• Browns over NFus big I think. Don't know the score

    Docs over Blackstone I think 28-21

    RR 41- Toms 19

    That's a wrap. Regular season is on the books. RR feel accomplished and now for the quest to the chip. Next weeks games will be fun.

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  • Who plays who. Think we got CR but I thought it was ER.

  • Cr beat er so u got CR

    Nfus vs duffers

    Er plays rebels/ or toms depends on who lost h2h

    Blackstone vs rebels or toms whoever won h2h

    RR , and docs got byes

    I'm not 100% but I think that's right

  • So does anybody know what the final seeds are and who plays who?

  • RR










  • 8 plays 9 and winner plays 1 and 4 plays 5

    7 plays 10 and winner plays 2 and 3 plays 6

    Blackstone vs rebels, winner plays RR

    Fusion plays Duffers

    ER plays Toms and winner plays Docs

    Browns play Crown

  • So if 7 plays 10 dt we play rebels then?

  • Yes Jp. The facrbook user was incorrect.

  • Ok so we play rebels and toms and blackstone play?

  • JP Lol... 8v9 so Toms v Blackstone winner plays 1 so RR

    Sucks we play at 2 different fields but I guess when ALL 10 get in that's what we have to do

  • No according to the schedule its all st del rec rod!!! What u saying rod?

  • My mistake. Typo lol.

  • No 4-5 and 3-6 play at Biden bro.

  • Oh ok yea ur right those games are at biden got ya!

  • Can't wait. PO will be interesting.

  • I agree they will b fun. Not sure if I would rather play Er or rebels in the first round.. Cr n browns could be fun to watch depending on who cr brings out. Word on the street in burn is ready to defend his spring chip.

  • You would rather Play ER! lol

  • Blake didnt you lose 8 in a row?

  • Scarfo! The Fairy God Mother, Y u always got something to say! That's between me and D. Maitland, we might have lost 8 in a Row, but I do know who we did beat!! LOL.. And say what you want, You guys only beat the Rebels once, and that time I was thereā€¦ Plus I missed 4 games this year! But Playoffs it only matters when you lose once! Ok so back to my convo with danny. It's a inside thing

  • lol....common man...i played 1 series against you guys this year and the last time we played you we had 6 guys to your 9 and lost by 1 td. But continue your convo....

  • Blake, old buddy old pal if u do beat Er I hope ur nice n tired when u play us. I hear mike Boyd is hurt, will he be ready to go?

  • Danny n Scarfo are the in every teams business so we can plot twins. Lol