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  • “Its Sam and Jules wedding day. But a vengeful serial bomber has other plans, wreaking havoc throughout the city, setting lethal explosions to ignite at half hour intervals. With the team stretched thin, Parker brings in Donna for help, with high-risk consequences.”

    “In the series finale, as Team One deciphers the bomber’s clues, and Spike unable to diffuse all the incendiary devices at once, the vengeful killer bears down on a lone, high profile target, Sargent Parker.”

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  • Here is from the latest CTV write up:

    In the two-part series finale, entitled “Keep the Peace” (Dec. 6 and 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT), an explosive package planted at the 911 call centre is just the beginning of the most challenging call of Team One’s career. A series of bombs in public buildings tears the city apart with terror as the Team juggles high-risk rescues, multiple defusions, and fear for its members’ own loved ones. Just as they begin to grasp the chilling truth behind the bomber’s mission, a defusion takes a shocking and tragic turn. It’s all hands on deck as Team One joins forces with firefighters, paramedics, and the military to contain a devastating threat. As Jules (Amy Jo Johnson) and Parker (Enrico Colantoni) uncover the bomber’s true and dark origins, they realize this is not a man that can be talked down. In the Team’s final showdown, tragedy and triumph collide as the peace is kept... but at a painful cost.

    painful? tragedy? um...weren't we promised a satisfying ending? death isn't satisfying...just saying.

  • I'm guessing it's May's demented father. That's one ugly dude.

    And someone has to tell SRU peeps not to get married - weddings and chaos seem to go hand-in-hand. ELOPE! Just elope!

    LOL. :)

  • But if they eloped the JAM fans might hunt down the writers, this saves them from having to hire private security... ;)

  • Oh Kate, but I've got the solution -- the script will have to go from elope straight to never-ending honeymoon -- that would make them very happy. :)))

    The never-ending honeymoon will be all of season 6. :)

  • Ahaha Kate you had me in stitches!!

    But im worried about the whole bomb part (as most of us should be) and Spike. Hes the bomb technician! Gaaah pulling my hair out!

  • I have to stop reading spoilers. I am giving myself indigestion. Plus I have to wait several weeks before I can see it. I would move to Canada but I am just useless in snow.

  • LOL, Angelina... A never-ending honeymoon on remote trails with no outhouses sounds more "extreme" than I think even Sam intended when they spoke of a hypothetical honeymoon.

  • (Tearing her hair out)

    I shouldn't have read the spoilers, I shouldn't have read the spoilers, I shouldn't have read the spoilers, I shouldn't have read the spoilers, I shouldn't have read the spoilers.....

    Waiting is torture. Enough said.

  • Eh, this gives me more inspiration to write so Spoilers aren't that bad.

    Besides, at least we know they're GETTING MARRIED

  • By the way, this is episodes 12 and 13... what happened to episode 11?

  • @Angelina,

    Episode 11 airs this Thursday. It's "Fit for Duty".

  • There is another thread for "Fit For Duty" since ION posted episode descriptions for all the episodes Sam decided to start the discussion early.

  • So I have a sinking feeling that Greg's son Dean dies in the series finale. I mean the bomber is after Greg right.

    Dean is one of my favourite characters and I don't want him to die but I have a bad feeling about it.

    Also, I hope Jules isn't put in any dangerous situations considering she's pregnant.

  • Gaaaaaaah Emma you just made a really really bad idea come into my head.

    gahgakdjhaklshjg I don't want to say it but I need this debunked....miscarriage?

    I've said it, I've said it now its out in the open.

  • @I was thinking the same thine :( They wouldn't do that though would they?

  • As Kate said, I think Jam fans all over would hunt them down, so they probably won't so they don't have to pay for private security XD

    I wanted it out of my brain, so i put it here lolz

  • Guys, it's gonna be alright...

    Here's what I think will happen...

    Jam will go away at the end of episode 13 to go on their honeymoon.

    Spike and Winnie will board a plane for Italy.

    Sgt Parker will accompany Dean to Cornell Uni and will become a Dorm Dad.

    Ed Lane and Sophie will be pregnant again to TWINS.

    Leah Kearns will return to fire fighting because the firemen are way sexier. What was she thinking??? Just look at Chicago Fire.

    Babycakes will get married and will become pregnant to mini babycakes.

    It's all gonna be alright.

  • Babycakes will be a proud mom of twins babymuffins :)

  • @Angelina and Claudia


  • That would be interesting. :)

  • It reads that it - whatever "It" is - was a decade, 10 yrs - in the making.

    I kind of think that would leave out Flashpoint... *sigh*

  • Could anyone post next episode's promo?

  • @Sarah It looks like I read only what I want to read :( I didn't notice this thing about the 10 years.

    @Ana I would love to watch that promo.

  • So how are JAM going to show a proposal, tell the team about the baby, have a wedding plus do all that other stuff we want to see in one episode? So disappointed Smh

  • I need to watch the next episode's promo.. help me.....

  • Sorry guys the promo I recorded is too dark to post :(

  • Could you describe it for us?

  • Pleeeeeeeease?

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