Bairro Alto 200m2, Patio, BBQ, 3double, 2single BR, well equipped, no noise

  • 3 independent Entrances, 3 huge suits, 2 single rooms, huge kitchen and patio area with bbq and jacuzzi. In the center of bairro, no noise thanks to double glazed windows, every equipment, sheets, towels, cleaning products, weekly maid. Come check it out, awesome house must see

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  • Hi, i will be living next year in Lisboa and i will like to get more details of your offer,

    please write my back to

    thank you anyway

  • Hi Joao, could you provide me more information about the suites? (price, pictures, etc.)

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi, João,

    If it's not too late, can you give me more info on the suites? I'm interested in the price, pictures etc.

  • Hi, Grace.

    I'm searching for a room con you give me more info about this accomodation?

  • Hey guys, he hasn't replied so don't bother waiting.