Week 1 thoughts

  • 1. Docs didnt miss a beat with Talley at DP and will play huge dividends on defense. OJ and Allyn give them big corners.

    2. Bengals have talent but selfishness already showed in weak 1. No real rusher is huge.

    3. RR have talent, need a DP to help Phil. Jury out on new additions, taller white guy show some positives.

    4. NTL lacks a true offense threat, no homerun threat. Defense should be solid

    5. Duffers added Price which gives them 4 people on offense that can throw, but cant have doug and steve out the same week and expect to win

    6. Rebels, didnt see them play but always positive to start out with a win

    7. Toms needs some D and a real QB...thier qb would be better as a DP

    8. Crown got a win.....yay

    9. Browns are who they thought we were...will win a couple games but will not beat the first 6 on this list come playoffs

    10. Blackstone needs to go to the B

    11. Highlife so a couple young kids with talent...may have to go recruit :)

    12. Team O shows up for the first 20 mintures of the first half with 2 guys? really? what the fuck is wrong with the county. When will they ask the people in this league what is best. Qb looked ok, not much else

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