Week 9 Predictions

  • Frogwood/Malvern - Frogwood. Game doesn't really have much meaning for either team, taking Frogwood cause Malvern is pretty bad.

    Doc's/HVAC - Taking us, important to lock up a # 1 or # 2 seed headed into the playoffs. Hoping not to get HVAC'ed again.

    Pearl/ER - Pearl, need to get a W to make a playoff push, as well as building a confidence builder headed into tough back-to-back games to end the season with Crown & NTL.

    Fusion/NTL - This should be a close game, but think NTL pulls it out.

    Rebels - Tom's - Tom's chews up the clock pretty well, Rebel has some athletes but thinks Tom is a more complete team. - Toms by a score.

    RR/Outcast - RR going for the #3 seed if they can finish out strong & with the tie-breaker against Crown I see them getting to that point. OJ not at 100% hurts Outcast so I'm taking RR by two scores.

    Crown/Duffers - Duffer's D is no joke. & Steve is one of the most complete players in the league, Crown is good but I think it all comes back to defense in which I give the nod to Duffers. Duffers by a score.

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