Senior Project BUSN 460

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  • Your assumptions are correct but they can also be booted and then their portion can be evenly distributed, just depends on how much your team tolerates. My professor was ok, not among the best I had but he was real cut n dry I hope you DONT get him. Ill inbox u his name, LOL!!

  • I teach senior project on the Tinley Park campus. The on-line students have shared with me that the difficulty with this class online is motivating your other teammates. Motivation is difficult in person but how do you deal with a social loafer online?

    Also, when you graduate, many employers are curious about your senior project experience. Working with an actual client is much more impressive in these interviews than CanGo.

  • Does anyone understand the difference on how the presentation has to differ from the final report?

  • Help, Im getting ready to class up for the BUSN 460 class and can use all the help i can get. If you have any inforamtion on the class, please email me at SOUTTHAGAME@AOL.COM. If i can be of any assiatnce in any other class, just drop me a line. Dale

  • Im taking the senior project class now.. I need some help please. Can anyone help me?

  • just finished the class in august. i'll help as much as I can just inbox me. I got help from a previous student and it finally made sense.

  • You have to capitalize on each person's strengths. Pick a person who is the best at taking all the info and keeping the format the same professional manner that meets at a minimum the requirements of the class. Each person can handle different parts of the SWOT. Financial analysis was not my strong point so someone else handled that and created graphs to go with it. You slides are a really short summary of your report. I had the idea of our group creating a script of what we were going to say that went with our slides. That way if someone couldn't make it anyone could just read from the script. You want clear stop and start points and to practice reading it with a timer and make sure you don't have too little or even too much. There is a lot of teamwork required to say the least, this is not one of those do it all last minute kind of things. I'm just glad mine is done.

  • Can anyone offer some insight regarding this project. I'm taking this class now.

  • I am also taking the senior project class and really need some help. I am really lost and need all the help I can get. Will someone please help me my email is Thanks.

  • I'm a professor for the class. Perhaps I can help.

  • Hello Professor Hamilton,

    Do you have any advice or pointers to make this class make more sense? What is expected on the final report?

    I am only on week 4, but this is what I understand. The power point presentation will be a summary of our report to sell the report and our services to CanGo.

    The final report is a more detailed analysis assuming we got hired as the consultant. It takes weeks 1-6's assignments, refine them and links them into a consistent flowing report.

    Does that sound about right?

    Any tips or pointers of what you would like to see if you were my professor?

    How in depth is our task? Are we to actually recommend them to take a risk (buy that facility upgrade, go ahead and do the gaming business), or just beat around the bush and tell them what they can handle to let them decide what risk they want to take? I guess I am asking for the scope of the project as this seems to be the most vague detail.

  • Approach the report as a business plan. You need to analyze the situation that Elizabeth is faced with. This is a ecommerce challenge as they confront a refined definition of her business as it is growing. She is exposing the company to investors (IPO) so you you should take that into consideration. There are many issues in this case. My advice is have your team narrow your focus on a few issues and propose an e-business solution.

  • And the power point, is it just a highlight of the plan?

  • I need help with the market anaysis part of the BUSN 430 Senior Project class.

  • I know this thread has been dead for awhile, but I am taking this class next session and I would appreciate any help any former students have had with this class.

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