Autograph Adress from Sergio DiZio

  • Hello

    I hope you can help me. I will send an autograph wishes to Sergio di Zio, but i don't find an autograph adress von Sergio.

    Have you an idea or an autograph adress from him ?

    Many thanks


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  • If you write to the producers address for fan mail and address your letter to Sergio they will pass it on to his agent for you. This is the address.


    2482 Yonge Street

    PO Box 45009 Mid Yonge PO

    Toronto, ON M4P 2H0

  • Hi Kate

    Many thanks for your answer :) that is great :)

  • Is there a new address for Sergio or Flashpoint? I sent to the above one in October and letter came back Return to Sender.

  • Unfortunately FPTO has had to stop accepting fan mail.