Spring Season

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  • Doug, u lost boo, Mimi and jon that's 45% of Ur offense

  • Everyone thinks that but burn know what he needs to do. Jon was good when he was there. We are fine

  • After playing down florida 8 man this shits gay to me. but ill be there for shits and giggles. all hail sweet baby judas. history lesson its said that judas gave up jesus because he was told by jesus to do so because he was his closest friend and he could bare the burden. with that being said docs will still be near the top but not win the chip with out sbj. Fusion NTL final

  • i retract that statement. no john or mimi you guys are dicked. repeat docs fusion i think ill be on the winning side again :)

  • Jerry good history lesson, but I am not sure who this SBJ guy is..And don't act like you don't care. You look forward to playing every year and hate to lose. You care

  • O and Ollie is back talking 3rd person, season must be right around the corner..

  • @Scarfo, Ollie said unless the county moved the league outta state ur the enemy...@Charlie Ollie said Dec-Feb was the no trash talk period...

  • That's ok...I still love u. Your second favorite white guy

  • Somebody tell Oliver if he continues to talk to in 3rd perosn Ryan will be forced to cut all ties and play with DOCS

  • SBJ reporting in. Last fall's Doc's team was the best product Doc's has ever put on the field and that will hold true until next fall when I return. Don't be delusional Blase and Chris

  • Who the FUCK is SBJ. You are now Brian Keith! Don't forget it.

  • SBJ...hahaha STOP....Go bang a 250 lb fat girl..I dont even know u anymore

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