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  • if in android we can use the magic words,, can we use it in fairy farm on facebook?

  • Please add me. Sharon Mallari. Im using an ipad but not letting me add friends. I already sent requests to friends but can't add me. I also cannot play the genie. Please help...

  • Ive been using fairy fatm for a few days now but still can't seem to find the hinters amulet can anyone help??

  • what hapend with ballplant i cant find it in the shop and i need to finish my christmass tree

  • hi, im using fairy farm mobile, i was just wondering how to finish the Quest:Help Robin! the only task is to collect 50 strawberries. i did but im not getting anywhere.. quest status is still 0/50 :( need help please!

  • seems stupid to not have the mobile app and this one not sync together, mobile app asks you to log in, doesn't appear to have the same animals available. should be consistent or not be titled the same.

  • My genie on the mobile app never appears to count down, cant add friends and game needs a SERIOUS update.

  • the thing how the plants, trees and animals get timed is funny please give it a fix. found it by accident :D

  • I bought transformation potion to get pegasus but where do I mix it with coins or is this just another con to make the players spend real money??????/

  • I need snow flower, model frost & wintery specialties to finish quest- I cant find them any where.. Can someone help?? Please & thank you..

  • The banana plant gifts pure fire.

  • my game crashes after a few seconds after i downloaded the new update. please fix it, thanks

  • Is there any chance in the future a 'send to all friends' button will be added to sending gifts. Clicking through all friends each time to send an item is very time consuming if you have over 30 friends added :)

  • Hi. I have a quest to buy flags from special offers i dont understand were this is. Ive looked everywere. I cant find special offers anywere. I realy am frustrated.

    Also y do i have a different plants and trees and it starts up differant to my friends game. Is this because hn has a better phone than me?

  • How do i find the special offers so i cn get sum flags for a mission

  • Hi. Cn i help the person with the stawberry problem. When u collect they disapear as soon as you leave the game. You need to collect all 50 b4 u log off. So you need to make sure youve got plenty of energy or spels to make more. Its quite easy because they only take a minute.

  • How do u snd items and gifts? And how do i update. I feel like im missin out wile im stuck on the old version.

  • And it seems you are not replying as quick as i thought you would. U should b on here every day replying to our questions.

  • thanks for the strawberry tip. but i found out that it was some kind of a bug since i finished the mission after i updated the game... and about the update, just go to iTunes store and check for game updates..

  • They never seem to answer our questions it seems :s

  • Do you know where the special offers are? Ive got to buy a flag for a mission but i just dont get were they are.

  • No idea :s

  • Cindy, the Genie seems to be set for a certain time, once a day. I'm on the mobile app, and I'm having trouble with wrapping paper, the hunter's amulet and jars. I tried to use the glass blowing thing, but it doesn't make anything I need, and the flask bush only makes flasks. I can't seem to get rid of the Parade or Family of Leprechaun quests, even though they were counting down, but I'm hoping they'll be gone after the end of March, since I'm not really interested in spending that many crystals on the chance I might finish one of those quests.

  • How do i get the leaprecauns??????? It says gold chest but not finding it.....

  • How do i get the leaprecauns??????? It says gold chest but not finding it.....

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