Senior Project BUSN 460

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  • Has anyone taken this class yet ? If so, I am reaching out for some help. I do not understand how to do the assignments, I have reached out to my Professor and he is very vague. We are having to do individual analysis reports for CanGo and as a team write recommendations to CanGo for the online gaming and if I had a better understanding about it, I would feel like I am contributing my all to my team. Can anyone help me please ? Thanks.

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  • @ Tschanna,

    oh my start in heaven,

    you are not taking the senior

    I had that class early last year and got an B from it.

    yeah I remember CANGO.

    I can help you as much as I can, from the internet :)

    let me look at my old class information and see if I still have them, and see if I can get into the class on the (sometimes after a year of class it's no longer available to view).

    and get back with you this weekend,

    when is this assignment due may I ask.

  • Oh thank you so much. The first one is due this Sunday. I really appreciate your help. Then there is a team exercise due next Sunday. I can't think of 900 words to say on the individual assignment. Then he wants 150 word posts on the discussion questions. WHEW ! Thanks Julius.

  • I need help too. I don't understand how I am supposed to write a 900 word analysis based on 3 videos that are only 2 mins long each! Along with the 900 words I have to include and overview and a SWOT analysis. I normally can do that when I actually have some info to go on. But these videos are worthless! What can I do!

  • I see I'm not the only one who doesn't have a clue about the project !!!

  • I'm just SO sick of DeVry.

  • @ Christina,

    you're not the only one mate.

  • I really wish I would have further research this school and what I was getting myself into when I signed up here. I can tell you that yes, I will have a bachelor's degree in computer information systems, but I haven't a clue about them! It's a good thing I've found another plan to do with my career. And let me tell you. It has NOTHING to do with computer information systems.

    Almost done with week 1's report.

  • @ Christina,

    I regretted going to Devry after seeing my student loan bills, they are up there totally,

    and I'm majoring in Technical Management with a concentration in Small Business M, and I know that my job will be in a different field, and it sucks big time.

  • It's hard to get a job in the field of your degree when you know NOTHING about the degree you got! Seriously, tell me how on Earth have I made it through all these classes and not know a thing about computers? Oh wait, I know one thing about computers...I HATE EM! lol. N DeVry is what made me hate them!

  • Oh wow, christina,

    you hate computers

    yeah all the classes I've had I know nothing about my degree either don't feel bad. :)

  • Glad I'm not the only one.

  • Hey anyone out there that can give me a hand with the senior project for busn 460 CanGO....we have to present to the company board as a team...but I would like some insight on how it gets completed within a 15 min presentation when there seems to be soooo many issues that need addressed. any insight is welcome please!!!! email PLEASE!!!!

  • Good luck.

  • I seriously do not know where to start on this damn powerpoint. What are the issues with cango? There's too many to count? And am I only focusing on the AS/RS stuff or what??

  • Christina, I so Had Devry University I am trying to figure out this Damn SWOT, and give a presentation on it tonight, I know I am going to bomb it.

  • As a result of numerous student requests, we do not us the CanGo CD. We (Tinley Park) have the students consult with a real client. The students summit a complete recommendation to the client's challenge in front of an audience from businesses and chamber of commerce members from the community. If you go to YouTube and enter Tinley Park Senior Projects, you see many of our students presenting. This experience has created very impressive portfolios for our students.

  • Has anyone taken this class recently and can offer some pointers on how to be successful? Thanks in advance!!


  • This class was a pain in my bottom but I am grateful for the experience and the "A" that I received!!

  • I am 4 weeks into it now! Any advice on the financial analysys? That is my part of the paper.

  • WOW!! Not at all, I was responsible for the SWOT Analysis!!

  • Can anyone give me some suggestions? I was wondering if it is better to take the senior project on campus or online. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  • I took online because it's half the time I am 4 weeks into the class and it's not bad

  • Thanks for the reply Jason. I would rather take it online, but I heard it is A LOT harder online than on campus. I am just so nervous. Lol....

  • Arrika, I took it online and honestly I think it all depends on your teammates. My team was kinda hard to work with (minus a few people) and it made it more difficult for me b/c alot of the material was geared toward business students which I was not.

  • Thank you for the information Rochelle! So even if I take it online, I will essentially still be working with a "team"? My major is in accounting, so hopefully my other team members will be helpful.

  • Yes maam you will have a team and u should be good as far as your major goes. Do you know your professor yet? If you purchased the book and the disk Id look at them in advance and take notes. The class is time consuming so if you have other classes you will want to be real strict on your time management. As long as you have a strong team you should be good but thats hard to tell until the task has begun.

  • I really appreciate the insight Rochelle! Ahhh....I am starting to feel a little better now. Lol. Well I'm not taking the class until summer session, so I do not have a professor yet, but I hope that I end up with a good one. Lol. All of my professors have been great so far though. I am assuming that like any other class, if a team member slacks off, the rest of us are forced to pick up their work load in addition to our own. Does that sound accurate? I really hope I don't get any I will probably take your advice and purchase the book in advance.

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