Spring Season

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  • Been pretty quite...

    Is Them Guys getting in? Is Apex coming back? How is Docs gonna handle losing thier rusher and BK? Will Frogwood make some noise with thier new additions and BK going home? What will the old horses (RR and Fusion)do this season?

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  • Frank told me Apex is in for sure. Not sure who Frogwood really added besides Brian. Docs played the entire spring season and 80 percent of the fall without Blase, so Fran, myself, or Goody should be able to do the job rushing. Brian will be a tough player to replace on both sides of the ball, but adding Goody and Aaron should make up for that production. Not sure what RR has done in the offseason and Fusion will always be a good team based of flag IQ alone.

    If anyone see's Brian aka BK tell him his old backfield mate said hello...

  • Curious to see who Apex added...Will Pearl make a return? HVAC gonna make another run, Tom's tavern made a nice run in the fall but can they continue.

  • HVAC is going down to the B. Im curious to see who NTL added and lost? Apex is gona have their normal guys with a few guys from Del State.

  • who is there normal guys?

  • New look Doc's this year. Sucks losing Brian but we added a lot of athleticism to the team. Might even say that we're more talented this year than last. Just gotta get the chemistry dow. Although I'm sure ppl would love it if we started off slow.

    Pre-season prediction, rematch of last falls finals. Same results.

  • Who no who their normal guys are Bob. Stop playing coy....Frank Boo John Rob Calvin

  • lol...Fran your funny...I can see last years final, but definitely not the same result

  • New uniforms, same internet trash talk....this is all doc's does

  • That was a compliment Bobby. Nothing wrong with 2nd place. Well at least not for you guys.

  • lol...keep talking fran...Chemistry my friend, chemistry...

  • Y would our chemistry be an issue? We have a new corner and new dp everything else is the same.

  • lol...you tell me? so how does these moves make you more athletic? So goody and Aaron are better athletes then BK? Thats interesting, so now that he doesnt play for you he isnt the top 5 players in the league?

  • Not saying they are more athletic than him as an individual but as a team we picked up 3 more than solid athletes and playmakers. We played with 9 all last year, we needed to get some depth. Brian Keith is still a top 3 player.

  • thats funny your picture has 11 people in it...but whatever...oh now he is a top 3 player? Wow...so Bk and who are the other 2 that round out the top 3

  • We didnt have Matty Blase until the playoffs and Juice played from time to time cause of his suspension.

  • Why do you say "oh now he's a top 3"? I've been saying he's top 5 for the last year. I would say in no particular order Brian Keith, Talley, Goodwin, Burn and Big John. This is a top 5 of all around players.

  • Ill give u talley, burn and bk...the other two no...good but not top 5

  • Im gona work my way into the top 5 once I get a chance to play D. lol....I don't see chemistry being an issue. Goody should fit in fine in the backfield and either Aaron or Allyn will be fine at corner. If Allyn wants to play corner he would be one of the best corners in the league if not the best....

  • we shall see Danny...keep your fingers crossed. Not saying he cant play corner, but there is a big difference between corner and safety.

  • Why is there only 3 guys talkin on here. And if everybodys wondering NTL will be good this year. Danny, Scarfo im comin for you!!!!!!! lol had to throw something in there. See ya in the season

  • Thats funny you should say that Scarfo. After them 3 I was kinda stumped.

  • Dumb bitches....lmao

  • Believe me Bob. Allyn could cover any guy in this league one on one. Brian is a great corner, but if Allyn wanted to play corner we would be up grading at that position.

  • Doug...Who did u guys pick up to replace Jon and Mimi? That is a big loss.

  • I guess we will see, especially since you guys dont go man... @Fran - Leonad, jon n, tate....

  • Its almost that time again

  • @ Danny, no one really we feel like we can do it with who we have. cant wait tho. Its goin to be a good season

  • Ollie said he is goin to play WR and to lead the league in TD catches...

  • Heard you were playing with fusion ollie

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