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  • Flashpoint is no longer able to accept fan mail and autograph requests.

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  • Thank you

  • This will make a LOT of FP fans VERY happy!

  • Thanks you, thank you, thank you!

    *Wonders if we can request photos*... I'd love "that" one from the Attention Shoppers album ;) (The one with all Jules's awards for being awesome behind her!)

  • yayayayayay i have been waiting for this!:)

  • Thank you for posting the address! I look forward to seeing if a signed cast photo comes my way :-)

  • Do we have to send a pre-paid envelope, and if so how large?

    And if not, does it still stand for overseas (if you do overseas?) I AM willing to pay!

  • No you don't need to send a pre-paid envelope.

  • In answer to a question if you want to write to a specific cast member just address your letter to that person

  • thank you thank you thank you im sending letter tomorrow


  • Thank you! Will start writing today! :D


  • I fail so badly at all this!

  • I need clarification,

    I've sent an autograph request last year around May and still did not receive anything.

    I talked to people that have sent it later and did receive one!

    Now I wonder, what happened with my letter? It's almost been a year, and still nothing.

    It's the same address as listed above, so please do not tell me that I have to send a new autograph request again.

    I don't want to sound rude or anything but i'm just wondering, where is it?

  • I'm sorry to hear that Cindy! I hope FPTO give you an answer :/

  • Cindy, it may have gotten lost in the mail! Try writing again...can't hurt! (There was a Canada Post strike last year, and there are other people who wrote that didn't hear do try again!)

  • Cindy, no hurt in trying it all over again. I am going to send my request again and I'll happily wait with you to see what comes in the mail :)

  • I'm putting mine in the mail in the morning. Getting excited!

  • @Cindy, my letter got lost as well. I think it was because the office was in the changing and they got a new PR agent.

  • I put my letter in the mail yesterday! Can't wait!

  • hi Flashpoint Team One! I have questions. When is the deadline for the Season 5 autograph request? Or until when are the cast and crew in this studio (the address) for Season 5 filming? thank you and Happy Easter to all! :D

  • It actually took until today to get mine in the mail. Hoping for wonderful things. I also had to remember that stamps aren't stickers.

  • How long does it take normally to receive a reply?

  • We've heard it can take a while - they haven't got a dedicated department to handle it, so they deal with them when they get chance.

  • A quick tip that perhaps should have been mentioned before. I seem to remember posting something to Canada once, and was advised to put my return address in the top left hand corner of the envelope.

  • I would advise to send the letter with delivery has to be signed for.

  • Yay! Mine came in the mail today!

  • You don't have to send the letter delivery confirmation...that is an extra expense that just says someone signed for it...with no dedicated staff to attend to the requests, it can take a while, regardless of the way the letter was sent!

  • So happy for you Elizabeth!!!!

  • And that makes me really excited because it looks like we may have put our requests in around the same time.

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