how do i get the funnel for the coffee machine without rc?

  • i dont have enough rc and the funnel is the only part i need to complete it

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  • sorry you have to buy it with RC.No other way.

  • You can complete it for 2RC i think, and you do get 1RC back i did that :)

  • Just so you know, I am going to block this game. I will not pay real money to play this stuff. You want us to purchase machines to complete quests but you require us to pay real money to do it. Not going to happen.

  • There are ways to earn free RC's in the game. All you have to do is login every day, thus building a long chain of continuous login days. This can get you as many as 10 RC per week. If you also level up once or twice, you can get even more! (See:

    One of our players recently commented: "I am now level 30 and have never spent real money to buy RC."

  • i am having issues with my game loading up its slow

  • I've only bought RC once (maybe twice) but you have to keep in mind that that is how the company that makes the games stays in business. Businesses can only give away free stuff so many times before they go under. Besides, right now you can get free credits from Sunkist soda (only through August, I think). And credits really don't cost that much, anyway. On average, they are 10 cents each. There are some exclusions, so see Sunkist on FB for details :) And no, I don't work for either company. (OH, btw, when you type in Sunkist soda, make sure you select the one that has 700000+ likes.)

  • Just a message to people who do not want to purchase RC's.... This is a "FREE" Game. If you want everything free just do the missions without having to use RC's.

    If you visit your neighbours daily and level up you get 1 RC for doing that. If we had everything given for free then the developers would not make any money to pay the staff their wages. Play the game your way...If you want to buy RC's please do...If you don't well so be it. We all play the game differently. But if you use your RC's wisely you can do more in the game. If you join one or more of the groups you can get help and advice on which things need thr RC's or NON playing members before purchasing a machine. Some groups do this better than others so look around and join one or all of them.

  • While I can appreciate the developers need to make money on these games, not all of us can afford to buy rc or spend all day every day playing these games. I have a life outside Facebook and absolutely refuse to allow it to take over my life.

  • I know that companies make games on facebook to make money... but, I do not like the manner in which the majority of them do it. (I do play several games that do not ask for any money to play them)

    The companies need to make money right? Here's a couple thoughts.

    1. They already do just by placing advertisements.

    2. RC is needed already for special items here and there.

    Some people have no problem dropping a little cash to play facebook games... but many, many people cannot afford that luxury. Should they stop playing all together? Well, if they did that sure would not benefit the game creators... Less players = less revenue from advertisements.

    Anyway... my problem isn't that they want people to spend money... my problem is that the put quests on the screen that you cannot complete without spending RC. I understand that you can earn some here and there by playing and by leveling up... but for people that are poor and just starting out, it's quite frustrating. If I have a quest that ends up on my to do list for a LONG time because I cannot afford to complete it, there's no way I'll keep playing a game because that would just frustrate me like crazy.

    This tactic is manipulation. It's convincing people to spend RC in order to complete something... doesn't necessarily mean a person HAS TO spend RC or real money on the game but it can put some of us in a frustrating situation.

    Just saying... to put it simply, it sucks.

    What's annoying even more about this particular topic, the coffee machine, is that you are not made aware of the need to spend RC until you spend your coins on the incomplete building. So now I have this unfinished building sitting there and who knows when I'll complete it... or if I'll complete it.

    If I were to know ahead of time that it would cost RC I might not have started that quest... And on top of that, I'm not given the choice to just avoid a quest... it sits there on the left side of my screen just waiting til I finish it.

    Just voicing my opinion. I do not need anyone to tell me to join a group to know things about the game or that the creators need to make money, etc...

    I am simply adding my 2 cents about this issue. I don't like it. I LOVE quests... without quests, I would lost interest in some of these games REALLY quickly. But, I just don't like starting one only to find out it would cost so much to complete. I know all the complaining in the world wont change some things... business works the way it does... I don't have to like it but,...

    But, I felt the need to share my thoughts and I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.

  • This is all so wrong guess i will not be finishing the easter missions at all i am stuck on getting the brush and i am not buying any rc i do not think we should have too at all and this game is better then country life only because we have the missions

  • I think it is really silly that you MUST buy or get RC to complete the coffee machine not all of us can afford to put money into games and the fact that its a must to complete the quest is very annoying i have been stuck where i am for over 2 weeks and only have 2 RC and I need 8RC to get the funnel you should be able to ask friends to send these items and only be allowed a limited number a day rather than having to buy RC when you can not afford it. I will give this game one more week and if I can not get the RC to complete it I will be leaving this game. in two weeks and i only get 2rc i log in every day twice a day and still i am not getting the rc that people are talking about that they get loads by logging in i do and i have not been getting any other rc?????????

    How can that be that i dont get it and others do?????

  • I pretty much agree with everything that has been said here. When I first joined facebook, I tried out a lot of games.

    I finally settled in with 3 games by Zynga and I love Country Life. After about 2 years I finally quit playing all of Zynga's games for all of the reasons people are talking about here. I felt that they were greedy and manipulative and I simply cannot afford to pay real money to play these games. I still love Country Life and I was excited about Family Farm when I first discovered it. Unfortunately it turns out that it's all about the money and their greed. Once in a great while I can spend a few bucks on the games but when it becomes a necessity in order to play I become very irritated and then I don't want to spend money when I can. If we had options I would be more inclined to spend when I can but I don't appreciate being manipulated and not given choices.

  • I log in 2 to 3 times a day every day I also reached level 5 in the new Bingo game was suppose to get 4 RC if I did and have not got them either. I only need two more Rc for the funnel on the coffee machine plese help

  • just saying you should put some of the RC items in the mystery boxes :)

  • There was a Timed goal to complete that gave you the funnel for the coffee machine that's how I now have two of them I am one who puts real money in the game it's not a lot and I feel you get your money's worth as well 15 and change and you get 75 RCs most of the machines in total only need 12 at best if you buy them once and only use them when absolutely necessary you can get ahead I put money in about every 3 or 4 months getting 75 each time as well if you log in every day for 70 straight days you will of made your way up to getting 10 RCs per week but you have to keep logging in I love this game it's fun the timed goals give me time to go to work, clean my house and have some family time and if all you're looking for is a game that is completely free then go to the word games or something like that these games need some sort of finance to keep them going and I'm willing to dish out a little and that's all this game asks for want torture and a headache go to Zynga games

  • Administrators not helping

    by Melanie Strosin » 18 Sep 2012 17:07

    Hello Melanie,

    Thank you for your message. I understand your frustration, but I'm afraid I can't help you. We do our best to make the game run as smooth as possible, but we can't take responsability for all players who accidentally click in the wrong spot at the wrong time. It would simply cost us too much time - our policiy is to help players who fall victim to bugs and glitches (things for which the developer is to blame) first, at any and all time.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    Felicia Farmer

    On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 10:07 AM, Melanie Strosin <> wrote:

    I accidently sold my hamburger machine and i feel totally ashamed i e-mailed about this havn't gottena respond i was gonna complete it when i had enough RC that was my first pthing i was gonna complete please can i have that back i feel very upset i spent so much time collecting stuff for it i wanted to delete a tree and it was behind the machine and it deleted the machine instead of the tree


    Kind regards,

  • I need neighbors!!! Please add me!

  • There's a lot of question into the RCs and machines costing money yes I do put real money in the game I'm on disability and don't have a lot to spare a little here and there isn't a problem for me just makes for a tight month lol once you've played for a period of I think it's 10 weeks straight you start seeing you get 10 RCs a week providing you don't miss a day logging on I keep my farm up in the event I don't play that day which for me is a rare occasion. you also get 1 RC every time you level up and sometimes not often enough tho they throw you an RC or two for just playing the game I'm up to receiving 10 a week also the goals on the left most of them don't require the RCs so if you play daily and just by pass the goals asking you to put machines on your farm (unless you already have them) you can level up fairly fast sell on from you inbox all trees (unless you need them) Rabbits, Sheep and sauce machines trade everything else again unless you need them visit your neighbors daily and make stuff for the lower leveled people make wine for the higher leveled people make eggplant pizza have you cows eating and your bulls you'll level up faster missions you have time to open them so wait it out till the last minute then open them and then you have time to finish them you may get the RCs you need by then the missions depending on what all is involved you can generally have it done in a day good luck and happy farming and ps it's not how rich or poor you are that makes the game if you can afford internet charges and cell phones you can afford 10 bucks a month or even every other month I know I can and I'm as poor as they get

  • I am 160 level. I like to play games, but I should be able to do it in a different way to buy something other than via the RC. Weekly get a RC 11. To finish mission need wood is 8-10 RC, for the machine about 10 RC. So that giving up and wait to pass the 7 days that I got re-RC. I play continuously 1386 days, but slowly losing the will.