Week 8 results

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  • If I learned anything from the infamous HVAC game, anyone is capable of a bad game. Not gonna tell a guy who had a pick on the 2nd play of the game to move so I can cover Sedale. That pick would have gone for 6 if not for an inadvertent whistle but that's a story for another time

  • Thats fine rod, dont care

  • wouldnt expect any other comment from you

  • I hear ya Bk...

    But fo real Scarfo.. I have been saying thst about ur team from ur first loss. This will not b ur team.

  • sedate could have run by me on almost every play, not sure why they didn't see that... i don't have great acceleration these days, but once i'm at top speed i can keep up. i started playing him tight, then backed off. it made more sense to give him 5-10 then 50. after the 30 yard catch nothing else went for over 10, and they were mostly in the middle of the field

  • I believe you...again busting BK balls

  • Time the hell out Ollie spots Ollie's name in one of BK's post...BK shut ya ass up right now and lets stop this BK the great fucking talk lets not forget when we picked your bum ass up on our 8 man team and you got beat like a redheaded step child no matte where you played on D your fucking terrible yeah OLLIE said it your terrible and opportunistic...Ollie promise's the next time he's playing QB against a team your on he's throwing the ball your direction every fucking play you damn bum...take a screen shot, write a post-it, set a reminder in your phone but whatever you do don't forget Ollie said this...Can't believe you have the audacity to come on here and even dare mention shut down corner after the way you got abused in 8man smh...

  • Your 8 man team was a fucking joke. Yes, I said it, a joke. There was no scheme. No one had a fucking clue. And I was at LB. I don't remember much from that other than my only defensive responsibility being "jam the slot man". LOL and then what? Go to the flats? Rush the backfield? Apparently no one knew. I asked several people what our defensive plan was and you'd think I asked them to succinctly explain the finer workings of the expanding universe. Not sure what point you're trying to make. I saw you throw pics with 15 seconds to throw, bum boy. BK won't forget what Ollie says, I hope that you do go my way you'd be the first to do so this season.

  • Really Bk? U know as well as anyone I told you what ur responsibility was so stop. Dont talk about the team if u have a problem with one individual. We lost as a team.

  • You're right. I don't have a problem with Mr. Taylor, and I hope he doesn't have one with me, but if that D had a plan I was left out of the loop.

  • When you don't know what the people around you are doing it is impossible to play well on D (or O for that matter)

  • Why is everyone so upset with BK. He is confident, nothing wrong with that. When other people are this confident no one jumps down their throat.

    However, sedale is can beat anyone at any time. I'm not going to rank him as a WR because it's pointless but he better than most.

    I like a undefeated Pre season. Warrants great team chemistry. But I agree that post season game play is very different. Fusion will def be a problem with Leo and Jon and Talley playing, that's a no brainer. Don't need to have that much chemistry, all the people coming are offensive players and Boo is the QB so it don't matter.

    Everyone has bad games. It happens. Gotta learn from your mistakes. Lol look at us losing to RR and putting up zero points. This won't happen come playoffs.

  • You know BK you're right I should have caught the INT with my hands the same way I did against Docs.... and we took it to the crib....

  • You are right P. the regular season only means something at the moment. Who wins the chip is all that matters and is the only thing that is remembered at the end but playing together and ur seed does matter. Not so much for them because they have played togetger and play tourneys but still. And anybody who is surprised that any Scarfo team doesnt come fully loaded at the end is a fool. Who cares.

  • RR suck... LOL

    Nah it was a good game. Can't say shoulda coulda or woulda.... they won on all phases of the game.

  • You make that pic 9/10 times OJ. It's not as easy play as it seems. Ball is coming hard and u were coming hard not an easy play but u make that play. Thanks for missing it. Gabes play at the half was bigger if u ask me. One thing to let him get it over 3 guys put to let him run in from 20 out too. Games over doesnt mean anything now anyway. Lol

  • I seen RR nation in earlier posts and wanted to make sure that was Romney Ryan

  • So they put all the playoff formats up but 7 man. WTF

  • Aye Blake sit down!! With that Romney/Ryan comment! ctfu..

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