week 10 scores

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  • frogwood 34 malvern 22. 5 on 5 football, it sucked.

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  • Doc's 21 Hvac 6

    Doc's shorthanded today because BK fucked us. 7-3 at half. We got a pick 6 to start the 2nd half 14-3. They get another fg in the 3rd.

    Got another pick on their next drive and added a td to make it 21-6.

  • RR 34 OutKast 21

    This playoff shit really sucks. Unfortunately they do not care at all. Good thing I play like ALL games count. Lesson learned for those of you who didnt. LMAO at all those posts of rankings and all the talk how RR arent that good and overrated. I know RR will be there in the end AGAIN.

    Rough start. OutKast jumped out 14-0. Sunday games has us playing out of position but we got it together and locked it down and rang up 34. Games like this makes RR a better team.

  • After hot starts the Rebels and Outkast were really exposed. I don't get why Rod and Scarfo are pissed about the new playoff system.

    ER, Tom's and Pearl are the ones on the outside looking in. Although Pearl has given up on the season and didn't even show today. Helps ER tho, gives them a win and zero points against.

  • Who won crown duffers game

  • I think the final was Duffers 31 and Crown 12...

    Crown was missing guys so you can't take much from the score.

  • Toms 34 rebels 0. Rebels played w 6 till last 5 mins. Blake doesn't have much help.

  • Franny

    Because it is just wrong and makes the league worse not better. They do what they want. Change rules all the time. Its a dictatorship. We still have games to play, I think other teams are not safe as well.

    @Steph...every team misses guys one game or another. That's your team, if you are missing guys and win, thats your team, if you lose, thats your team.

  • Only ER has a realistic chance of catching you or Crown.

  • Old man please get a new profile pic...hahahhahahahaha I can't stop laughing...What was the score of the NTL and fusion game? Crown better hope they win next week or Toms and ER can finish with better records.

    OJ, I told you RR would win. Gettting your whole team out their for one week doesn't mean anything. I thought you learned that...lol...Word is that was the worst team RR fielded all year and they still pounded Outkast...lol

  • 22-15 NTL

  • Crown has 9 games played .. our record is 5-4 .. the first sat rained out we played that Sunday ..

  • Danny, we both know that wasnt OutKast whole team. Congrats to RR for coming back against a 14 point lead.

    Still not sure how that happends.

  • 1st RR Good game way to fight back and get the win. After talking to phil I think he is right I should have probably went back to Qb a possession sooner.

    @ Fran, how do u figure Outkast was exposed? @Danny u should know that in a game the final score doesnt tell the story of the game. You speak to Rodney enough ask him how the game went. I'm sure he'll tell u pounded is not even close to an accurate description of the game.

    Playoff picture: as Rodney said a lot of teams have a shot still. But ER is not top on that list. If pearl has packed it in crown is in. RR has to win 1 of next two which they probably should. If no tom's can play themselves in. Plus you you hav to see how ER plays with Bailey being suspended for the rest of the season. And since they county is suspending him 2 games for playing against frogwood they probably are going to adjust that game to a lost on the standings.

  • Only three teams are definitely in as of now.

    1. Duffers 8-0

    2. Doc's 8-0

    3. NTL - 7-1

    Fusion & ER are both 4-4. Fusion has the head to head tiebreaker.

    Fusion has Malvern & Duffers left, while ER has Doc's & Tom's.

    Crown is 5-4 Remaining game : Pearl

    RR is 5-3 Remaining games : Duffers & HVAC

    Tom's is 4-4 Remaining games : NTL & ER

    I think the playoff spots will be Doc's, Duffers, RR, NTL, Fusion & Crown with Doc's & Duffers receiving first round byes. Unless Tom's wins out, RR is in & if Pearl forfeits the rest of this season, then Crown will get a spot at the end of this week.

  • @ Zo I meant thoughout the year not just the RR game. Also that statement was leaning more towards the Rebels than Outkast.

  • The deal is, just like every year teams/players post what they are and who they will beat and the "old" teams arent really all that. I get it and I expect it. its cool no worries. But at the end we, they will see what teams are there at the end. Not them. AGAIN lol it may look easy but its not easy having a team year after year and its not easy to win this. Few teams have lasted and won it all in the last 10 years!

    Zo...the game wasnt easy at all. Competitive game. You guys came out strong and my guys were playing out of position because those Sundays games are hard for us to all show up. OutKast is too good to not show up and play. But the old vet team got everybody on the same page quick. You went up by 14-0 quick but after that, RR shut it down on D and rang up 34

  • @Fran I figured you meant all year I was just curious to know how you see that. I hate that we have a losing record and believe even with the people that showed we should have had a better record. With the inconsistency of people showing our D is average at best a lot of the times and out of position and since we play so fast at times on Offense it causes for high scores and what looks like as Danny says us getting pounded.

    @ Rodney yes it was competitive, Lank's run back then us getting stopped was gave you guys the control of the game. Again I probably should have QB’d that series but I was hoping to get back to taking advantage of me being at DP to stretch you guys out.

  • Doc.... I was looking for u to say...Outkast jumped out to a 14-0 start early in the game... and then Trav showed up and the team rallied around him on defense to pull out the victory... that woulda been nice

  • Zo

    O usually not a good teams issue. Doesnt seem like its your either, You can usually get your game together to score. Its all about the D and game management. You need to get the same guys game after game playing the same spots and playing the same on D. Thats what it takes to be good on D. You should have stayed at QB the whole game. You're the QB. The guy who played Qb is a very good player. Legit A baller but if you are the qb then qb. Stay together keep playing together, I think you have a good squad

  • Lol....Trav I woulda have said something like that but u were late!!!!!!! no props for being late. But you and Gabe getting there, both late, did make a difference. Stupid

  • Doc... I wasn't even supposed to be there this week... inventory got done at the job Saturday and they told me Sunday I didn't need to come in... so then I came to the game... originally I wasn't gonna make it... remember??? Weirdo

  • Zo. I knew the game was closer than the score, but I like to mess with OJ so I used the word pounded. With that being said, Why didn't you start the game at qb? And how do you let a shitty RR O put up 34 on you? lol..I heard the slot machine had 9 catches????

  • OutKast will Beat Docs anytime!

  • everyone will beat docs anytime! (-_-)

  • Is FrogWood showing up this weekend?

  • is Outkast?

  • That wasn't answering my question.

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