• I'm 49 and I guess I'm heading into (or already in) menopause. My nurse friend says that's why I can't stay asleep. I've tried melatonin. It worked for a minute but It's been a month and it's not working any more..hasn't been for a while. I also have hot flashes that keep me up and dry eyeballs( but only at night in bed while I'm trying to sleep)...I'm a mess.

    Any advice out there?

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  • Treatment for meopause is very similar to treating pms. Have you tried any of the natural progesterone creams? Vitrex is a female hormonal herbal tonic available at most health food stores or online. Other great herbs etc.. for sleeping do not include melatonin actually....valerian, hops, skullcap, passion flower, lemon balm and chamomile are pretty good, lots of teas and suppliments will combine these to give you a pre-researched combo. I usually take a suppliment that has a lot of these and take the tea. Kava Kava and 5 HTP taken alone as a suppliment is quite helpful and I'm under the impression on the stronger side compared to milder ones. (you dont want to use the Kava over a prolonged period of time b/c long term use isn't good for liver (kinda like OTC meds in that sense) There's some great books and websites out there that discuss this in more detail. Good luck!

  • this has helped me with my insomnia : in the morning get some sunshine 20 min or so to help your body clock don;t wear sunglasses,get more exercise tire your body, keep your bedroom as dark as possible for sleep, get rid of noise the closer to bedtime, eat a large salad in the evening theres something in the lettuce that helps with sleep don't glob on the dressings [dip your fork in the dressing get your dressing on the side], transition down at night lower the lights, the sounds,activity, wear very loose socks to bed, keep temp of bedroom 65-75, take a warm bath or shower before bed,take magnesiun 400 mg, coq10 liquid in the am 100 mg, b vitamins,fish oil, and vitamin d, check your medications some meds are notorious sleep robbers many blood pressure meds like beta blockers, or anti depressants check all your meds with a pharmacist and look up on line too,write down in notebook anything thats bothering you or needs to get done what it is and your next days plans to help with it, for 2 weks keep a sleep log with times you went to bed and woke up foods consumed, outcome to see what helps and what may be a problem for you, don't drink before bed alcochol can hurt sleep [i don't drink] if you smoke or use caffeine don't do so late afternoon on [don't do these either] but they, can adversly impact your sleep, if you have restless legs maybe you are low on iron [more a problem with females] or tingling in extremeties b12 could be low [vegetarians alert]elevate head of bed to help with breathing [a cushion under mattress/special neck pillow] if you are female have hormones checked

    also count your blessings, watch less news and other negative or frightening things remember with the news if it bleeds it leads they put on the most dramatic things that can upset you and cause your mind to race and be uneasy be good to others esp your husband, family or people alone or down, touch more, appreciate more, judge less.I hope this info can help someone, and the last thing you want to try are sleeping pills they can alter your brain, and make the problem only better for a short time and than the problem is worse. God Bless

  • Linda - try Maca root, from Peru for hot flashes and night sweats. purchase it laverne