• I was wondering what causes hives. In the last couple of months, my husband has had hives come and go. it comes in fierce and he has so much itching. I am not sure what to do or gige him. Dr. Mercola, could you give me some advice?


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  • I also get hives (from the sun or tanning beds) and I have found that Benadryl works for me.

  • I sounds like a lowered immune system. Does he have a proper nutritional habit? Does he take nutritional supplementation to bridge the nutritional gaps? Does he exercise?

    Also, does he experience frequent colds or cold-like symptoms? He may need to boost his immune system. Stress may be lowering it among other factors.

  • If I had a lowered immune can I cure that. I do take supplements and I'm not sick often. But I have been under stress.

  • to know what you need I'd have to have a lengthy discussion with you regarding daily nutritional intake - sounds like you're not eating your veggies... You cannot REPLACE your food with tablet vitamins. Vitamin supplements are to bridge the nutritional gaps where food falls short NOT where you fall short eating them! "I dont like".... blah blah blah blah... I don't necessarily enjoy vegies. But I eat them because I know their benefits! Little by little, I have gotten used to them. I don't ever crave them or get all totally giddy when I eat them. But someday I know I will get to really like them. One at a time, EAT THEM!

    It's not about what can I take to make it go away, Michele. That's the traditional medical way. It's about committing the best to your body and rebuilding your unhealthy cells into healthy cells that will eventually rebirth other healthy cells! I can't tell you what to "take" until I know where you're at, what you have going on, what you're already taking, what you're already eating and what your regular exercise regimen is.

    I know that's not too much help. My suggestion is to find a natural doctor in your area and work with them. Traditional medical doctors will push pills on you further extending and exacerbating the problems!

  • Thanks Alicia, I will look into finding a natural doctor..I don't like taking any pharmacal pills to fix an ailment.

    I do like and eat veggies when ever I can. I drink water and green tea all through the day, I never drink pop or fruit juices.

    I exercise every day and I have a very physical job that requires me to stand, lift and walk all day for 8 hours.

    I'm always looking for the best way to be healthy...that's why I belong to this sight as well as Underground wellness.

    Thanks for being so helpful...I hadn't thought of "lowered immune system" before but that makes a lot of sense and I will talk with my doctor about it.