CONNECT RESPECT PROTECT the Flashpoint Team One rules

  • Flashpoint Team One is a Place for the producers to CONNECT with the fans and fans to CONNECT with other fans.

    Please be RESPECT-ful of others in your posts.

    Not everyone gets to watch episodes at the same time so please NO SPOILERS ON THE WALL! Please keep specific posts about new episodes in the Forum.

    RESPECT the actors, if you wouldn’t say it if you were in front of them you probably shouldn’t post it here (not that I’m saying those who think they’d be struck with selective mutism if them met them in person should stop posting)

    PROTECT. Even though this is Flashpoint’s final season it is still important that we have as many fans as possible watching when the episodes air on ION and CTV. Both networks have made a significant investment in bringing us the final season for that investment they get to be the first to show us the new episodes. Without them there would be no Flashpoint so please reward their investment by watching when they air Flashpoint. Please don’t post about watching by unofficial ways on this page if you do your post will be deleted.

    Let’s Keep the Peace!

    P.S. Using Jules against John Arnold in an argument is not only allowed, it's encouraged!

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  • In Timmins, Ontario CANADA...we get to watch Flashpoint on Tuesdays, and Saturday night we watched the repeat from Tuesday, and not only did we watch it once, but like 4 more times. It is such a top notch show and our family does not want to see Greg Parker leave, or any of the regular crew. Luv the profile pic you have posted.

    Lets keep Flashpoint the #1 show.

  • Selective mutism... definitely sounds like something that would happen to me.

    I just want to thank FTPO, the cast and crew for making a wonderful show. Can't wait to see the rest of Season 4 in the New Year on ION.

  • This is one of the best shows eva! The cast and the producers have made this show what it is and what it is an amazing achievement. Unfortunately because I live in Australia because there is a no channels playing the show I have to find other ways of watching the show.

    But I am a massive fan and cant wait to see new eps!

  • i HOPE that this will help quell the constant request AND response for unauthorized links to view this great show... maybe people don't realize how damaging those are to a currently - running tv show... as it stands now, ION shows Flashpoint SEVERAL times a week in the states, so there are ample opportunities to watch...

    let's ALL keep the peace, and RESPECT the show!!

  • Flashpoint Team One does rule! I love the sense of community that I have found thru this fan page. I have met many cool people from all over the world here. It is one of the few on facebook that I feel really encourages connecting to others thru our love of such a quality show. Thank You!

  • Flashpoint Team One (or anyone else).... if you watch it on DVR, does it still count towards the view count?

  • Watching on DVR is perfectly fine, it came from CTV or ION

  • This is an exceptional show with an exceptional online communtiy! Thanks for making this a great place to hang out :)

  • Thanks FPTO I do hope everyone will understand and respect your wishes. After all if it wasn't for you we would not have the best show on TV. I love and respect all of you please keep up the good work. I want Flashpoint to be around for at least 12 plus seasons. For me Flashpoint has the best actors, writers, directors and producers around. Thanks again for the # 1 show around

  • @mary ditto :D Keep up the great work FPTO! I love my FP family :D

  • I will also do my best to respect the wishes of FPTO.

  • "if you wouldn’t say it if you were in front of them you probably shouldn’t post it here"

    I promise if I ever see Amy Jo, I will say "Juuuuuules!!!" in a very excited voice. Then possibly run away through embarrassment.

  • I do like the selective mutism comment. For as much as I can find no shortage of words in fanfic life, I think if I were ever to meet Hugh in RL I'd be rendered muted in seconds!

    Reminds me of what Drew Barrymore said in 'never been kissed'...I have no words...that's never happened to me....words are my life! lol

  • You know the link between Amy Jo and Drew Barrymore...

    Drew played the lead part in "The Amy Johnson Story". True fact! :-D

    (Sadly, the film wasn't based on the Great Amy Jo, but on some other semi-famous person... :-D

  • Just curious, does anyone know if Season 5 is going to be available on iTunes in the US? That's the only way for me to watch and since I believe it's going through CBS right now I just want to know if it'll be continuing?

  • CBS have ditched it, so it's on ION now, and has been since Grounded (episode 12 of Season 4).

    Given those are on iTunes US, I would imagine Season 5 will be too. But of course I can't guarantee it :)

  • Thanks John, I wasn't sure if the online contract for CBS maybe extended longer and this was it. I don't think ION does things through iTunes, I don't know, just trying to secure a means of watching. :)

  • :O( CTV took part of season 3 and all of season 4 off of their website. Does anyone know why. I bet I have watched all of the shows at least 10 times each. It's amazing how you can see something different each time that you missed hahaha I love this show

  • Any idea when DVD's of this season will be available to purchase in the US?

  • Just a superb show. I watch two episodes every Tuesday night on ION. It's so well done, so realistic. You can cut the tension with a knife!

  • Ion Shows the tv show all the time also Netflix has the past 2 or 3 seasons i think on its instant viewing.

    Awesome Show BTW !

  • My question to producers is why does Season 5 have to be the final season ? Its one of the best if not the best since Hill Street Blues, the emotional attachment to characters is really close, i tend to watch alot of US shows in the UK and I must hve watched season 1-3 within 2 weeks. I laughed and cried with these guys seriously, and implore producers please dont finish this great show :(

  • Dilip...the producers chose to end the show while it was still at the top of its ratings and production. Not many shows get to do that, especially Canadian series. There have been too many series that have stayed on, long past their best days. There's even a colloquial term for it, "Jumping the Shark". Seriously though, by making this decision, the Flashpoint producers have allowed for a proper season-long way to end the series and to produce a very satisfying and proper ending to the show. All good thing do have to come to an end so I am glad that Flashpoint, which broke so much ground in its five seasons, will go out the way it wants to and not at the hands of some network executive.

  • Thank you Mr Finnie your reply, I must give kudos to Canada for producing such a great show. I will have to watch the series again until series 5 starts. All good things do come to an end and I will miss the team, they really showed that there is no I in team. Waiting for Season 5 with baited breathe, but pls no deaths was overly upset when one of the team members died :(.

  • I agree!

  • Sad to see that this is the last season.

  • this forum is very great