Week 8 predictions

  • ER over Crown - Crown is out.

    Duffers over Rebel -Rebels to soft on defensive

    Docs over Blackstonw - Unless you EXPECT to win, which means your under estimating this team and you'll lose.

    RR over Toms - I really wanna say toms bc they are getting close to winning a big game, but I doubt they have what it takes. Plus RR def is nice, choppers at LB will do good with containing the backfild.

    Browns over NTL-uuuuuuuuu - we too hungry and have to much to prove to my uncle. Plus our defensive has been better than NTLFU over the last weeks. We will get stops for sure, but if you can't get stops its not possible for you to win. You'll have Jon, hopefully Leo. But we gonna dig in their assess to

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  • Facebook user, we expect to win every game, don't u? Haven't seen black stone play all year , what are their strengths? How are their corners?

  • Corners stupid weak. Got a few play makers. Good passing game. One or two plays away from winning the big one. But you guys will win it.