Did Greg know Toth's reputation before he called him in?

  • Did Greg know about Toth's reputation before he called him in (Fault Lines)? Or did Greg really think there were parts of his team that needed fixing?

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  • Hmmmm, no, I don't think so. I don't think he knew it would be Dr. Toth. I think he realized that there were things going on that he was too close to and wanted his team to have access to someone who could help them through. I think the chief was the one who made it Dr. Toth. I also don't necessarily think Dr. Toth was out to get the team. His job was to make sure they could do their job. He seemed to think highly of all of them including Greg.

    Interestingly, Greg was shocked by the fact that Spike was having trouble with his parents and that his dad was dying. Spike, who seemed so open, kept that part of his life separate from work.

    It wasn't as clear if Greg knew something was up with Wordy, but it didn't seem like he knew.

    Perhaps, Greg had some suspicions that there were some issues that his team wasn't sharing with him and that's what led him to wanting outside evaluation.

  • It's interesting (and a testament to the acting, writing and storytelling) that even though I know the characters are played by actors, I think of them as real people with motives and compelling ongoing stories.

  • Oh I didn't catch that part...so was it Toth that made Greg walk away from his team in Slow Burn? I never gathered that Greg would suddenly doubt himself or his own strengths.

  • Parker asked for someone from the outside to evaluate the team but he didn't know it would be Toth until Holleran told him the morning of.

  • ok..