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  • Is anyone else still waiting on their refund for the fall semester? I am still waiting for my refund check and it has never taken this long.

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  • Well I am sort of. Since the semester is almost over, I'd say I'm not getting one. Did you sign up for direct deposit? If so it may be in your account already. Go to and you can see if your loans have been disbursed.

  • Yes, my loans have been disbursed and I signed up for direct deposit and they never even emailed to confirm that they received my form. I have a credit on my account because I checked the portal but they still have not sent my refund and they will not give me an answer on when they will be sending my refund.

    Thanks for replying

  • Andrew -

    I'm going to reach out to you by private message. Maybe I can help you out here.

  • When will the Illinois Map Grant Disbursed, Session A will end in about two weeks for most of us. I am still waiting and have a balance that needs to be taken care of. I also do qualify and was notifed of the award amount. But stil nothing. Help.

  • April -

    I'll reach out to you shortly. I'll need some additional information from you.

  • I was just wanted to know if there was an issue with loan disbursement this session?

  • CamsMommy,

    Not that we are aware of, is there something we can help you with? Please let us know if you are having issues and we'll reach out to help!


  • How long until I get my refund for this semester? I haven't received it yet but this is my 1st semester here so i wasn't sure if it just takes a long time for the 1st semester to get your refund?

  • I too am curious it has never took devry this long to send out our refund checks here it is the third week of the semester and still no news I been attending Devry a year now here in Houston Texas and I love it. I am just wondering if signing up for this Direct Deposit was a good Idea I do have a balance I am suppose to recieve I can not tell you as to when I will get it or how I will know when it is to be deposited without calling my bank everday or pulling it up on line.Please help me to get an understanding I spoke to my financial aid advisor and he says look for it this week but Devry should have a definitle date once funding is dispursed. We pay enough to go to school here

  • Hello all,

    We are currently working on credits that occurred on March 9th. Students can then expect a credit to appear on your account no later than 14 business days, then a refund check will be issued.

    We encourage those of you who are curious about this to sign up for direct deposit. This will allow you to get your refund faster by having it directly deposited into your savings or checking account without having to wait on the Post Office to deliver it.

  • How will i know when my credit occurred? You said you are currently working on credits that occurred on March 9th, how will I know if that is mine?

  • mATTHEW GO TO THE sTUDENT pORTAL and pull up view and pay my bill click on recent activity tab of that and if you have a negative balance then they r working on it

  • Another thing you usually get your refund the same as the rest of us it doesn't matter if it is your first time recieving

  • What if I don't have a balance at all? lol

  • zzI don't Know Sweetie but I talked to my financial aid advisor and he said I should have my money between friday and monday this means you should too since everyone usually gets them at nearly the same time well at least everyone I spoke to says this

  • okay thanks

  • Great to hear Mary, thanks for the update. Matthew, please let us know if you have received an update on when you'll be receiving your refund. I want to make sure you are taken care of as well.

    Thank you,

    Chase Fritchle

    Community Manager

  • Mary, We are very sorry to hear about this, our condolences go out to you and your family. I will be reaching out to you by personal message to help with your refund.

    Thank you,

    Chase Fritchle

    Community Manager

  • Its been over two weeks and I haven't received my refund yet and it is saying I owe money when I am suppose to be getting money back.

  • Matthew,

    I will be reaching out to you to see what we can do to help. Thanks for letting us know!

  • you have it today or tomorrow

  • How long does it usually take for a direct deposit to appear in your account? I received a email Monday saying that it was sent to my account.

  • Deion,

    Give it until the end of the week, let us know if you still haven't received your direct deposit by then and we'll certainly do our best to help you out.

    Thank you!

  • What does the credit balance mean? Can it be forwarded back to my lender to start paying back my loans?

  • CamsMommy -

    Your credit balance is the amount remaining in a cash after all securities have been paid for. Yes this can be forwarded back to the lender in efforts to start paying back your loans, but this it's totally up to you what you do with this money.

  • I have had several different stories as to why my refund has not been sent out. I have had pure frustration the whole time I have been with DeVry. I guess the reason for the delay is that somehow my credit was overlooked as a refund and that is the reason for the delay. I had to replace my computer this session and now I am facing shut off after shut off with two children waiting on the reimbursement and the worst part is they say because of the holiday it might not go out until Monday! It upsets me because there is no excuse for the delay as I have called every day for over a week and my 14 days were up yesterday. I have decided to transfer to a state university due to all of the problems I have encountered since enrolling with DeVry.

  • I had called the VA with a question, and they said they deposited my tuiton fees into my Educard account on 3/17. Here it is April 1st and there is no recent activity on my bill. When I called the financial office at school they said there was no activity on my account. I didn't have any problems last semester and it sure didn't take this long. The VA said when they pay into an account it should show up right away, the financial aid lady said DeVry has to manually disperse it. I'm so confused!

  • I'm hoping they will respond on here like they have for some other people. Thank you, good luck to you too.

  • I do too. The same thing has happened on my account my disbursements were there on the 9th of this month and posted on the 11th and my last statement was on the 17th as well. I am very concerned due to the fact that I have invested time and money on my education and have many problems with what was promised and what has actually happened are two very different things.

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