Discuss The Perfect Storm

  • Watching this episode at lunch time today. So many terrific things.

    1) I love how great Ed and Wordy are with the kids especially in the first classroom.

    2) I'm glad they show'd Jules tense on her first day back and Sam realizing that.

    3) Spike gets his dander up with the police officer's comments. Love that.

    4) Greg talking to Ella----just spectacular.

    5) Greg talking to the cop after he just Billy--so easy to see the compassion and the anger all at the same time.

    6) Ella could be a future Team One member.

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  • 7) And can't forget the last seen with Greg broken hearted and Ed trying to intervene.

    So much of Flashpoint's lessons speak to me, but one thing the writers and actors do so fabulously is develop the relationships between the team members. Ed and Greg fascinate me to no end. Two men, very different in many ways, but really, really good men. The way they love each other is just touching.

  • I actually don't get why Greg was so angry at the end. He would not have know that first responder would rush up and shoot the boy.

  • In my opinion just because it sucks to have things go wrong when everything should have gone right...

  • Greg did everything right...and didnt the boy still survive in the end?

  • At the end Greg told Ella that Billy was going to make it. Greg did do everything right, its just too bad that there was a lack of communication and they were so close to having everything go their way that it made it that much more frustrating!

    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes, for every single reason you listed Kathy!

  • Greg did as much as he could do...he shouldn't cry over a rogue officer.

  • Also, remember those police officers questioned the way the SRU did things in the office and didn't seem open to hearing why they proceeded the way they did. Parker also knew that the officers son was okay by that point. I'd imagine it was very frustrating to have a teen shot because of "outside" interference.

  • Just because you do everything right doesn't mean you're going to feel right.

  • Very true. Multiple teens were critically injured that day too. No one could be happy with that fact.

  • I don't get why Sam said "Jules" in a harsh tone when they were in the cafeteria and found a kid hiding...it I don't understand...was he saying it to get her to calm down or was it a reprimand of some sort? I have wondered about that for a long time.

  • I think it was just to get her attention, I don't think it was intentionally harsh.

  • oh okay...thanks I watched it again the other day, and thought (again) that he sounded angry with her or something...didn't get why...thanks. To get her attention makes sense.