Enlarged Adenoids in 6 year old boy

  • Hi! Just wondering if anyone has a natural alternative to treating enlarged adenoids in my 6 year old son.

    My husband had his removed & I don't see how it helped as he still has restless sleep & snoring. I'd rather not remove as I believe they are there for a reason. I have researched & have read that cod liver oil can help along with some herbs/homeopathy remedies that I do not know much about.

    Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.

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  • Did you find anything helpful? I don't have anything to suggest but am interetsed in your results if you don't mind sharing. Thank you.

  • I was not able to find anything helpful as far as natural remedies. We're going to have the test done to size his adenoids & then take it from there. But are going to start regular holistic/ chiropractic "adjustments" for our family. I've read that this is an all around great benefit for our bodies to put them back "in line" so to speak. And can also help with his sinus/breathing issues. But will keep any updates posted. Thank you!

  • you might want to check Buteyko breathing method. it might be focused on asthma but has many other benefits. you can also find videos on youtube. when we breath too much, the body try to find ways to reduce the airways to "normalize" things.

    hope it helps

  • My daughter had enlarger tonsils and adenoids for her whole life and caused breathing problems while sleeping...the specialist wanted her to have surgery but I could not do it. I was told that adenoids are full size when children are young and that they usually "grow into them" it was a few years of breathing problems! I used repira fee and lymph free, both tinctures, the lymphfree I applied right to hear throat area on the outside as well as internally, the respira on her chest and internally. My girl is eight now, the problems subsided about a year ago :) Her adenoids are still very large but do not cause breathing problems anymore and her voice is not nassally. Also, it helped her a bit to sniff lavender essential oil from the bottle. hope this helps a bit- good luck!

  • sorry, "RESPIRA FREE"

  • please read the information below, if you need further info , let me know.

    Enlarged Tonsils & Adenoids:

    I have a grandson who was born with enlarged tonsils and adenoids. The Doctor didn't want to remove them and kept feeding him antibotic and decongestants. About 3 years ago, Devin was sick with tonsillitis again. I used oregano diluted 5/1 and rubbed all over his neck and throat, around ears and on sinus areas. Also on his feet. I did this a couple of times daily for about 3 weeks. His infection was gone in a few days but for some reason I continued to apply it. He did not have another bout of tonsilitis for 6 months, I used the same oil on him again for 3 weeks. It has now been 2 1/2 years and Devin doesn't have tonsillitis anymore. Tonsils are still slightly enlarged but not nearly what they were. He still gets an occasional cold. We use Melrose or R.C. or Raven.