Week 8 results

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  • Browns: They are who we thought they were!

    RoadRunners: RR Bitch!!!!

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  • Lol... You young guys man.

    RR 26- Browns BIG FAT 0

    Browns were not in the game from the start. Just seemed totally flat. Burn was very inaccurate and DRob put pressure all game with 3 sacks, did Danny Docs get three sacks? and backed up from Khalil who added another two.

    No where to go with the ball. Tim corralled two pics. D was all over the Browns today. RR got two garbage TD but it was because Browns D played even worse than the garbage.

    Not going to take away to much from this game because I know Browns can play much better. But today Browns sucked. Thanks for letting us clinch the division on your asses with a shut out with our ok D that your O was going to be better than and our weak WR. This is a reply to the post you deleted. Lmao

    Don't know any other scores. I was too cold

  • Way to play fellas N lettin your game do the talking! Everyone knows Browns have talent they will be tuf in the playoffs!



  • We played poor. Guys show up 9 and 905 unprepared to play. Burn included.

    OJ jumps the pic and it bounced off his chest and Lilly catches it and scores. Momentum shifted to the RR at that point as it should. Was meant for us to gain the momentum.

    Phil played very poised. As I knew he would. It's ok, we still good bc I know we play much much better than that.

    Lot of over thrown balls. Missed flags on Phil when he was running (me included). And stupid fuck ups like that hailmary to Gabe. Great play dude. 7-0 at half would have been way better than 14-0.

    GG though

  • RR on the field at 830 ready to go. I was checking my phone to see where people at. Damn shame.

  • Well P... That's exactly right. I agree with you. RR been hearing me about bring on time for a minute. You cannot come at 9 in 40 degree cold and step up under pressure and throw the ball. Most of the Browns were not ready to play at all and for the Qb it's going to hurt big time.

    Gabes catch was a Hail Mary but he went up against three of you AND not only cushy it but ran it in from 20 yards out.

    One good thing Q is getting better at rush.

  • Was a good grab. If would have let sedale pic off the ball thrown to flakes we would not have been in that situation.

    Won't be so easy next time. Can gurantee that. But y'all played well. Capitalized where needed. You learn from every loss though, key factor.

  • I should have thrown that ball, to much air but I threw off my back foot flakes was gone that was my fault I just watched it too...but should've wouldve ,I have to throw a better ball next time. We dont expect games to be easy just got out n ball. We know the browns have a good squad. Good game though

  • Yeah I hear you... Browns can play better but I would count on missing Phils flags some more. Lol

  • Lol na bro. No more missing those flags. Can't afford it.

  • LOL

  • Those Crown bums 20 and Toms 17. Oh yeah and we beat Er last weekend. Damn we suck lol.

  • Oh that was the forgotten game last week. Those are two good wins for CR Scoop.

  • Scoop u guys don't suck, but u are loveable losers. Lol. Surprised at the browns thought it would be a really tight game. I can't believe guys are showing up late to any game. That's bullshit. That's the type of thing that really burns me up. Docs over rebels. We played pretty well. Felt like we had the game in hand the whole time. Rebels can't think they can play man all game n win.

  • Browns mailed it in today. What was the score Rebels v Docs.

  • 28- 14. I completed a pass to allyn to take it to the 5 and the refs called the game before plays

  • It could have been close until that pick 6 in plays in the second quarter to make it 21-7

  • I'm glad everyone sleeps on us cuz come playoffs we all got the same record and gonna catch someone napping. I know duffers beat er today.

  • Sounds like ER have had quite the fall from grace. Really rooting for them. Did they lose 5 of 6 after starting 4-0? Browns blanked..wow.

  • So I think standings will end like this no matter what happens next week











  • Ate they doing playoff in 2 weeks (sat) then chip game sun?

    When ate make up games? What times?

  • They are probably going to finish our league Sundays rain out on Sat. Then following week Sat first n second round n chip on Sunday

  • Meant Sat. First round Sunday second n chip

  • Lost me

  • Make up game this Sunday?

    Following weekend: Sat is first round. Sun is second round plus chip?

  • 10 teams probably means 4 rounds of playoffs. Teams 6-10 play. That will knock it down to 8 teams left and then 3 rounds from there.

  • No Sat we make up last weeks Sunday games. Then Sat. 1n 2 get a bye. 3-10, 4-9, 5-8, 6-7. Then 1 will play lowest seed left 2 will play next lowest seed. The other two teams play following Sat the winners after they reseed. I would think

  • He said they are gonna do one round a weekend

  • Also 7 VS 10 and 8 VS 9 to start

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