5 Free RC

  • I would like to know why we arent getting the free RC that you promised us, and we will be mad if you don;t. I am trying to be nice with this as much as I can

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  • Hi Jenny,

    didn't you get the free RC just now?

  • yes i did last night im sorry :) i jumped to conclusions lol :)

  • blah blah blah whine and cry is all i see on here no matter who is posting sit back enjoy the game for what it is everyone quit expecting everything for free you can get through this game without spending money it just takes longer

  • i do but if they promise you it than you should get it. i didnt get it but its ok

  • This activity ended February 3.

    Cherie: I don't know when you tried to claim your 5 RC. If you claimed it from February 1-3, please send an e-mail to familyfarmservice@gmail.com and explain the situation.