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  • Docs 1 Rebels 0...

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  • good game crown. some missed calls but good game.

  • Fusion 37 - Outkast 12...what was the score of the game?

  • 20-14 if u were askin bout t game

  • Yeah I was...from what I saw of the first half your lucky it wasn't worse.

  • E.R 35 RR 27

  • Docs on form. Defense looked pretty good. Offense played well but Rebels didnt play much D. Goody played well at DP threw a TD and more important no pics from there.

    Rebels have internal issues that I hope they took care of. Ollie not on the field on O should never happen.

    Fusion will contend for the chip this year with the players they have. Count on it. Even though they played Outcast Fusion looks like they are going to be very good. Outcast needs a couple of players still thought they would have piked up a couple after last year

    NTL was surprising because Boo was at double pass. Odd to say the least. Nothing against Dan he played well and had some of his usual really nice runs. Think NTL is missing a WR or two

    CR has the same team and will be in most games but still needs to finish games and needs to get some stops on D. RT great catch. I think you were out but that was good shit man.

    Road Runners Road Runners Road Runners....smh. Oh the agony of defeat. Not going to point fingers other than to myself for not making myself heard. But its a fine line between coaching and being too over the top with my mouth. BUT... I KNOW THIS DAMN GAME !!!! lol Had the game up by 13 with 3 minutes in the game. How do you lose a game like that? Inexperience! Defense is learning play by play but its painful to watch the same assignments being missed over and over again Bad management at the end of the game and I will take the blame for it. Glad Im old and calmer because in my younger days.....Holy fucking shit! Nice to be out there and cant take that for granted for Pop Pops. Ouch this loss hurts

    ER way to play a full game. Could have laid down after that kick return for a TD and just taken the loss, instead you shoved it up our ass without even fielding your best team. Good win. Josh nice pick at the end, Im scoring on that too. JP threw a pretty nice game and Marinos Son AKA The Claw AKa Adam knows what to do with the ball.

    Till next week bitches

  • I feel u old man...add Talley, Tate to that group we will be straight.

  • scarfo not sure what u mean we won that game

  • I thought u lost? My bad...from the bits and pieces I saw it looked like crown was in control the whole time

  • Rodney....We lost a couple playmakers, added a couple playmakers, were missing a couple of playmakers and the great killer people showed up late. But my person favorite we played like crap today drop passes, missed assignments and loafing. Items to be corrected. But as everyone knows Fusion is a good team played a good game.

  • I was impressed with fusion. They looked good. Mimi and Leo played really well. Gona be a tough team to beat.

    Crown looked good early but really shit the bed in the second half. Rt played well on d with two pics, but they couldn't do anything on O in the second half. Give ntl credit the kept fighting and found a way to win. Dan didn't play his best game but his wr didn't help him out much either. Dan will come into his own as a qb and will be tough to defend come playoff time.

    Rr...smh. Up 13 with 3 minutes to go. Cant lose that game. There is no excuse for that. How did er come back?

    Frogs beat toms and Gil's beat black stone.

  • Frogwood sittin on top of the Varsity division...for now. Can't take too much pride in beating a team without their QB, but I'll take it. Curious to see who we have next. Frogwood 27-0. Impressed with the play of our D. Unlike RR, They seem to recognize knowledge of the game and follow their leader lol. When are the schedules coming out, and when they do are Danny and Scarfo gonna bitch to the league about them too?

  • actually Scarfo never called.

  • When I called they wouldn't even let me talk to the guy. After finding out that all the teams make the playoffs I didn't even care. It would have made the playoffs easier for the varsity division. Don't be scared to play in the big boy division boy...

  • LOL...very funny BK. You just make sure you have your diaper on when you play a good D in a tight game because you have shit the bed every opportunity you have had in a tight game against the big boys and needed Franny and Danny to wipe for you. But props for beating Toms 27-0 a team that RR have gone 1-1 against with the win coming on play 7 and 40. I will give you this, because I want to be fair and not bias as I always am, when I tear you a new asshole you can thank me for the new one to pucker when the going gets tuff. The old one must be a little worn. Nice to have you back BK!

  • @ Danny Docs

    yeah I guess I should have given a better postmortem on the game

    RR let down at the end and forgot how to play the DP and grab flags and ER put a good and pretty quick drive for 7 in about 3 min to bring it 27-21. No worries we will just stop at the flag and run out the plays. We got the stop at the flag part and a hard learned lesson about the rest. Ist and 1 put the ball up for no explicable reason and got picked. ER scored we go down by 1 with 4 plays then they got a pick 6 with 3 plays left. 35-27 just like that!!! We still managed a final Hale Mary at the end and almost got it. That was good game management but too late. Like I said I will take the blame. But Im good because I know some of these guys will make mistakes as they learn the game and each one they make will be another one learned. I have been through just about everything in this game, including losing in every way imaginable. I can couch it up but players have to learn it. This lesson has been had and I highly doubt it will be made again...on to next week.

  • That is a tough pill to swallow old man. I bet u were freaking out. No reason to throw the ball there, run the ball and eat up plays. Even if u don't get the first down u punt the ball and make them go 60yards in two plays. Let bk get his hopes up after his win against toms. Would give him a ton of credit if he goes over.500 this season. His guys aren't dependable so chemistry will be an issue. I always bust his balls about his butt hole issues. Lol.

  • LOL thanks, Rod. Hmm. At least I can say my team has won the games my butthole "puckered up". ER isn't even a big game and your team managed to shit the bed when the going got tough. I could run or throw for one yard with my eyes closed, that's an incredible way to lose. Looking forward to our matchup old man.

  • True enough Pucker Ass. Not just an incredible way to lose but incredibly awful way to lose...I have lost worse though and in all sports. Stepping over the lane line in track once.... Im no front runner, I stand by my team wearing my colors win or lose. I know they, as I have and way before ALL of you have, now know the game a litlle better. This is how I learned too. Agony of defeat. I remember playing bball, we had a really good city team in NYC, so thats saying something right. Anyway, we had the game won and all we had to do was run out the clock, but NOOOOOOOO, cocky point guard had to drive too early because I "had it", guy pushes me in the back I miss the wide open lay up no foul, they get the rebound throw it down court guy hits a 3 we lose by 1. Cried for days. Besides if I wasnt a RR, I must say it was pretty cool watching the disasterous RR meltdown and watching ER pull that off and cheer on the field. I hated it and still feel awful.... today being Monday. But I still can appreciate the whole 3 minutes and 7 plays 13 point comeback. Bk when we play, you and I will have some kind of gentlemens bet for the NCC ages. Ok? Something crazy good. Start thinking Pucker Ass because we are betting and you are losing!

  • Lol. How about if frogwood wins you have to give Keith ur ride for the weekend. If rr wins bk will get rr shaved into is head?

  • Rod why were u even arguing wit dis dude...he knows damn well his team aint fuckin wit us....he cant even get away from me

  • Who is Derrick Robinson, can anyone tell me? LOL Danny that bet sounds good but I'm embarrassed to say I can't drive stick. So no go. Hmm. I will publicly admit that I am nothing without Doc's if we lose by more than a score. If we win, you have to admit I'm the second coming of Scarfo.

  • lol u funny

  • Brian, Derrick is the rusher for double r. He is the dude u said u ate up

  • WHO SAID DAT SHIT??? he definitely aint good enough for dat

  • Lol...I heard the same thing.

  • lol why is everybody so funny

  • Well BK your goin to have a shitty game this week. You have to deal with me. You better get rested.

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