Week 1 analysis

  • RR vs Docs - 28-12...Docs won pretty easily. RR scored on first drive then struggled to move ball rest of the game. Offense is really gonna struggle with no DP. Have a nice Wr core, new white wr runs good routes. Dont know how fast he is, really didnt see him open up at all or have oppurtunity to. Danny ate derrick up today. RR will be fine just need some time to work new guys in. The white guy at corner is gonna get exposed against a good QB. OJ SUCKS...lol Docs Db's got hands like feet. Phil I told you this before and Ill tell you again...just win...doesnt matter if you do it throwing or running. JUST WIN

    Bengals vs O - unbelievable that you play in the A and have only 2 of your own players most of the first half. O's had to pick up other players. Turnovers are gonna be a problem for the Bengals. Final was 28 -6. Need a rusher because Burn doesnt want to do it.

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  • NTL over duffers slow start but got the win and thats all that counts D looked good and O got on same page in second half cant wait til next week vs docs

  • what r some other scores?

  • Rebels over Toms

    Browns over Highlife

    Crown over Blackstone

  • Damn Scarfo not you too... if you say i have feet like hands you have to say Allyn and Black as well.....

  • lol...im just messing, but that was a highlight that would have shot PJ up