Autographs (this address no longer valid)

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  • Hi, I wanted to know is their any update on when we can request for autographs?

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  • is this still the address to send request..

    Amy Jo Johnson

    "Flashpoint" (Until Sep 14 2011)

    Flashpoint Season 4 Prods.

    721 Eastern Ave., #201

    Toronto, ON M4M 1E6


    I remember you saying you where suppose to look into it.. please reply when you can Sara xx

  • That is the correct address, I remember them replying it to a wallpost.

    I want to know what dimensions should we send a letter requesting it and do we need to send in SASE.

    I really would like some autographs, maybe you should post it on the wall too?

    I am going to need extra stamps!

  • bump, I'd be interested to know too!

  • They say SASE is not needed and get it in before Season 4! But Do we send in an evelope requesting it, no other instructions?

  • I would love an autograph too!

    But I have no idea what to do :/

  • Yeah! I would too! What would we do if we wanted autographs?

  • I wish there was a way to contact them, they arent always on the wall.

  • Maybe contact Flashpt Katie? I don't kinow. I have a feeling though that FPTO is going to be around alot in the next several weeks, maybe they'll answer your questions then. AND they may have some contests...:)

  • @ Sara--you got it. All autograph requests should be posted to the address listed by Sara above.

  • What if we want to request from all members?

  • If we want to request an autograph to certain members do we put their name at the top? Amy Jo Johnson, Hugh Dillon etc?

  • ^ Good Question, or Can I just say from the cast and people who work on the show?

  • The easiest way for us to handle autograph requests is via a team photo. Ok?

  • Alright! Thank so much, will be sending a letter out!!

  • Do we have to send a photo by ourselves or will you be giving it to us with the autographs?

  • Thanks FPTO! I'm gonna suprise my friend with this for her Birthday! She will surely be happy:)

    But as Gabrielle said, do we need to send the picture? and if you are outside the U.S. do you have to add $1,- in the envelop for the stamps? or...??

  • Stella thats a great question!

  • We send you the picture with the autographs and we even pay for postage! The demand is usually huge during the on-season so if we are a little slow, please be patient. We are a HUGE show, but not many people available to handle this sort of thing.

  • Sounds great! Do we send written request? Sorry if this has been answered already. Id love to do this for my husband for fathers day even if we dont get it by then. Just trying to make sure i have everything right so i dont mess up. Thanks guys.

  • Wow, thanks so much Flashpoint! That's so generous :D , my mail will be going out tomorrow! Thanks for answering all our questions.

    @Jess, I would write a letter just to mention that you want autographs , or they wouldnt know what to do with a blank envelope. LOL.

  • LOL Thanks Gabrielle! Yes Flashpoint! You guys Rock!

  • It's totally ok thank you for letting us know ;) Very greatful that you are doing this for us. Just hoping you got my request.. xx

  • thats is true we can send a message and we will receve an autograph from each one !!

    please tell what i need to do please !! :P

  • what we need to right on the message lol haha :P

    i want reallllllly have one tooo please tell me more :P

  • hello :D i'm from portugal, if i want an autografh from all of them, Amy Jo Johnson, Sergio di Zio, Michael Cram, Hugh Dillon, David Paetkau, Enrico Colantoni... How do i do it? the same as everybody else? Thank you :D you guys are the best

  • @Marcia Just send it to the adress written up there, write a letter requesting autographs :) [Everyone gets a group signed autograph] :D


    I was just venting to Mary and Stella that I couldn't send letters cos I couldn't find any IRC coupons or even Canadian stamps. THANKS!

  • Thank you soo much Stella :D

  • @Marcia Welcome :)

    @Elisa huh? ;s

    I think you have me confused with Cindy :P [Her username on Twitter is StellaGirl, lol that's not me :p ] [she is a nice person though] :)

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