healing epstein-barr virus?

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  • Hi all,

    If anyone has any advice or experience with the Epstein-barr virus (aka glandular fever virus, chicken pox virus, herpes virus??) this would be most welcome.

    Most of my life I had allergies to wheat and dairy until age 25 I saw a kinesiologist who believed my allergies were a result of reactions to virus's within the body, rather than an intolerance to the food itself.

    I went on a homeopathic cleanse for 3 months and removed dairy and wheat from my diet. Soon after my allergies were gone and I felt the best of my life, though some emotional and spiritual experiences I had immediately after were difficult to deal with.

    5 years on my glandular fever symptoms never quite went. They return when my immunity drops, but most frustrating they arise when i try to be creative.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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  • I have heard that Olive Leaf is very very good for this virus. Completely harmless with no side effects. Read up on it for your own conclusions.

  • Thank you, i'll test it out. :)

  • Thank you, and amazing site.

  • Thank you for sharing. I will be taking my son to a Kine.... doc now that I see they believe it is your body's response to a virus. My son who is now 12 years old fell seriosly ill 2 years ago. He got EBV/Mono, Guilliam Barre Syndrome, Adeno, Indeno, etc... and some other virus'. Too many symptoms to list, made diagnosis hard. During an EGD they found he has something called Eosinophilic Esophogitis, they believe it is caused by food allergies, although my son tested negetive. I thought it was an allergic reaction to meds or something. But then after 2 years and a long, long healing process...I have come to believe it is some type of a reaction his body has to virus'. So thanks, maybe I'm not as crazy as these docs think I am. Anyway, my sons natural doc said to give him Transfer Factor Advance, I didn't but she highly recommended it to help him recover from EBV. She believes it is the worst virus' ever. The reason I didn't give it to him was because he had just turned 10 and I'm very cautious. But, I would have taken it if it were for me. What I did do for him was...1) I started chopping up fresh garlic and giviing him 1 tsp every other night before bed in a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, I also started him on Align (probiotic), a multi vitamin, and vitamin c. That is all I have really done other than just plain ole' feeding him healthy foods. He is doing great, it took a full year to get better and then a full year after that to get back to normal. But he has gotten a virus' or two and also the swine flu and all those symptoms come back and his eosinophilic esophigitis gets worse. That is why I think his body has some type of an allergic reaction to virus'.

  • Ciara and Linda, thank you. I've had huge success in just a few weeks with Olive Leaf Extract. After 1 week I had a little fever and then a strong headache and sore throat, then in 2 days it passed and I've felt very clean and energized since, and my creativity has exploded in just 1 week.

    Ciara great sites for Olive Leaf. It really appears to be a truly natural super medicine in it's ability to disable so many bacteria, virus's, and immune harming bugs so the body can do it job and defend. Just amazing! I'm in winter also and I've never felt better, so much energy.

    And Billy, thank you for sharing. You brought back some memories with your story. I too had 2+ terrible years dealing with symptoms and allergies and then a year+ of healing and experimenting when I was 7-10. My mum too helped me a great deal and did all she could to solve my mystery which was much appreciated. Back then she helped my symptoms clear with a wheat/sugar free diet, yogurt, with lots of fresh vegetables.

    I just want you to know I am know expert, I only know what has worked for my body through trial and error, and later made observations and guesses as to why. How virus's and allergies are connected is so complicated I think, and relates a lot to emotional health which directly impacts organ effectiveness.

    In years of testing and experimenting Olive Leaf has had a truly profound effect on my body. My symptoms have completely disappeared in just 3 weeks, though in all honestly my health has been improving vastly this year.

    What has worked for me the most:

    - lots of exercise, especially walking, riding, swimming, and yoga/pilates.

    - a vegan/fish diet, though now I'm mostly vegan. I eat for health, and respect anyone's choice of food as we are all different. For me, a dairy/meat free diet was very powerful in detoxing my body. Dairy and eggs (for me) restrict my toxin release, and the mucus (undigested proteins from which is common with dairy) clogged my body, chest and nose.

    But only with healthy vegan food have I truly felt amazing. I can only describe it as feeling really clean and light, yet strong. (For men, beware of processed tofu and soy milk that perhaps influence testosterone levels and so your energy, and can also influence protein absorption. The high energy is also addictive.

    - physical meditation, as a tool to release unpleasant emotions. I've found Vipassana very very helpful.

    - vegie soup cleanses/herbal tea/green tea - as toxins are cleared from the liver the intestine and bowel can get pretty dirty. Green veggie soups (or a healthy vegan diet in general) are great for a clean. Herbal teas also do this powerfully.

    I wish you well with your son's healing,


  • Thank you for sharing this information...I think you have found a good, we should all follow.

  • Grapefruit seed extract and Epstein-Barr Virus


    I was given a document by a Naturopath that states the Rule of thumb for GSE dosage is 1 drop per 10lbs of weight.

    I have doubled and tripled this amount, three times a day, with no side effects and terrific results. Your body will let you know when you're overdoing it (diarrhea).

    Hint: The drops hide well in milk! Comes in tablet form as well.


  • Thanks Riki. Looks interesting. Have you had personal experience with Epstein Barr? Did you observe the GSE to affect your symptoms?

  • I have not, but I have had experience with Shingles and GSE. Shingles and Epstein Barr are variations of the herpes virus. Hope this helps!

    I recommend reading the rest of the website for more information on GSE. I've witnessed friends and family use it with great success on colds, flu, food poisoning, ulcers, hepatitis C, warts, giardia, ringworm, athlete's foot, etc. etc.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you Riki, much appreciated. I'll test it out.

  • How are you all doing with epstein barr?

  • It has been 2 years this month since my son first came down with EBV. It has been a slow process for healing, I don't know if he will ever be 100%, but he is almost back to normal, I would say he is about at 95%. I recommend that everyone make themselves exercise (cardio-light) everyday. My son was sooo week in the beginning...he would try to go outside and shoot baskets. He would make it to the goal, then he wouldn't have the energy or the strength to even shoot the ball, and then I would have to carry him in, he would just lay down in the middle of the yard in the winter...he had NO energy and NO strength. He was so week, he could not even hold an empty styrofoam cup in his hand. It was so sad. He also had Guillam Barre Syndrome at the same time. But now, he is almost back to normal.

  • Monolaurin it helps herpes as well and will kick herpes into remission. It helps with all viruses. If you buy some find some without any magnesium stearate in it.

    Colloidal zinc is super good for boosting the immune. I use it transdermally.

  • Deanna that's great news about your son. Would you share your son's daily routine here? It would be very interesting to hear what has worked for you recently in more detail.

    And Sean did you have any experiences with EBV? Any tips?

    And how about you, Marjorie? Did you experience Monolaurin and if so what symptoms did you feel in you body as it went into remission? What colloidal zinc do you use?

    Recently I've had great success with Chlorella as just a general body cleansing mineral/vitamin/protein whole food. You have to try it to experience it, and I've only been taking it in low doses. My hands look so clean and healthy!

    Dr Mercola also recommends it because it alkalizes the blood (great for immune boosting and most infections can not live in an blood alkaline environment as they require acidity for their enzymes to work) and the fibrous cell walls pick up and clean toxins from the body, especially heavy metals.

    I've can also recommend hugely a raw, sprouted meal replacement from Vega (a Canadian company) for general health, and a vegan raw sprouted rice protein from Sun-warrior (~85% protein). I'm not a vegan but I take this as it is organic, doesn't require chemicals to create the protein isolate like whey or soy proteins, is chemical free, raw, alkalizing and just makes me feel amazing -- fast absorbing (plant) proteins have been very important for my detox and rebuilding my body. (I also eat organic eggs.)

    (Since I was sick in middle/high school I've always experimented with diet and food combinations as I've found they have such a huge impact on my body :) -- and eating times, combinations ... and everything else. :)

    best wishes,


  • Monolaurin helps with herpes from what I have noticed and a acupuncturist said it fights all viruses. He has supplement website and seems to know something on the subject.

  • I bought my zinc from these people and have only been using it transdermally so far but it does seem to be making some improvements. I had a cold for weeks or cold like symptoms and as soon as I started using the zinc my cold finally left.

  • Well my son has/had numerous medical issues. So we are treating many different issues at the same time. He had always had constipation issues. Then when he was 10 he fell very ill. It took months to diagnose him, there were so many different things that hit him all at once and so many different symptoms. But here is his daily routine.

    As I mentioned before, he is very active in sports. he continued his sports even though he could not make it through all of it, and he did miss a lot in the beginning, but after the first for months he began to do better. Anyway here is what he takes daily.

    2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil (after eating all meals and just before bedtime). This is for constipation.

    1 Multi vitamin (it has magnesium in it)

    Benefiber 3x daily

    2 vitamin c tablets

    1 Align Probiotic daily

    Milk of Magnesia (about 3x per week) for constipation

    lots for fruits and veggies

    We haven't eliminated milk but he only gets a small amount

    We haven't eliminated bread either, but we have cut WAY back

    Orange juice with calcium and vitamin d 3x daily for calcium

    This is all we really do. But after the first for months of his illnesses. He really got back in to sports heavily...at first he couldn't make it through practice/game but within months...he was able to...he NEVER quit trying. The docs claim that is why he recovered so quickly. He says kids push themselves even if they don't feel like it, as to where adults just go to bed if they don't feel like it and say maybe later or maybe tomorrow i'll feel like it. Kids don't wait until they feel like it.

  • Thanks Marjorie. I've heard great things about colloidal zinc for immunity.

    Wow Deanna thank you for sharing all that information. Very interesting.

  • Has anyone ever tried the IV Vitamin C treatments for Chronic Epstein Barr?? I was diagnosed last week after years of exhaustion!!! I just want to feel better and get some energy back. IV treatments are expensive and the Drs. office says that insurance will not cover it.

  • No I might I am doing IV ozone right now and did one today.

  • After watching a DVD today - a Dr. Klinghardt presentation I believe everyone with Chronic Fatigue should get tested for KPU/HPU and treat it.


    Getting an Igenex Lab test for Lyme would be helpful too. Not any old Lyme test your MD will give you will do - many Lyme tests are beyond reliable. It takes a good Lyme Literate MD to read a test when it come back too. The testing is not black and white.

  • Cindy many professional athletes who have had trouble with Epstein barr/chronic fatigue have found depleted 'good' bacteria in their lower intestines, so they took a probiotic to boost and heal this area.

    What does your doctor recommend to recover?

    My initial thinking without knowing more would be to add things to boost your immune system, remove things that detract from your immune system, and then increase your fibre and herbal tea intake to flush and clean your body. Also find new things to give you pleasure in your healing -- change doesn't necessarily need to be so hard if you get lots of pleasure from it and see improvements and just feel much better.

    My doctor recommended avoiding wheat and milk solids because they actually feed some bacteria that keep our immune systems suppressed, thus limiting our healing of epstein barr.

    And to boost your immune system ... I've personally found olive leaf extract to have a huge impact on my Epstein Barr and general immune boosting (especially for sore throats or fevers or any flu symptom), and Chlorella (an algae whole food largely from Japan) which has very high mineral/vitamin levels and a cellular structure which promotes heavy metal detox from your body to help your immune system and also clean your body. In just 2 months my body has changed so much from olive leaf and chlorella I would recommend anyone to test them out, not just for recovery but for optimum health.

    And exercise. Especially once you've started to get an increase in your energy again. Start with walking, then longer, then short fast bursts. Then increase to resistance by attempting 5 minutes of a 20 minute pilates workout. There are many on youtube. Fighting!

  • Low Dose Naltrexone Is Helping EBV...very inexpensive too.

  • Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Plus is the very best product to fight EBV. It will increase your body's NK Cells to attack the virus. TF will boost your immune system by a massive 437% . Nothing will compare. Fo rmore information go to www.healthbiz4life.com

    - Neville

  • I have a friend who is only 38; her oncologist told her she developed nasopharyngeal carcinoma-from EBV.

    Virus's have their own intelligence which seem to disappear and then reappear at moments of great physical or mental stress. My suggestion to my friend was to begin a "Homeopathic" protocol by a trained Homeopath.

    Please recognize that some people interchange the words-homeopathic-holistic-naturopathic- which are in the same field of alternative treatments, but not the same.

    Homeopathy is its own science and has been used as far back as the Civil War in our country. It existed before allopathic medicine.

    How it would work-you would actually take a nosode made from EBV (the strength-potency- dose- length of time- would be determined by the homeopath. I believe this to be the best way to lift the virus from the body.

    The following link is from American Cancer Society, to which I wouldn't give a dime-but one should not ignore the medical establishments advances in testing or research. Their methods, after a diagnosis and course of action towards that diagnosis is another matter. Twenty-five years ago EBV was considered a "yuppie" disease and scoffed at by most MD's.

    Good luck to all.


  • Hi Alex:

    I first had Epstein Barr Virus at the age of 29, and then again at the age of 43. I can definitely say the older you are, the more it knocks you down! Next week will mark seven month since I got in back in September, and I still deal with physical exhaustion.

    I am currently on Day 4 of an extended fast of whole fruit and vegetable juices, and herbal tea. I also ordered a product called GlandNurse from a company called Leigh & Williams. I am awaiting my order, and will let you know the results. In case anyone else is interested, the link is below. Also, what are the best herbal teas to attack this?


    Thanks, and blessings to you in your healing,


  • Staying healthy is mainly about how well your body resists viral and bacterial attacks.

    Increase Your Body's Antibody Protection ...

    Recent Scientific Studies from 4Life Research show that IgA antibodies (Immunoglobulin A) are increased after just 4 weeks of consuming their Transfer Factor product.

    IgA antibodies are produced by plasma cells and are important proteins used by the immune system to identify and neutralise foreign invaders. The antibodies reside on the surface of mucous membranes (i.e. in the mouth, ears,

    sinuses and nose, throat, airways within the lung, gastrointestinal tract, eyes, and genitalia.)

    These 'y' shaped molecules bind to the invaders preventing them from attaching to and passing through the mucous lining into the tissues and bloodstream of the body. About 95% of all pathogens enter the body through the mucous membranes and salivary secretions. They enter from the air we breath, foods we eat and hand to mouth contact. It's up to our immune systems to protect us from these invaders. If we can increase the production of IgA antibodies we will provide a vital barrier of protection.

    Your antibodies act like security guards patrolling the mucous membranes. When they come across invaders they literally 'handcuff' and eradicate them from the body. When we have more IgA antibodies on guard there is less likelihood of the invader getting through.

    The study was conducted on healthy adults who consumed RioVida for two weeks followed by 2 weeks of taking TF capsules. In every 30ml of 'RioVida' juice is the equivalent of two capsules of Transfer Factor. After the 4 weeks, 100% of participants showed an increase in the production of IgA within their salivary glands, with an average increase of 73% when compared to the one week baseline. Most participants (95%) showed an increase within just 2 weeks!

    for more information contact ...

    Neville and Maha Chisholm

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  • I have tried olive leaf extract and Astragalus for together for chronic EBV and I must say this had slight effect and I did small progress.

    I am out of stock now so reordering new arsenal and I will be trying again olive leaf and adding some of these : Oregano oil , Grapefruit seed extract, AHCC and possibly Arabinogalactan .

    When trying natural bacteria and virus killers so it is always good to take probiotics together to keep the flora in good shape.

    Good luck,

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