh gosh, I love your fics Emily!! It's been awesome with all the 10108 updates recently, the story is really getting interesting.

    I've also read a lot of others, but I can't really name all of the good ones on here lol. I'm not really into the Sam/Jules fics though, so that leaves out a lot ff fics lol. Also can't stand the slash ones, that just seems wrong imho. Esp. the ones with the main team members 'together' (guy/guy) just makes me sick. Hope I don't offend anyone in saying so.

    I really liked the Lou fics that came out right after OWM about Spike dealing with losing him. Don't remember the names however since most of them were one shots.

    Also love iheartflashpoint (Camille)'s stories, such as Numb.

    My friend and I started a story called Diagnostics and Negotiations, a crossover fic with House, but it's been put on hold ATM because my computer is in the shop, and the next chapter is saved on it, so I kinda have to wait until I get that back to finish it >.< so if any of you read that, so sorry for the delay, my computer should be coming back soon.

  • So, let's discuss PWP fictions, known (in a more PG version) as "Plot? What plot?"

    I don't enjoy them, cause, well, there's no plot!!!!

  • I'm with you on the 'slash' thing, Sarah. Not my cup of tea. Good thing people are polite enough to let us know they're writing slash, just as people are polite enough to let us know they're writing any kind of romance. This allows me to ignore stuff I'd really rather not spend my time reading.

    Someone named Seamus-Spike has just started what looks to be a good one called 'When I Fall'. I hope he updates quickly.

    I have this theory that you can gauge how popular a show or movie really is by how much fanfiction is being written about it. You can tell a show has really captured the imaginations of the population because they're writing about them in creative ways.

    Look, for instance, at the top 10 fandoms in TV:

    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (39,355)

    Supernatural (38,618)

    CSI (24,558)

    Stargate: SG-1 (23,010)

    Doctor Who (21,564)

    NCIS (20,010)

    House, M.D. (18,144)

    Stargate: Atlantis (16,051)

    Gilmore Girls (15,428)

    Bones (13,624)

    Anybody surprised by this?

    Look at NCIS, as an example. NCIS was consistently the #1 prime-time scripted drama this past season. It just hit the 20,000 fic mark this week. I remember it was in the 17,000s mere months ago. That's a lot of fics being turned out. Clearly, NCIS has capured the collective imaginations of a fic-writing public. It's popular, and it's engaging the audience.

    If I were a high-up exec in network TV, I'd be carefully watching when people started posting fics about a new show, how often stories were posted, and how many stories were being written, and how many different individual authors are contributing, too.

    There's already 58 fics for 'Rookie Blue'. Impressive, given that show just debuted a few weeks ago.

    Contrast that with 'FlashForward', which has 49. Boy, did that show ever tank in a hurry! It's cancelled, now, of course.

    Flashpoint is holding its own with 347. I'm sure we'll see a spike in the action once folks in the USA start watching more, and especially when the new season starts on Aug. 6th.

    See if it doesn't happen like I predict it will!

    I really must write a thesis on this, or something...

  • lol, I'll read that thesis Karla :)

    Yeah, I've been reading Rookie Blue fanfictions, I haven't started writing anything yet. Most of the fictions are Sam/Andy *twitch* yes, I know, it IS canon (somewhat) but maybe I'll change that! :)

    Flashforward . . . watched 10 minutes of that and it was still too much to bear =X

    I wonder if any of the directors read fanfiction? I understand if they don't, there are some not-so-good fictions out there. And trollers and flamers and spammers, OH MY!!

  • There are *some* "not-so-good" fictions out there?

    My dear, you're being too kind.

    There's a cr@p-load of badfic out there. But, that doesn't invalidate my point. My point is that while the Nielsen numbers give networks a reasonable picture about who's watching what, fanfiction gives a pretty good picture about who LOVES what.

    After all, it's not just Nielsen Family people writing fics. It's every person with a TV and computer who likes to write about their favourite characters and shows.

    If I were a network exec and NO ONE was writing fan fiction about my new show, then I'd be REALLY worried, no matter how 'critically-acclaimed' that show was.

  • Yeah, I have that bad habit of being too nice and trusting . . . well, it's not necessarily bad, it's just not good if someone with bad intentions gets wind of it . . .

    There is a lot of bad fic, I try to be my best and offer constructive criticism.

    Yeah, we can call it, "Fan fic numbers"

    You're on to something here :)

  • So, I'm up writing the last chapter to 10108.

    As for some people questioning if I'll write for the Criminal Minds and Flashpoint cross over again? I'd say "Yes" to that.

    But once my roommate stops watching the Harry Potter musical . . . the laughing's distracting =x

  • Regarding your 'Keith' character, consider it a form of flattery if people liked the name enough to use it for Sam's Army buddy, even if the 'Keith' that appeared in their particular story bore no resemblance whatsoever to your Keith.

    If you want to write an OC Flashpoint team, 'just to play around', as you say, it doesn't all have to be OCs. We know the names of at least three people on other teams: Troy is Team Three sergeant (we saw him in 'Haunting the Barn'); Donna's on Team Three, too, of course... And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Rollie Cray is on Team Five.

    The rest is refreshingly wide open.

  • Haha, oops, I made Rollie Team 3! Well, in my defense, I was so blown away by Hugh Dillon's performance in that show, I forgot all about Troy! Ahaha. :)

    Not that I don't like to write about Team One. it'd just be fun to experiment.

    I think Rollie went to an "unspecified team" lol, so any team from 2 and 4-5 are open!

  • 'Unspecified' it is! For all we know, they can transfer around teams, like how Donna went from 1 to 3.

    It's interesting that if you pay attention, you actually do see other teams working out around the HQ weight room and such. 'Haunting the Barn' was one prime example, but not the only instance.

  • I know, I see that often. Man what I'd do to get to be in one of the "extras" :)

    Very good attention to detail, Team One definitely isn't the only team in the SRU.

  • Just so you know, I await your update. I'm just sad it'll be the final chapter.

  • I already updated, just waiting for the email blast.

  • It was kind of hard writing one of those 'perfect ending' chapters with your roommate laughing at Harry Potter musicals . .

  • Yay!

  • I'm sure the revalations about the upcoming seasons will stir the imaginations of a few people.

    With Ed and Sophie expecting, I'll bet there will be angsty stories and cutesy stories about it.

    People are already plotting to do in poor 'Steve', and we haven't even met the guy yet!

    What's interesting to me is even though Dr. Luria no longer appears in the series (sad how quietly and with no explanation she was dropped), some ficcers still find a way to work her in to their plots. Maybe she'll turn up again on an occasional, guest-star basis.

    Leah should soon be getting her own little section in the 'Character' menu, as should Dr. Luria and Insp. Stainton (please and thank you, staff)... just waiting for confirmation.

    Let the FP fic-writing numbers grow!!

  • Alright, I wrote up the last chapter, it was a doozy for me :)

    I haven't given up on Steve yet! Steve's a nice name! I WANTED to include Steve in my fiction 10108 but I was afraid of the bullets flying! :O

    I enjoy putting in Dr. Luria, some people think she's a little annoying and kind of useless, but she's a criminal psychologist, right up Team One's alley (because she profiles people, not because Team One is a bunch of criminals).

    Leah needs a good fiction too! :) I'll go work on that!

  • I know you wrote the final chapter. :-)

    Unless you wrote *more* after late Saturday night...

    (Runs off to check email alerts...)

  • Emily: Okay, so it really was the 'last chapter' I read. You didn't have another one up your sleeve. (Right??)

    (BTW - I had also forgotten about 'Troy' being on Team Three. It wasn't until I had re-watched 'Haunting the Barn' when I got the DVDs that I was reminded.)

    I've *never* heard anyone grumble that Dr. Luria was annoying and useless. I loved her scene with Ed in 'Scorpio'. You know, that whole "I forgot who I was talking to/You know where to find me if you need me - not that you will..." She had Ed's number, and he knew it; he just didn't want to relent at that point. I also loved how she chewed out Sam for his misstep in 'First In Line', then gave him Ruby's 'Bass Master' fishing rod to make up for his rookie gaffe.

    Can you imagine how much they could have used Dr. Luria after OWM? I'll bet Spike saw the inside of her office more than once. (In my imagination, anyway.)

    And poor Leah. She's really getting the short end of the stick in fic circles, isn't she? She can join Donna on the 'Nobody Wants to Write About Me' couch. At least no one's been evil to her yet. Go ahead and write Leah fics. I'll read 'em!

    You just know you're in trouble when a plot bunny just won't leave you alone, you know? You know you're in even *deeper* trouble when you earnestly start doing the research and leg-work prior to even writing it.

    If there's one thing that irritates me is when people write fics without checking facts. Research is so *easy* with the Internet. It's like having a darned library at your fingertips. Trouble is, you can't tell from a summary if a fic is well-researched, or not. (You can tell from a poorly-written summary that the content of the fic will probably also be poorly-written, though.)

    Okay, lest this become a 'bash badfic' fest, I'll call it a night.

  • Was it chapter 12? The one that read "Epilogue" if so . . . then yes.

    I wrote a Donna-centric one, a good one too (but I forgot poor Troy, oops!)

    Never written a Leah-centric, no offense, but I don't know much about her yet. Lemme rewatch episode after episode after . . .

  • Yup. I read your Donna-centric one (one of the few Donna-centric ones out there). Hence, my aforementioned mortal fear of 'The Dubliners'. :-P.

    It actually is a bit of a shame we don't know much about Leah outside of the fact she used to be in the Fire Dept., rides (or at least used to ride) a motorcycle, which was one of the ways she managed to scar herself. I really would have liked to have seen some of her recruitment phases. Oh, well.

  • You know what also interest me about Fanfiction? It crosses international borders.

    With Flashpoint, as an example, you have people from Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Trinidad & Tobago (!), Korea (!), Sweden, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, and Greece, (among others, I'm sure) who are reading the stories.

    I didn't even know Flashpoint had even reached some of these places, unless these readers are all Canadian or American ex-pats.

    Yeah. I really should write a thesis...

  • lol, yeah.

    BTW: One author I really like fictions from is Ace Bullets . . . Ace, I have no clue who you are or if you even have a Facebook, but if you do . . . nice job :)

    Hmm, maybe kids these days are using proxy servers and such . . . or there ARE people from Trinidad and Tobago reading this o_O.

    I know someone from Australia who reads these (or used to) and another person who still does.

  • Oh, yeah! Leah, Dr. Luria, and Insp. Stainton now officially have character sections at!!

  • Wooohoo!

  • I think there probably are folks in T&T watching 'Flashpoint', if not aware of it. It was just my experience while I was there that the TV stations would get shows on a very delayed schedule, like 2 to 3 seasons late. :P

    Things have probably changed now what with the availability of cable and satellite services!

    Regardless, the more fans, the merrier.

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