Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • We get a lot of the same questions asked over and over. Here is a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Yes, Season 5 will be Flashpoint's final season

    This was an internal decision. The show was not cancelled but the producers felt, for various reasons, that it was better to end the show on their terms and provide the proper closure to the story.

    Why was Wordy written off the show?

    Wordy leaving the team was done for the purpose of the story. Sometimes an officer can’t stay at the level needed of an SRU officer. What happens then? Michael Cram remains a dear member of the Flashpoint family.

    Where can I get Flashpoint merchandise?

    Flashpoint merchandise is now available exclusively at

    Fan mail/autographs

    Flashpoint is no longer responding to fan mail

    Where are you filming/can I come to the set?

    Series filming has wrapped.

    Who runs this page?

    This page belongs to the producers of the show, and not to any specific network. We run the page in order to connect directly with our fans, and our fans have rewarded us with astonishing devotion. Until the summer of 2012, the exact identity of "Flashpoint Team One" was unknown.

    It has been revealed that Sharon Mustos, Producer of Flashpoint, has been in charge of FPTO, along with Chantelle Kadyschuk, (who also doubled as "Flashpoint Katie" in the distribution of gifts and prizes).

    As well, Kate Evans, a diligent fan, agreed to serve as the day-to-day manager of the page and Angelo Barovier is responsible for the graphical content. Both Kate and Angelo volunteer their time and do not post as "Flashpoint Team One" (outside of mechanical things like image changes or events). All comments, likes, and similar actions are directly from Sharon (or Chantelle, on occasion).

    Did you get my private Message (PM)?

    We encourage people to avoid PMs and, instead, to post their questions or comments publicly when possible. This way, if you have a question it can (a) be answered much faster by your fellow fans and (b) help inform others who may have the same question.

    We're almost at 19,000 fans on this page and, if only 10% had the same question in a week (as is often the case), imagine how many private Messages that would be! For messages to the show, crew, or cast, please see the above mailing address.

    Are any of the cast or crew on social media?

    Lots of them! Twitter is a good start and most of them have links from there to other places where you can find them online.

    Hugh Dillon // (Ed Lane) // @realhughdillon

    Enrico Colantoni // (Greg Parker) // @ricocolantoni

    Amy Jo Johnson // ('Jules' Callaghan) // @_amyjojohnson

    Sergio Di Zio // ('Spike' Scarlatti) // @elisasboy72

    David Paetkau // (Sam Braddock) // @David_Paetkau

    Olunike Adeliyi // (Leah Kerns) // @olunike

    Tattiawna Jones // (Winnie Camden) // @TattiawnaJones

    Mark Ellis // co-creator // @Flashpoint_TV also @MarkEllis_TV

    Stephanie Morgenstern // co-creator // @St3phm0rg

    FPTO Twitter // Sharon Mustos // @FlashpointTeam1

    Adam Barken // writer // @adambarken

    Daniel Godwin ‏ // junior story editor // @daniel_godwin

    Larry Bambrick //writer// @LarryBambrick

    Ted Stokes // stand-in (and rock star) // @etsstokes

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